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(Fark)   Welcome Fark Artists to your Fartist Friday Contest. This week it's Show & Tell Volume 7. Show us a favorite work of art you've made & Tell us the story behind your process, inspiration, etc. Photos, paintings, jewelry, poetry, any art you've created   ( divider line
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2021-04-08 4:20:56 PM  
Welcome Fark Artists to your Fartist Friday Contest. This week it's Show & Tell Volume 7: Show us a work of art you've made & Tell us the story behind it such as your inspiration, the process how you made it, etc. A photo you've shot, a painting you've painted, jewelry you've bejeweled, a poem you've poeted, etc. Difficulty: Art you haven't entered in our F'artiste contests before. Be sure to TELL us about your art too!

Contest Rules:

One (1) individual entry item per post please, and a total of three (3) entries posted maximum allowed per person.

All votable entries must follow this week's theme requirements. Posts that don't follow the theme will remain but have Voting disabled. Be sure to check the theme requirements!

Prize: Bragging rights and a mention in the Fark NotNewsletter!

Hearty congratulations to our past three F'Artiste winners: Uchiha_Cycliste for a Rainbow Connection, kabloink for a Spring Celebration, and libranoelrose for Pi in the Sky.

FFFUQ (Fartist Friday Frequently Unasked Questions):

Fartist Fridays are weekly creativity contests that you can participate in with things you have on hand since many of us are stuck at home right now. If you have an idea for a future contest theme please post it here or send it along to Farkback.

Why? To have fun showing off our skills (or lack thereof!) while we practice socially distancing together, and to vote for our favorite entries.

When? This contest is submitted on Thursdays with entries open immediately to TotalFarkers (membership has its privileges!), then it goes to the Main Page on Friday. Entries close around midnight Eastern on Sunday night. All times are approximate because we're all drunk.

How Does Voting Work? Check the "Enable voting for this entry" box. If you forget, just report it and ask. All entries that meet the contest theme are considered eligible for voting, so please mention if you prefer voting NOT be enabled.

Check out past F'artiste contests by clicking on the Topic Tag and check the weekly Fark NotNewsletter for info on that week's contest theme ahead of time. All skill levels encouraged (as you can see from mine!) and most importantly: We're all in this together so let's create some F'Arts together - Fark Arts, that is.
2021-04-09 8:09:54 AM  
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A drawing of a Naked and Famous cocktail in colored pencil.

I've done drawings of cocktails before. This is the latest one.

I started with This Photo as the base. It was nice, but it lacked some vibrancy so I made the drink more reddish and pink. Then I added in a lime zest twist garnish for some green, and the drink uses lime juice, so it seemed natural for the lime zest garnish to be there. Then I thought, "Why not add in a cut lime half? It will add a nice contrast with it being green."

And I put in the reflections in the stem. Well, as many as I could without going too far into detail and the space given.

And so that's how that drawing ended up being how it is.
2021-04-09 12:06:24 PM  
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I have no talent, so here's this.
No, it's NOT a political statement. I just thought it was funny.
2021-04-09 12:12:16 PM  
Street photography from Houston, TX.

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2021-04-09 12:36:11 PM  
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I've been making envelopes from vintage Playboy ads for several years now but right around the beginning of quarantine I began making 11x14 collages from the old Playboys as well.
2021-04-09 12:37:33 PM  
This is a grossly over-sized chainmail curtain used in the 1999 Broadway revival of The Lion In Winter. The curtain was 80 feet wide and 35 feet tall. The larger rings are 3" in diameter and the entire thing moved on a track in a circle. farker weighed tons. After the show closed the Smithsonian accidentally ripped parts of the ceiling down trying to display it.

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2021-04-09 12:38:13 PM  
Ink and paint pen on paper.

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2021-04-09 12:39:58 PM  
exceptions to mercy

your cigarette burned sweater
is holier than normal,
you should be more careful
and not sleep sitting up.

there's smoke all around
your red rimmed eyes
but you can still
see just fine.

the makeup on your face
and fingers
says that you're getting ready
to go back to the room
that you used to share,
with someone you loved
because they were
never there.

last night i heard something,
some low kind of droning,
that must have set you running,
i hope it won't take much distance
to outrun routine demons.

when i found sleep again
you had followed me there.
in my dream you were arm and arm
with two strolling spanish sailors,
you pulled your hair back
so one of them could whisper
something into your shell pink ear.

i woke up without knowing,

and locked my cage behind me
then followed a trail of cold blood
to the nearest heart sick street preacher
and stepped to the back of the line
to get my dose of gospel.

my punishment
and reward
are the same thing now.

and when I drank it down
to the edge of poison
I could finally lay full,
and still,
the grey light rising around me,
my back flat against the cold floor,
to wait for the day to end.

and as the city sank into shadow,
like a flag draped coffin
being lowered into
the ground,
the shriek dulled
to a quiet moan.

I can only ask
for one thing

will you please
not ever
come home.
2021-04-09 12:41:22 PM  
For the longest time I've wanted to improve my drawing skills, but never really drew anything other than small fixes while photo shopping pictures. So, about two months ago I started making a quick sketch every day trying to improve my skills a bit. For the most part they are pencil drawings. I've tried to do some watercoloring, but at best I would call those "interesting".

Anyways, this is a pencil sketch I made last week using HB, 2B, 4B, and 6B pencils. The buffalo was referenced from Google images. I use an app that suggests a different topic daily and the day's topic was buffalo.

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2021-04-09 12:42:04 PM  
This is a photoshop contest entry that I thought was better than my others - got like one vote - but I'm still happy about it

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2021-04-09 12:44:34 PM  
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Cats & kittens, I give you Expendatoad.

She doesn't look like much, but she represents the initial step in what is certainly my first major artistic advance in years, and arguably my first major advance ever (moving from working on cardboard to working on canvas, and from using randomly splattered enamel and spray paint backgrounds to painting stylized and abstracted land/seascapes in acrylic are the other two possible advances, but really they represent my having enough money to buy actual art supplies now, as opposed to my wasted youth; my collage style remained largely unchanged).

She's a test piece on a 5"x7" canvas panel - an experiment in intentionally mixed media. The background is a quick study in acrylic, but I've covered it in raw linseed oil, with the intention of putting another acrylic painting on top once the oil dries. The idea is to deliberately create two layers that adhere poorly to each other, so that the top painting can be wholly or partially peeled to reveal the bottom layer, so the piece isn't "finished" until it's been altered (and then hopefully given a durable topcoat) by its owner. I just have to work out how to create a top coat that sticks well enough to be stable, but can be picked off in small, satisfying flakes. Thus, Expendatoad.

I got the idea on a date to a museum with a girl I really, really like, and a conversation we had in front of a Clyfford Still piece that was just begging to be picked at, and the realization that I could work through an idea, and see where it took me, and try something new for me, along with the giddy rush of artistic inspiration combined with new-springing desire and affection and connection that makes me feel safe, heard, listened to, nurtured, wild, free, and adored.

Quite a lot for an expendable toad to represent.
2021-04-09 12:59:34 PM  
This past winter offered some great landscapes. I posted a photo in one of these threads a couple weeks ago. I love winter days at twilight. Something about the colors in the sky blending  with the white of the fresh snow on the ground. I was putting my work laptop back in my "office" when I looked out the extra bedroom window and saw this. Figured it was worth snapping a picture of.

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2021-04-09 1:01:48 PM  
Fark user imageView Full Size

Pair of brick pattern cutting boards and custom magnetic knife holder for the wife.
2021-04-09 1:09:40 PM  
Painting for a Collage depicting 100 years of Pittsburgh's Hill District. The finished piece was many layers of painted and printed fabrics. Finished size 60 feet x 30 feet.

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2021-04-09 1:16:56 PM  
Now with voting goodness! (Mods, please delete previous post.)

"Order Descending Into Or Rising From Chaos"
Mixed media
16" x 16" x 43"

In January, 2020, I conceived this sculpture. It's not exactly like the first image I had in my head, but it has all the elements, and then some.

Fark user imageView Full Size

Fark user imageView Full Size

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The tower is the centerpiece. At the top, it's almost perfectly orderly. It's made of about 275 O's, cast in epoxy resin. The black C represents how chaos always threatens to disrupt order. It's placed on the right center to make the O resemble a C. The bright red O at the top is illuminated by a laser hidden under the base.

The R below it is almost as orderly, but some R's are crooked. A few H's show Chaos encroaching more. Inside the top of the R are two black H's. They are supposed to break up the loop of the R so it resembles an H.

The D is looking fairly chaotic, but all the constituent D's are upright. A's are scattered around it as Chaos gets a foothold.

The E is even more chaotic. It's made of different fonts and cases, and different colors. O's are throughout it.

The R is a mess. A hollow shell of a letter. It's infested with S's. I wanted it to look like an abandoned storage room or elevator shaft.

In front, the word "CHAOS" dances around in a mobile sculpture. Each letter is made of letters from ORDER: The C is made of O's; the H is made of R's, etc.

The base--The Yard of Chaos--is supposed to resemble a grave yard and a junk yard. It's covered with words, all made from the letters in ORDER and CHAOS. No other letters are allowed. The graveyard, haunted by a ghost, tells a story (Bold, below). In all, there are 68 words:


[grave stones]
A Screech
Car Crash
She's Dead

[/grave stones]

C2H5OH (alcohol)
Cheddar Cheese
Cha Cha

In the back right a pile of old car wheels sits next to scraps of fence and a left-over panel of R's. In the back left, a HomieTM stands under the street lamp, enjoying a beverage from a paper sack. Weeds are strewn throughout the Yard. In the front is an assortment of gears, screws, and a spring.

In the foreground, behind the SHARDS of glass, a Valentine heart is pierced by a wood screw. It stands atop the word EROS, itself atop the word ARDOR. DEAR stands on top of ADORE.

In the very front of the Yard stands a clock. It happens to be set to 8:00, so Ocho Horas sits atop the fence in front of it. The clock represents time, obviously. Time is entropy, and entropy is chaos. A clock is also a symbol of order, with its gears and springs all working together in perfect rhythm.
2021-04-09 1:26:38 PM  
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Another 11x14 collage made from vintage Playboys.
2021-04-09 1:29:13 PM  
I made this this morning but it's still in progress. Two thrift store frames covered in slave carvings and tied together with rope, wire and nails. It's based on a much larger piece I did in 2008.

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2021-04-09 1:29:21 PM  
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Final collage made from vintage Playboys and current Paper Magazine.
2021-04-09 1:33:09 PM  
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A collaborative watercolor "tennis match," circa 2005. A friend and I started with some basic figures, then the story evolved. Eventually, it became a terrible lizard, being scorned by his mother, while Lizard Jesus fishes for souls from a giany fish's mouth.

Nothing masterful about it, but it makes me laugh when I see it.
2021-04-09 1:35:45 PM  
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I've been working with caffeinated hydro kinetic fractals for some time now (dark roast), inspired by a lovely Greek woman who was a neighbor in my childhood.  She was a language tutor who would teach French, Arabic and Greek in her home, and she would sip a Turkish coffee during her lesson.  At the end of her lesson, she would place the saucer over the cup and then invert it, swirling the dregs into a random scape of rivulets and accumulated bean debris, remove the cup, and show us the interior to proclaim that the result was a glimpse into the future of the day. It was always a positive message of optimism and encouragement.
I just do it for fun, but the future looks bright!
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Now with voting!
2021-04-09 1:49:29 PM  
The last thing I painted, in 2017, before taking an extended break. I happened to share it online in an arts group during quarantine when I was desperate for any kind of human interaction. Which lead to me sharing a couple more (my house is chock-a-block with art I never share). Which lead to me getting cold called by a fairly substantial gallery. Which lead to me booking a large (30 pieces) show for Aug-Jan, 2022. Which means I have to start painting again. It's the best thing thats happened to me over this pandemic.

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Lion, 24" x 30" acrylic on canvas
2021-04-09 1:55:23 PM  
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I made this because I was inspired by cold hard cash. And the challenge. Captain is 50mm (2") tall. I wish I could say I painted the stars, but there is a limit to the amount of fun I am willing to put up with.
2021-04-09 2:29:33 PM  
Forgot to enable voting.

justsean: This was my entry for the Universal Monsters: Coming out of the Shadows contest. I found out about the contest the 3 days before the deadline so I just doodled something into existence. The Cult of the Brass Eye - an immortal cult leader working to bring about the end of all existence. Any way it's a photoshop painting

[Fark user image 850x1100]

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2021-04-09 3:03:25 PM  
I started paint pouring this year. This  is a Dirty Cup Dutch Pour. She is called A Star is Born. 
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2021-04-09 5:40:03 PM  
I'll toss up another one my attempts.

This is a digital painting I did of a fenec fox using Affinity Photo and a xpen deco 7 graphing pad about a month ago. It was sort of an experiment using a one pixel brush to make the fur instead of using a premade fur brush. Which I guess turned it into a scribble fox.

It was one of my daily sketches I am doing when the topic of the day of the app I use was hears. The fennec fox is known for very sensitive hearing.

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2021-04-09 5:49:10 PM  
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My friend's puppy I drew a few years ago...just for fun :) Ebony pencil is my preferred choice for drawing.
2021-04-09 5:57:59 PM  
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Cardinal in a snowstorm.  I like to entertain myself trying to get cool bird photos at my feeder when it snows.  I like this guy. This was this past winter...February maybe? Shot with Canon Powershot SX60HS
2021-04-09 6:11:09 PM  
I made this for November's election:
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2021-04-09 6:28:29 PM  
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Corgi Nelson. Not my favorite, but the Fark memes were fun, so it was fun to make.
2021-04-09 8:26:08 PM  
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Feel free to celebrate all year round with my Easter Oyster Bunny !

Inspired by:

painting eggs and drawing bunnies on Easter cards almost 60 years ago

process I took, materials, things:

I used high tech tools like scissors and magic markers, deftly using paper and cardboard and yellow colored insulation and copper wire. I was actually eating the oysters on crackers while I was making the project.  Took several hours to complete.  Wife was less than impressed I think.  I was very happy with the results but I plan on bringing it out for any occasion I can for many years.

Why yes now that you asked alcohol may have been involved.
2021-04-10 3:09:18 PM  
It's Saturday, this thread had fallen to the bottom of the stack, so here's something to maybe revive it.

I had the idea for this around 1998. This fall, I went ahead and did it. It turned out better than I had hoped.

The first crab was missing a leg, so I got another crab. I then broke a couple of pieces, so I was able to replace them with the same part from the first crab. The replacement parts are slightly smaller. Can you see them?

Exploded Crab
3' x 3' x 1'

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Fark user image

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2021-04-10 3:25:47 PM  
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This is a construction I made from materials laying around my father's garage. He was going to throw away an old busted weedwacker, and I was all like, "Noooo, I wants it," so I took it apart to get at the shiny treasure hiding inside: the little motor spindle thingy. In front of it is a rectangular piece of yellow stained glass suspended by copper thread. I like to make art from overlooked or leftover materials.
2021-04-10 3:28:24 PM  
I finished this about half an hour ago. I got some new paint supplies and was trying them out.
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2021-04-10 4:40:28 PM  
I wrote a funny story.
Fark user imageView Full Size

A day in the life of Moolissa the cow and her husband, Jeff the monkey.

(Jeff comes home from work) "Hi honey, how was your day?"
Moolissa: "It was awful. I had a fight with my pretentious coworker, and now she wants to sue us!"
Jeff: "You mean you had a beef with a spoiled cow-orker in your field, and now she's taking us to quart?"
"EXACTLY!" replied Moolissa, "I know it's in your nature, but I wish you would stop being so silly."
Jeff: "Okay, I'll try to stop monkeying around."
Moolissa: "She has been getting preferential treatment since she mooved here from MosCow. The stakeholders even gave her a 2% raise."
Jeff: "It sounds like she's milking it for all its worth."
Moolissa: "In the meeting today I said 'Hay! that's unfair!' but they didn't listen. I've been stewing over it all day."
Jeff: "Perhaps you should cool off a little. Here, lay down on the couch."
Moolissa stretches out on the couch.
Jeff: "You know, you really look good on that couch... like you were made for it."
Moolissa:" Aww, you always know what to say, my prime-mate..."
Jeff leans down to kiss her, but she smells alcohol on his breath....
Jeff: "Sorry, yes, I also had a bad day. My boss went bananas, and really rattled my cage. I dont know
how much longer I can work at the wrench factory."
Moolissa: "Oh, I'm sorry dear, I shouldn't have yelled at you. Here, let me give you a back rub."
Jeff: "No that's ok. Your hooves kind of hurt when you do that."
Moolissa: "Ok. I forget that you are intolerant because I lack toes."
Jeff (laughing) "Sometimes the stuff you say is udderly ridiculous."
Moolissa: "Maybe we should both get new jobs. You always wanted to get into politics."
Jeff: "I decided that was even more monkey business than I can handle. What about you and that waitress job?"
Moolissa: "It sounds alright, but I don't know if I can handle all the tipping...."
2021-04-10 5:11:41 PM  
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ibis by jambayalajo, on Flickr

I did this a couple years ago for a photography contest. It is the combination of two photos of mine: the bird, and I can't remember the second photo, it might have been flowers or a paper wasp nest.
2021-04-10 7:03:45 PM  
I and my son are full time kinetic artists and now that Covid killed all our art shows. We started making these for a Kickstarter.

Campfire Flyers
Youtube F9nyiwSZ-Gk
2021-04-10 8:16:54 PM  
I wrote this as just a first 4 lines about a year ago and called the poem "Why".  I thought it was too short to be any good so I though I'll add more lines to it one day.  Others said they liked it and I was insulted by that because it seemed like 4 lines was not enough effort.  My friend mentioned I should add a few lines to it one day and it reminded me to do so when there was a poetry contest coming up.  I hurried to write the second stanza for the contest.  I then thought the content had changed meaning a bit so I changed the title to "Helper's Harvest".  I have more respect for myself now that it's a longer poem despite others saying they liked it when it was short.  Unfortunately it was not chosen in the poetry contest but I still like it as one of my better poems.
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2021-04-10 8:45:53 PM  
She isn't quite finished but this is a birthday card my sister and I are making for our Grandniece. I did the pour and Sister is drawing Elsa.
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2021-04-11 9:47:33 AM  
This is a 7' caricature Cigar Store Indian I carved out of a bass wood log and painted

Fark user imageView Full Size
2021-04-11 12:31:35 PM  
Not the greatest quality pic, but the result of a lot of patience sitting in my back yard:
Fark user imageView Full Size
2021-04-11 2:20:30 PM  
Fark user imageView Full Size
On permanent display in my living room, entitled "A Small Slice Of Pi That Got Stuck To The Wall"
2021-04-11 3:17:21 PM  
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This a photo from Prince Edward Island National Park in PEI. I generally photograph 2 things: landscapes and sports. No real story behind it, I was just going for a long walk on the beach and thought the patterns, lighting and colours worked well.
2021-04-11 7:19:43 PM  
I got a chance to problem-solve/design an actual thing at work! Transition Art Deco column between a slightly out of plumb wall and a plumb kitchen cabinet with two skew crown moldings (mouldings if you speak the King's English.)  There was a somewhat Deco door and base cap trim in use throughout the house, which I repurposed for the the band molding ornamental transition.

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