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2004-09-18 01:59:23 PM  
Oh, I wanted to add that I (the wife) treat sex as a present. I decided a while ago that just because I am not in the mood doesn't mean that my husband has to go without. If he asks nicely then I'll give it to him. He knows where I'm coming from. He gets what he wants, and I get a nice extra thankful husband.
2004-09-18 01:59:51 PM  
Don's Johnson

There can be only one!
2004-09-18 02:03:19 PM  
Something that I've noticed in this thread. Women seem to feel they are "giving up" something or doing a guy a favor. Gee, not like you might happen to enjoy sex to? How about dropping the attitude that women control all

/we never do but WTF...
2004-09-18 02:06:37 PM  
Is it wrong to be so amused at the level of bitterness some farkers show? It know it's sad and everything but... it's kinda funny too.
2004-09-18 02:11:12 PM  
Not sure if you mean my post or my name.
If the name, then it's the part of the human male anatomy and not the actor. Actually I want to change my farkname to Pondo Sinatra but fark wont let me short of changing my IP address and MAC card or getting a new email account which Im to lazy to do
2004-09-18 02:12:29 PM  

Some bitterness can be expected if one is anally raped by lawyers. Even in an amicable break-up pain is involved when love is lost. Thing is, if someone can vent that pain here rather than taking it out on someone else, then Fark has served a good purpose beyond the sheer entertainment value of allowing you to laugh at them!
2004-09-18 02:14:26 PM  
Don's Johnson
"I mean, is he 40-65 years old or is he from the Middle Ages and has a very long lifespan?"

Highlander, get it? BTW; see your local library for better results.
2004-09-18 02:33:48 PM  
So my wife has been sick with stage IV breast cancer for about a year and a half. The meds she takes along with her condition make it impossible/uncomfortable for her to provide for my sexual needs. Divorce? I think not.
In sickness and in health, for richer for poorer...
We took our vows seriously, and yes, I talk to the hand on a regular basis. I love her, she loves me, and we survive day to day, and thank God,Krishna,Bhudda, whatever yours is, that we have yet another day together. Sex is highly overrated.

Who said that? I said that.

Draagone the Serious

ps: what an asshat that guy must be...
2004-09-18 02:35:36 PM  
So... If you're seeing someone who's separated, but they get divorced and then the two of you get married... Can the person's former spouse still sue you for "alienation of affection?"

2004-09-18 03:14:58 PM  
Ten Ninjas digs girls with issues.
2004-09-18 03:22:56 PM  

I not much for prayer but you guys will be in mine. Cancer is a tough row to hoe. Good luck.
2004-09-18 03:47:27 PM  
Not as often as the other way around, but far more often than you'd think. Men are just a lot less likely to report it because of the stigma.

Guys report it all the time:

Guy1: Dude, I totally scored with that skank ho last night!
Guy2: yeah?
Guy1: She was a total slut, she couldn't wait! She had my pants down and was sucking my dick before we even made it back to my apartment!
Guy2: Sweet!!!!!
2004-09-18 03:54:57 PM  
Nah, Symphonik, I dig cute, nice, sweet, smart girls.
This one happens to have an issue or two. I'm glad that I can help her work through them.
On second thought, you might be right--I do tend to be attracted to girls with issues, but it's more of a nonserious mothering (parenting, I guess, since I'm male) thing, i.e. they need comforting and such. That's not the issue with the girlfriend. I love her and want her.
So nyah.

"I agreed with you, ten ninjas, fully and completely...until you said you would hit a woman. Sorry but that is just not how it farking works.
I realize you believe that and don't mean any harm by it, but it's still utter sexist tripe. That's "just now how it farking works"? Why? Who said so? Why can't that reason be applied to excuse *any* line of thought? Women should be submissive to men--that's just how it farking works! etc.

What is it about women that makes them unhittable? Many women are tougher than many men. If you don't like hitting weak people then say that, don't say you refuse to hit a woman. Would you ever hit a transvestite? An asexual, genitalia-less person? An androgynous person? A chick with a strap-on? A drag queen? A really girly man?

You can see that it's pretty ridiculous. I know that's probably how you were raised, and I'm NOT recommending that you go out and start hitting women (or, in fact, anyone else), but to say "You should never hit a woman!" is wrong and sexist. I'm of the "you shouldn't be hitting ANYone, but if you have to hit someone, like in self-defence, their gender shouldn't matter" school of thought.

"However, in a loving marriage, the wife would most likely not repeatedly turn sex down - sex is enjoyable, and so unless she is somehow repulsed by her husband, she would not always turn it down."
Can't really say I agree with this. People have vastly different sex drives, especially in middle age. Some people are content to have it once every couple of weeks, while some need it often and regularly. Besides, who says sex is always enjoyable? Sex with an inept lover, especially for the woman, isn't all that.

And, yes, there are some women who do grow to be repulsed by their husbands, sexually--and don't exactly want a divorce because it's a happy marriage in all other respects. That kind of situation is sad and there's really no positive outcome.
2004-09-18 03:57:13 PM  
One out of 20 women are selfless enough to be good wives

And the other 19 are smart enough to want better than to submit to some loser because he's too insecure to accept that being the man of the house means nothing anymore.

/should go out for champagne with my 18 sisters
2004-09-18 04:18:04 PM  
Maybe that hot Spanish lisp turns her off.

'Permtame arriba en e-tho.'
2004-09-18 04:28:23 PM  
[image from ai.mit.edu too old to be available]
2004-09-18 04:38:52 PM  

I'm for prayer...and you'll be in mine as well.

Congratulations, you are what marriage is all about.

God bless you both.
2004-09-18 05:15:22 PM  
Is it just me or did a lot of these issues not exist back in the day when gender roles were more sharply differentiated?
2004-09-18 05:18:03 PM  
Ice-Nine wrote:

Yeah, yeah, I know, hate the game, not the player, right? But man, let me tell you, I am so glad that I never once approached or treated women like that.

Oh? Maybe you never had to be a bastard because you have looks, money or both. Maybe you have a gift of gab and know exactly what women want to hear (being dumb, that's all they care about) and you also have the lack of conscience that allows you to SAY what they want to hear. Maybe you're good at faking "confidence" (or not, since faking it and having it are the same) or maybe you only pursued plainer women (nothing wrong with that).

I bet it's one, some or all of the above, but I'm responding to your post, not you personally.

Leykus 101 is how it's done if you're a guy who just wants to get laid; however these rules for survival make too much sense for any man not to at least be aware of them.

I didn't write the rules (just re-typed them) nor do I follow them, but I stand by them and will continue to post them in the hopes that at least ONE young man will have the tools necessary to NOT get burned, mind-raped and reduced to zero financially by the next grumpy slut that comes along, and that includes being dumb enough to knock her up and/or marry her at a too-young age.

I have had a lot of wonderful relationships (I'm 31), and have been with my fiance for 4 years now. With your rules, there is no way you'll EVER be in a serious relationship, and maybe that's what you want. Still, those rules would only be used by a real a-class scumbag.

I don't disagree that these "rules" could be used by scum, but face it, the scum are ALREADY using them instinctively.

So I gladly tell you or any man considering marriage that it would be in his best interest to get pre-nuptual, post-nuptual and "during" nuptual agreements no matter how much money he makes, and heed the rest of the rules as well.

Otherwise he'll find out just how romantic his woman is on the day of his divorce.

Good luck, homey.

mgshave2 wrote

Yours is the kind of bitterness that can only be had through experience. However I would like to offer you a laurel, and hardy handshake as I appreciate the no
bullshiat list of behaviors that help a man realize success in this anti-male society.

thanx, dawg. You're right on the mark. America is an increasingly anti-male society and we men have fewer options and less freedom every day. Freedom of speech is on the outs and any man in family court might as well kiss what's left of his $$$ and balls goodbye.

Even men who love women should wake the fark up about what's happening. We American men live in an increasingly feminized society where sissies, girlymen, homos (the
stereotype, not the men themselves) metrosexuals, wimps and other softwrists are held in higher regard than real men.

And those baby-mama wannabe thugs leaving bastards around town like a puppy drops turds in the park aren't real men either, but somehow they're held in higher regard by a corrupt society that's declared war on fatherhood, guns, tobacco, red meat and the RIGHT to self-defense, whether it means the whole nation or one man alone.
2004-09-18 05:45:36 PM  
Sir Chevron Food Mart

When you posted that list, I assumed it was a sarcastic poke at the silly shiat some folks believe.

I appear to be wrong. You seem to honestly believe that the way to live is summed up by them.

I'm not thrilled with society today. Case in point, the Roadrunner commercial where the wife barks orders at hubby to go wash the dog and not help the daughter with her homework, then the mother and daughter exchanging "wise" looks as the guys crawfishes away.

Men and women have managed to find ways to accomadate each other for centuries and I'm sure they will well into the future. The biggest problem IMO is that in many relationships it would be better to simply walk away than to try and force something to work which never will. Bitterness is the only by-product and it taints any relationship that might follow.
2004-09-18 06:13:16 PM  
When you posted that list, I assumed it was a sarcastic poke at the silly shiat some folks believe.

I appear to be wrong. You seem to honestly believe that the way to live is summed up by them.

Leykis 101 has its merits and for what it aims to accomplish, works. If you were to look me in the cyber-eye and tell me you know of no guy who is a complete jerk and yet "bags" hot women, I'd say you were fibbing or a monk.

Leykis 101 is "a" form of truth, not THE truth.

The "way to live" for a man has nothing to do with women. In fact, for thousands of men the only way left to live is without women.

I'm not thrilled with society today. Case in point, the Roadrunner commercial where the wife barks orders at hubby to go wash the dog and not help the daughter with her homework, then the mother and daughter exchanging "wise" looks as the guys crawfishes away.

As long as people buy the products of these shtbird advertisers, expect more of the same. And of course, the bad laws on the books will never go away. There's too much money involved in playing the victim, whether minority, female or gay.

Men and women have managed to find ways to accomadate each other for centuries and I'm sure they will well into the future. The biggest problem IMO is that in many relationships it would be better to simply walk away than to try and force something to work which never will. Bitterness is the only by-product and it taints any relationship that might follow.

By 2050 hopefully and definitely by 2090, androids of the quality seen in "A.I." or "Blade Runner" will be a reality. Fetuses will also be grown in artificial wombs.

It will be interesting, to say the least, to observe what 'real' women will do once they've been made obsolete.
2004-09-18 06:48:58 PM  
Ah, the old nice guys vs. jerks debate.

I've had sex. I've fooled around. With hot girls, with average girls, with older girls, with... well, not younger girls, but girls my age. I've got a girlfriend right now.

I have never once acted like an ass to any of them. I *have* been honest, considerate, and amusing.

Being witty helps.

I won't deny that there are some women willing to date or sleep with "jerks", sure. But I don't know any of them. And I don't know any assholes that get laid regularly. If they do get laid, it's because someone overlooks their negative qualities... and winds up dumping them because of them.

Leykus 101 does not, in fact, work at all well. Not even for one-night stands.
At least not with women who are kind, smart, or both. And really, who the hell wants a dumb inconsiderate girl? You're welcome to'em.

For the record, I'm fairly average looking (I might hit "cute" in the eyes of some, if I dress snazzy), I don't have the "gift of gab", although I'm a tolerable joking-flatterer. I do have a decent amount of confidence.

That's the key to a lot of it, really--confidence. You do NOT have to be an ass to be confident.

Let's face it: "nice guys" are generally shy. That means they're likely to display interest; when they do display interest, they're less likely to make a move. Given that, of course they'll get laid less, assuming jerks do get laid successfully.

And yet, all the nice guys I know are getting laid. And none of the assholes are. And some of the mixtures are.

Also, most people who whine about how "nice guys never get laid" are not, in fact nice guys, they're "nice guys". After all, is becoming close friends with a girl and doing things for her just so you can get close to her and try to get into her pants--all without telling her--a manipulative and assholish thing to do, or what?

Maybe I just have really smart friends with good taste... but, I'll say it again. Assholishness is NOT a good way to get laid or into a relationship. Especially not with any kind of woman you'd want to be in a relationship with anyway.
2004-09-18 06:51:25 PM  
Another thing to keep in mind is this: beyond basic be-honest-and-kind, there IS no formula for approaching women.

Any given woman is not a gender stereotype, and deviates from that stereotype in many ways. Most *interesting* women have very little in common with the stereotype.
What works with one woman is likely to fail with another, and work even better with still another. Then there's just plain chemistry to take into account.

That's why honesty and communication are so key.
2004-09-18 06:59:11 PM  
Ten Ninjas

"Another thing to keep in mind is this: beyond basic be-honest-and-kind, there IS no formula for approaching women."

Problem is, when aproaching someone for the intial "Hi There" stereotypes are how you guide your actions. Sure, Things change as you get to know someone, but you have to have an ititial starting point and that (unfortunatly) is set by society.

Sir Chevron Food Mart

Please do us males all a favor and never reproduce. Luckily you won't infect any young men growing up with single mothers since you "refuse" to date them. Or is it that they can smell asshole from 50 feet away so you never get a chance?
2004-09-18 07:35:03 PM  
CB, they are? Hunh. Usually, I just do what I always do. Striking up a conversation isn't generally that difficult, if all involved are willing and able.
2004-09-18 07:37:03 PM  
I am not sure why women have a hard time understanding this.

Women and men marry for diffenent reasons. One of the male reasons is for sex on a consistent basis.

If you are a woman and get married, know this. If you arent willing to keep that up, then don't get married. B/C chances are you have a disappointed man.
2004-09-18 07:55:13 PM  
Ten Ninjas

Agreed, but striking up that conversation depends on you both having some sort of basic background to work with. You could not, for instance, strike up a conversation with a 12th century hooker. Beyond the langauge difference, you would have nothing in common to talk about.
2004-09-18 11:51:28 PM  
Sir Chevron

It is sad that you cannot treat women as people. Maybe you need to talk to someone about whatever it was that happened to you to make you so bitter....
2004-09-19 12:11:07 AM  
Well, he's definitely not going to get any from now on.
2004-09-19 01:50:31 AM  
I do not see how anyone can call themself a Christian and not try to live by what it says in the holy Bible.

I feel that what the Bible says regarding sex in marriage is brilliant! It is a great solution to the problems people have. So for the Christians: If you are considering getting married, you must choose a spouse that is considerate, and puts your needs and concerns above his own, otherwise you might end up in a marriage where your husband is harming his property, which would put both of you in harms way, but if that is what he chooses to do, then that is what the good Christian wife obediantly lets him do with all her heart to serve and be obediant to the way of the Bible, that is, the way of God.

As for the wives who chose to follow their own selfish interests and ignore the word of God and ignore their husband's bleeding hearts, let me tell you what they are doing:
They are making it very difficult for their husbands to be faithful to them, making it much more difficult for their husbands to keep themselves from lusting after other women, making their husbands feel deeply rejected inside, abandoned, deeply wounded & hurt, & truly many husbands in this situation would consider death better than life. Resentment builds, frustration, anger, hatred, longing for death, longing for a way out. Despair. If it werent a sin, it might be better to kill the husband & put him out of his misery, or... or... would it be any worse to just give him a blowjob every day for the rest of his life & watch how his whole attitude & life changes when he feels loved, when he shows grateful apreciation, & humble devotion to the woman who sacrifices for him?

Oh, wives with frustrated husbands, please, find it within yourself to take pity on the poor guy, look past all his faults, forgive, & make things right. Please, please, women, do not let your man know a hurt and pain such as that of a wife who denies him. I'm not exagerating anything. Listen to your husbands & find out for yourself. Men & women are biologically different. We have different needs. You would not starve your baby of your breastmilk. The baby, & the husband is dependant on the wife for certain needs, just as the wife is dependant on the husband for certain needs & we all are dependant on God for all our needs, so lets all be merciful and generous with each other and be one big happy family.
2004-09-19 11:04:53 AM  
Wow this is some amazing stuff on this thread! Lots of ignorance from a couple of farkers.

Oh and I know that commercial for Roadrunner....I also know the ones where the dishwasher detergent/windex/plede/vacuums/cookies/cooking stuff etc. is sold by showing a WOMAN doing the cleaning. I'd say about 90% of these are women doing them. Just interesting, that's all. {I don't clean! Fark that!}

/Not married yet(not interested right now);not wanting money from a man (Have more money than Sir Chevron most likely); have a college degree, my own house and no desire to become pregant...just another human being who can just as easily be sued by a man for sexual harassment and who can just as easily be "screwed for money/attention/love/comfort" by a man.
Some folks really need to grow up and realize women aren't the enemy and that therapy will help before you become a freakin' more-desperate dumbass.
2004-09-20 09:06:01 AM  
This problem can be avoided. Just marry a woman who believes it's wrong to ever refuse her husband sex.

That worked well for me at least.

\lucky bastard
2004-09-20 09:34:02 AM  
Xevious is making the point that, like a husband attending a boring function for the satisfaction of his wife, a wife should make efforts to satisfy her husband, even if she isn't terribly interested. It doesn't mean that the husband is forcing her.

Interesting how the wife's physical well being is always considered, but not the husband's mental well being. Anyone here with a social phobia/anxiety, such as agorophobia?

Yes, in school, we were taugh that, at least in the recent past if not still, that not consumating a marriage in a year is grounds for divorce. People, marriage is all about keeping sex. Why do you think people say "no sex before marriage"?
2004-09-20 09:35:21 AM  

People, marriage is all about sex. Why do you think people say "no sex before marriage"?
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