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(CNN)   An Iceberg twice the size of Manhattan island has broken off Antarctica in search of a big ass ship to tousle with   ( divider line
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2002-02-08 01:58:49 AM  
2002-02-08 02:00:13 AM  
how big is farking manhattan island? i don't farking know!!!

Get Drunk In Sydney
2002-02-08 02:00:44 AM  
Does that mean cities on the coast are going to get submerged? Thank god I am away, deep inside
2002-02-08 02:01:11 AM  
evidently it's 58 square miles.

pretty big
2002-02-08 02:01:44 AM  
Mike Tyson upon hearing of this was quoted as saying: "Come on Iceberg you little white piece of sh*t. I'll f*ck you till you melt in my arms, you little b*tch."
2002-02-08 02:02:07 AM  
Forget Manhattan...
The National Ice Center, an agency jointly sponsored by several U.S. government scientific and defense entities, currently is monitoring the location of more than 40 massive icebergs near the Antarctic continent; the largest of these is dubbed Iceberg B-15-B. At 1,080 square miles, it's slightly larger than the state of Rhode Island.
OK, so it's the smallest state. But that's a big ice cube.
2002-02-08 02:03:07 AM  
Are icebergs Jewish?
2002-02-08 02:03:10 AM  
2002-02-08 02:11:06 AM  
Kinda ironic here....I just broke a nug off my stash that was soooooo big, I compared it to the size of Rhode Island. Now, time to smoke the nug...

Get back to y'all later, a little more confused and a little redder in the eyes!
2002-02-08 02:18:54 AM  
If it somehow makes it to Austin then I'll care
2002-02-08 02:21:29 AM  
Fb- the father?
2002-02-08 02:25:59 AM  
How important is this. I mean, by the time they get close to populated waters won't it be the size of a chihuahua's head? My knowledge of iceburgs is limited.
2002-02-08 02:27:12 AM  
That's what happens when we mess with the Mother Earth.

I'm going to rent Water World to help me prepare for what's to come.
2002-02-08 02:32:47 AM  
I think i'd rather die than see Water World - not kidding.
2002-02-08 02:39:39 AM  
Are they sure it's just not Rosie O'donell going for a swim?
2002-02-08 02:40:16 AM  
I've thought of going to Antarctica, it would be quite a tale to tell. The international launching point is in Christchurch, NZ where there are exhibits at the appropriately named Antarctic Centre. One-third of the "land mass" is the Ross Ice Shelf. Small breaks like this one are necessary to keep the entire thing from breaking off at once due to pressure and destroying coastal areas worldwide.
2002-02-08 02:43:31 AM  
I hereby claim Iceberg B-15-B in the name of Fark. It shall henceforth & forever (or at least until it melts) be known as the Farkland Island.
2002-02-08 02:47:30 AM  
War will be declared by Gear Jammer if Argentina invades the Farkland Island.
2002-02-08 02:48:07 AM  
Hey, is anybody interesting in cabins on the brand-spanking-new Antartica Cruise Lines B-15-B? Only $15,000 in unmarked bills!
2002-02-08 03:01:40 AM  
Too bad some coastal states dont break off in the same way(Re: NJ, Fla, Conn., Mass. to name a few)

On second thought, leave Conn...Foxwoods casino rocks
2002-02-08 03:10:42 AM  
Hollywood has its fingers crossed.
2002-02-08 03:20:01 AM  
I fart in Argentina's general direction.
2002-02-08 03:28:52 AM  
The problem with this is that more icebergs will break off, and as they melt they will raise the sea levels drastically.
It probably won't happen in our lifetime, so continue to not care, if you wish.
2002-02-08 03:31:58 AM  
Waterworld is not a good movie to look at for survival after the ice caps melt.Several reasons:
1.The bad guys have guns and ammunition they probably salvaged from under the water.The guns should be corroded and in horrible shape after spending a lot of time underwater.And the ammunition would probably be in really bad shape.
2.SMEAT,the spam product they brought up,probably would be unedible after a long period of underwater exposure.
3.Boats go slow.
4.Humans and fish cannot have children,hence no gilled and flipper children.
2002-02-08 03:38:31 AM  
methinks Kthulhu is overanalyzing
says the guy who deconstructed Scooby Doo into a post -modern allegory in a publication

GDIS already
2002-02-08 03:49:21 AM  
I'm doing public service,sir.
2002-02-08 03:51:26 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-08 03:51:39 AM  
Fear the flipper children!
2002-02-08 04:02:29 AM  
Hide the scotch when you ever get close to Antartica, nothing ruins a good whisky more than ice...
2002-02-08 04:03:47 AM  
Yeah icebergs suck and all that. Anyone around please respond over and out.
2002-02-08 04:12:17 AM  
This iceburg came from a floating glacier. Which means before it ever broke away it was already DISPLACING water. So the sea level will not rise at all.

Enviro Whackos would know this fact if they had stayed awake in science class.
2002-02-08 04:14:17 AM  
Thank you Hoosier. Let's try this science experiment kiddos. Take a glass, fill it as full of ice cubes as you can. Now fill it with water, all the way to the brim. Let it set out overnight. Next morning, check and see how much water ran out of the glass as the ice melted.
That is all, Bill Nye.
2002-02-08 04:15:17 AM  
You only need to start worrying about icebergs raising sea level when they start exposing land mass. Ice shelves are still part of the sea as they have no land under them; melting icebergs from the shelves should actually lower the sea level a touch, since I assume we all know what water does when it freezes?:)

However, if icebergs and retreating ice starts exposing land mass, worry. That means extra water is melting into the ocean, which will lead to a rise in sea level.
2002-02-08 04:27:40 AM  
I'm gonna make the world's biggest orange coke slurpee.
2002-02-08 04:32:10 AM  
One pound of ice will displace one pound of water. The ice melts and the water level remains the same. Ice is less dense than water but that will not affect displacement. But to be precise, sea water is more dense than pure water, so when the pure ice melts, the sea level would actually rise a little.

Don't forget that the north pole ice cap melts and refreezes every year and nobody seems to notice any change in sea level.
2002-02-08 04:40:35 AM Hey! I got a link for ya, too!

Iceberg? Nuke the bugger. Had it coming. (We all have it coming).

Hoosier: the north pole ice cap melts and refreezes every year ... yeah. I spend every summer there. Actually, the sea level ony rises *locally*. Means you fly in, and to get back, you just sit in a boat, and float downwards, south.
2002-02-08 04:47:14 AM  
PlatinumDragon - okay ... so if you have an ice shelf up on a hill at 2000 ft, 200 ft thick, and ten years later it's only 100 ft thick ... where did all that water go? Half-inched by space aliens?
2002-02-08 04:51:23 AM  
Hoosier - actually, I do assume that you didn't mean the *whole* ice cap, I was just kidding. Either that, or you're from Mars.

Uh ... are you posting from Mars?

(my ... will this be my third post in a row? Drew ... ban me, please, please. Or someone else just kill me)
2002-02-08 04:52:52 AM  
Labberdasher-Seals.Evil,mind farking seals.
2002-02-08 04:56:45 AM  
Anyone know just how much of the Northern ice cap melts? 25% is my guess. All I know is that in the summertime it breaks up and drifts quite a bit.
2002-02-08 05:00:30 AM  
Kthulhu - give them 24hrs evacuation notice in Cuneiform script. Evolution in action.
2002-02-08 05:02:02 AM  
Hoosier - not Mars then. Aaah, how disappointing.
Ice cap: not a clue. What happens to the southern one?
2002-02-08 05:11:05 AM  
I've got a great idea. Nobody need worry about rising sea levels anymore. All we have to do is dredge the ocean floor. A bunch of 100-megaton warheads should do the trick.
2002-02-08 05:19:06 AM  
Duh, then the ocean would get all sand in it and, like, stuff.
2002-02-08 05:21:20 AM  
Hoosier - the earth is smoother than a billiard ball. A 100-megaton-bomb would be like throwing a pin at said billiard ball. I think we need the death star at about 5% or so. Does anyone have any use for Alabama?
2002-02-08 05:38:15 AM  
Remind me to never vote for Labberdasher for President of the world.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the situation is grave. The sea is rising and we face widespread flooding. I recommend building a Death Star and blasting holes in the Earth. Any objections?"

Now, if he suggested a massive paper towel to soak up the excess moisture, then he'd get my vote. Or gave everyone a straw and yelled "Start sucking!
2002-02-08 05:38:31 AM  
Labberdasher- Is it possible to use the explosive power of the atom to somehow fold Australia over onto itself. You know, just like making an omelette? That should lower the sea levels.....
2002-02-08 05:40:22 AM  
Lets be fair...NOBODY cares what happens to Alabama. Snooch.
2002-02-08 05:45:39 AM  
Alabama, the federal nature preserve for the Stump-Jumpin-Hillbilly.
2002-02-08 06:20:39 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

bahhh !! I'm not scared.......
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