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2002-02-08 06:23:34 PM  
is it just me or does anyone else just see this as a bad idea.

Ah-nold has never come across as a very intelligent human being to me
2002-02-08 06:24:00 PM  
wow Boobies
2002-02-08 06:24:19 PM  
Shades of Reagan. To bad he can't become President... that would be k3wl.
2002-02-08 06:24:32 PM  
boobies?? I typed Boobies and I got boobies? WTF?
2002-02-08 06:24:36 PM  
terrible idea. re-elect gray davis
2002-02-08 06:26:07 PM  
He's running outta money again?
2002-02-08 06:26:19 PM  
where's the stupid tag when you need it?
2002-02-08 06:26:31 PM  
wtf? why when I type (Boobies) does it put the word boobies?
2002-02-08 06:26:52 PM  
2002-02-08 06:27:08 PM  
Old news, people.

I'm with Resident Asian Guy on this one, although the attack ads from Davis' (Davis's? Drew Curtis's Gray Davis's?) camp against Riorden have already begun.

2002-02-08 06:27:08 PM  
Arnold won't have a chance here unless he gets some experience at a lower level of government. He'd be better off following the path Sonny Bono took.

At least Arnold would knock down the tree!
2002-02-08 06:28:36 PM  
Arnold to California: I'll be back.
2002-02-08 06:30:45 PM  
<b>RockabillyRebel</b>, those filters will get you every time.

Next time, try throwing some HTML in there:
2002-02-08 06:31:15 PM  
THatguy- I am a Davis supporter and those ads attacking Riorden piss me off. He is running unapposed in the primary and his is attacking someone who might not even make to the next level. He should be running ads that are positive, not shiat talking negative crap. Those Simon ads from Rudy are pretty crazy as well. I would even consider voting for someone else, but no democrat even tried. This one is going to get really messy.
2002-02-08 06:31:34 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-02-08 06:32:37 PM  
Hey... in Demolition Man didn't they have a short bit about the government changing the constitution to let non-naturally born citizens to be President... there by letting Ah-nold become Pres.
2002-02-08 06:33:29 PM  
Where the fark's our "open primary" anyway? ;)
2002-02-08 06:34:37 PM  
Kuta- I think that is only the presidentail primary.
2002-02-08 06:35:02 PM  
Kuta's right. No mention of Arnold without mention of Sonny.

"Arnold Schwartzenegger, like Sonny Bono, will run on the Republican ticket."

"Republican primary candidate Arnold Schwartzenegger is originally from Austria, so unlike Sonny Bono he can probably ski well and won't hit a tree."

"Candidate Arnold Schwartzenegger, like Sonny Bono, is a complete political doofus, but may learn with experience. Possibly."

"Arnold Schwartzenegger's wife would probably make a better public servant, just like Sonny Bono."
2002-02-08 06:35:42 PM  
the thing is I wanted to type "Boobies" those two words exactly and it put the word boobies in there I thought it was strange as hell
2002-02-08 06:36:31 PM  
Grey Out Davis is a total farking moron. Arnold would be a step up from him.

However I don't think he is qualified to run a state.
2002-02-08 06:36:45 PM  
hey RockabillyRebel,

i think there's something terribly wrong, you'd better restart and try again.
2002-02-08 06:36:53 PM  
ok there is no winning with this thing I changed it to a 1 instead of an i that time and it still didn't work.

ok try unchecking the html enabled box

2002-02-08 06:37:33 PM  
Rock -- Are you trying to type F.ir.st post? If so it gets replaced by boobies, just to fark with you. It is a classic
2002-02-08 06:37:48 PM  
If you try to type the correct spelling (or several variations) of the two-word term similar to FurstPoast, the filter changes it to "boobies". The more you know....
2002-02-08 06:37:49 PM  
hahah this is seriously messed up!!

try this Boobies
2002-02-08 06:39:07 PM  
God I love watching n00bs get hti by the filter and wonder what's wrong.
2002-02-08 06:39:22 PM  
yeah there you finally got what I was trying to say


jesus that was messing with my head for a minute LOL
2002-02-08 06:39:26 PM  
California governor, then on to the Whitehouse....

sound familiar?

I think it should be "I'll be bock."
2002-02-08 06:40:09 PM  
Quick1 -- I hear that. Always good for a laugh or three.... Boobies
2002-02-08 06:40:53 PM  

thanks for the laughs....:)
2002-02-08 06:40:56 PM  
Arnold to California: Stick around.
2002-02-08 06:41:01 PM  
RRebel...ahhh, now I get it.

Next time try posting this instead:

[image from thinkgeek.com too old to be available]
2002-02-08 06:41:51 PM  
Or if the image wont load, then grab another version of the same thing:

[image from geekculture.com too old to be available]
2002-02-08 06:42:17 PM  
hahah been hanging around here for a few months but thats the first time I have run into that

great joke though I like it
2002-02-08 06:42:36 PM  
I lived in California until i left for college. During a debate with Gray Davis (current gov.) and Lungren (republican challenger), Davis asked Lungren his opinion on some issue. Lungren answered, and Davis said the majority of Californians support the other side... You dare go against the majority!

That pissed me off. I'm neither a Republican or a Democrat because of crap like that. Career politicans that base their issues on what polls say are hot shouldn't be in office.
2002-02-08 06:43:09 PM  
I blame Jessie the Body Ventura for this. At least he has had some real jobs like Navy Seal and roadie for the stones. What has Arnold ever done? Worked out, steriods and smoked cigars? Not a real poltical resume.
2002-02-08 06:43:23 PM  
wow...that's some filter...the image had the words "f1r57 p057" in them, so they wouldn't display!
2002-02-08 06:44:53 PM  
Boobies is to the big red X as fir.st post is to the newbie. Sorry just took the GRE.
2002-02-08 06:46:20 PM  
LOL jesus I feel like a moron now

and I have to say I deserve it

oh well if you can't be the source of peoples entertainment at some point then what good are you
2002-02-08 06:47:13 PM  
Ironic how people attack Arnold for having no political experience. But the same people take their political advice from Babs and the Baldwins.

Anyone see Arnold on Fox NFL sunday, two weeks ago? He looked like a 14 year old kid when he stood next to JB, Terry, Howie, and Chris.
2002-02-08 06:48:36 PM  
Actually, Fishbowl...that's never happened to me before.

And yes, that is the same thing I said to my first three wives. Thank you, I'm here all week! Enjoy your steak!
2002-02-08 06:50:10 PM  
I'm a noOb too, so I'd like to see what the fuss is about...

2002-02-08 06:50:33 PM  
Well I'm definitely not gonna take political advice from a Hoosier. I still haven't forgiven y'all for Dan Quayle.
2002-02-08 06:50:49 PM  
Did Jesse the Body ever hold a lower office than Guv'nah? Granted, it's ONLY Minnesota, but if he can win over the masses, all the pow-ah to ah-nuld!

He's here to PUMP...you up! Don't be such a girlie-man cry-baby or sumsing...
2002-02-08 06:51:07 PM  
OMG .... it put weeners

too damn funny

2002-02-08 06:51:13 PM  
Lungren answered, and Davis said the majority of Californians support the other side... You dare go against the majority!

as governor, it is expected that he will try to serve the interests of the state's populace. and this is a democracy, after all. decision-making power should never be sacrificed to a vocal minority. it's always a bad idea.
2002-02-08 06:51:31 PM  
thanks folks
2002-02-08 06:52:07 PM  
Thatguy, it didn't filter your image out because the image said "Boobies" (edited) - it filtered it out because it was named Boobies (edited), look at the source and it'll say boobiesmedium.jpg instead of you know what...
2002-02-08 06:54:21 PM  
THatguy- I hear Bob Dole has some experience with the ED. Perhaps he could be of help.
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