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(Denver Channel)   Man pretending to be Eddie Vedder to scam money arrested in Denver. Cops arrived like butterflies, yeah   ( divider line
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6171 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Sep 2004 at 10:27 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-09-16 07:34:36 AM  
I didn't know who Eddie Vedder was, and didn't get the reference, but I had a feeling this was one of those "Cool headline" having threads and wanted to post in it.
2004-09-16 07:45:17 AM  
That's a nice post there, Ku. Shapely.
2004-09-16 07:47:35 AM  
Uh, Ku... heard of Pearl Jam? You know, sing badly an octave lower than everyone else, inspire thousands of dudes that they, too, can sing out of key and not be ashamed? Trying madly to be a pretentious artist?

/I don't really hate Pearl Jam... just Eddie.
2004-09-16 07:54:09 AM  
I've heard the name, Thlayli, but I don't know any of their music. (I've probably heard it, but wasn't aware who it was by..)

But I saw it was by "Pearl Jam" when I googled "Eddie Vedder", and thought I should probably include this thread in today's "Post in threads you think will go green before the Admins wake up and go through the TF queue" selection.
2004-09-16 07:57:00 AM  
Excellent headline submitter.

Yeah, I loved Pearl Jam circa 1992.
2004-09-16 09:14:50 AM  
Difference between Pearl Jam and the imitators is the quality of the lyrics.

That, and Eddie has a great voice despite what Thlayli says. McCready and Stone are greatly talented and they have had a string of fantastic drummers.
2004-09-16 09:17:36 AM  
I'd also like to point out that they were innovators. Stone and Jeff were members of Green River: the first ever grunge band and Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog, and Pearl Jam all created new sounds that had never been done before and have been immitated constantly, but never duplicated.
2004-09-16 09:27:52 AM  
Well said Smed...their music has gone stale at this point to be sure, but they were innovators.
2004-09-16 09:33:06 AM  
Terminal Frost, I don't buy that.
Riot Act was one of their best albums. I am not as huge a fan of Binaural and No Code, but they came back huge with Riot Act.
Lyrically it is awesome and has some really innovative sounds. I point you to "Thumbing My Way", "Love Boat Captain", and "Bushleaguer". "Arc" is also a really nifty experiment in sound, if not really a song in its own right.
2004-09-16 09:34:46 AM  
Aditionally, they are incredible live. Very few bands can put on a live show quite like them. If you don't believe me, pick up their MSG DVD or "Live at Bennaroya Hall", or better yet, just go to a show.
2004-09-16 09:37:16 AM  
oh yeah, their live show never lost it. One of the best shows I was ever at. And you're right about Riot Act, it was their best album since Vitalogy. But still, when compared to the holy kind of pales :-/
2004-09-16 09:38:58 AM  
"Even Flow", that headline would be referring to. Off of Ten, Pearl Jam's breakthrough album - and an excellent album it is, regardless of what the pseudo-snobs may say.
2004-09-16 09:39:13 AM  
and I have bennaroya, it's a great live album. Same w/ live on two legs.
2004-09-16 09:51:26 AM  
Don't knock PJ. They're the only band to have survived from pretty much the *entire* crop of the early 90's. (And that was only frggin 10 years ago.)

I think it has a lot to do with the lyrics, yes. But its mostly the fact that they stay very true to being solid rock, not turning generic and tired as they get older. At the same time, I think they so what most rock bands can't so- innovate without seeming like they're trying too hard to innovate.

/OK, now I sound like I'm 18 again on a PJ message board
2004-09-16 09:52:10 AM  
Pearl Jam is Cher with feedback.
2004-09-16 10:03:46 AM  
I have never quite been able to regain a taste for PJ since Eddie's brief Oasis-esque ego trip in the years after Ten.

Now PB&J on the other hand, I will never lose my taste for that.
2004-09-16 10:31:59 AM  
Didn't any of the victims realize that Eddie was over at Johnny Ramones house on a death watch?
2004-09-16 10:35:46 AM  
Kudos to all you PJ supporters out there. Not only was their music phenominal in the early 90's, but it still is. I'll admit, nothing could ever come close to Ten, but they are still not "washed up." Eddie rocks!
2004-09-16 10:40:55 AM  
this is old news.
2004-09-16 10:41:14 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Gotta love beer!
2004-09-16 10:41:24 AM  
Actually, he was impersonating Michael Mcready (sp?).
But, whatevah.

/new Denver Resident
2004-09-16 10:41:33 AM  
Wasn't he pretending to be Eddie Vedder's guitarist??
2004-09-16 10:41:48 AM  
first of all, he didn't say he was eddie veder, he was saying he was mike mccready. but then second of all, he does loke like he could be eddies dad
2004-09-16 10:41:50 AM  
If I were Eddie Vedder, would you like me any better?

/Local H
2004-09-16 10:42:25 AM  
In other news Pearl Jam still sucks
2004-09-16 10:43:00 AM  
Smed knows what's up.
2004-09-16 10:44:03 AM  
Wow, neither the submitter nor any poster in the first 20 posts apparently RTFA.

2004-09-16 10:45:38 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

/Always thought Pearl Jam songs could use some cowbell
2004-09-16 10:46:12 AM  
I grew up on PJ and the grunge scene of the 90's, and I love Pearl Jam. Mike McCready's guitar playing influenced mine heavily. I haven't heard a lot of their newer stuff (well, pretty much anything since Yield) but I've always heard good things.

I'm with Smed - the members of PJ definitely blazed a trail. IMHO, though, Temple of the Dog was some of the best music they ever put out. The lineup corrected the biggest deficiency of PJ's catalog - Eddie Vedder's voice. It's distinctive and cool, sure, but his enunciation isn't that great and he doesn't have a great range. Chris Cornell, OTOH, is distinctive AND has all of that. Just listen to them rock out on "Pushin' Forward Back" and you'll know why Cornell has one of the best voices in rock.
2004-09-16 10:47:08 AM  
Although I have to sort of agree with Big Tuna, i never lost my respect for the early pearl jam stuff, which was absolutely inspired.

as far as eddie, i just don't know, anymore. I listened to a three hour concert i downloaded from AOL last month and didn't recognize any of the laid back, syrupy soft rock i heard. and I have FIVE pearl jam CDs.
2004-09-16 10:49:41 AM  
Offtopic: Were any other PJ fans struck at how "Given to Fly" off Yield is a barely-reworked version of Zep's "Going to California"?
2004-09-16 10:50:41 AM  
Police were tipped off when people were actually able to comprehend what "Eddie" was saying.
2004-09-16 10:50:54 AM  
Smed does know what's up, but I thought Binaural was simply awesome.
2004-09-16 10:51:57 AM  
A member of Pearl Jam? hell he looks like a member of shea stadiums janitorial staff...

Clean the toilet jackass
2004-09-16 10:53:14 AM  
The way he grinds his molars is really sexy.
I think he's so darn dysfunctional and "Generation X"y.
I like his brooding angst and his wild-eyed stare.
Yeah, he's my very favorite slacker multi-millionaire.
2004-09-16 10:53:29 AM  
"...story about a Peal Jam ticket scam on the Internet."

Pearl Jam I could give or take, but PEAL Jam...they ROCK!!

/pic looks like Ed, was pretending to be Mike
2004-09-16 10:53:45 AM  
Pearl Jam is one of the best live bands ever. Plus they do a ton of charity work. There's not that much ego in the band, they just keep to themselves, they're not publicity whores.
2004-09-16 10:55:03 AM  
people still play guitar?


//TB-303 4 LIFE!!!
2004-09-16 10:55:04 AM  
/was never a fan of any "grunge"
2004-09-16 10:55:26 AM  
Although I have to sort of agree with Big Tuna, i never lost my respect for the early pearl jam stuff, which was absolutely inspired.

Damn straight. I still like their older stuff. I just meant that thanks to his hubris I couldn't listen to or appreciate anything after that album with the goat on the front and that really longass-titled song about an old woman and a counter.
2004-09-16 11:00:13 AM  
Oh, my baby, my baby she don't want me no more
Ever since she saw his poster in that record store
She says the way he grinds his molars is really sexy
She thinks he's so darn dysfunctional and "Generation X"y
She likes his brooding angst and his wild-eyed stare
Yeah, he's her very favorite slacker multi-millionaire

Well, my baby's in love with Eddie Vedder
She's all crazy 'bout that Eddie Vedder
Once she was mine, but now I better just forget her
'Cause my baby's in love with Eddie Vedder

Now, every time I see him, well, he looks so grim
I guess it really must suck to be a rock star like him
What a pain in the butt to have so much success
Spending all his time moping and avoiding the press
But my girl can't get enough of his sullen demeanor
Like he's some big tortured genious and I'm some kinda wiener

Well, my baby's in love with Eddie Vedder
She's got a thing for that Eddie Vedder
Tell me, what can he do that I can't do better
Now my baby's in love with
I said I said I said my baby's in love with Eddie Vedder
Head over heels for that Eddie Vedder
I cant believe it, now she's knitting him a sweater
'Cause my baby's in love with Eddie Vedder

I knew we were headin' for disaster
When she caught me hangin' out at the Ticketmaster
Now she's got an unrequited adoratioon
For the frustrated, agitated, designated alienated
Spokesman for the disaffected grunge generation

Well, I don't wear Doc MArtens and I don't wear flannel
And I don't boycott the music video channel
And I just can't compete with all that money and fame
But I know two can play at this game
Yeah, well, let's just see how jealous she'll get
When I start stalking Alanis Morissette

Well, mny baby's in love with Eddie Vedder
She's all crazy 'bout that Eddie Vedder
Once she was mine but now I better just forget her
'Cause my baby's in love with
I said I said I said my baby's in love with Eddie Vedder
Why'd she have to fall for that Eddie Vedder
If she wants to leave me, I guess I better let her
'Cause my baby's in love with Eddie Vedder
2004-09-16 11:03:27 AM  
Just listen to them rock out on "Pushin' Forward Back" and you'll know why Cornell has one of the best voices in rock.

See also: "Reach Down"
2004-09-16 11:04:03 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
I'm Mike McCready.

[image from too old to be available]
I'm Mike McCready.

Would the REAL Mike McCready please stand up.
2004-09-16 11:05:36 AM  
I def. read the article. I'm assuming the submitter chose Eddie Vedder because it made for a funnier headline. After all, it's not's.....yeah.
2004-09-16 11:06:24 AM  
Man pretending to be Eddie Vedder? Police had better get started rounding up all the suspects, i.e. every shiat band's front man circa 1994, starting with Scott Weiland and ending with Scott Stapp.
2004-09-16 11:06:42 AM  
PJ is my fav band of all time, here is a cool story for PJ fans.

In about 92 my friend gave me a ticket to the Wichita, KS show to see them live, a group of us went and let me tell you it was the best show ever, seeing Eddie live still gives me goose bumps. anyways. I was soon to be married and my buddy "danny" decided to give me a gift, we were at the front by the fence, and he noticed Mike had thrown his guitar pick on the stage in front of his feet, so Danny jumps the 8 foot fence does a stage dive over the security guards and grabs the Pick as the security goons are dragging him by his feet off the stage.

when he made it back to me he handed me a Black Guitar pick with "Pearl Jam" printed on it.

I still have that Pick to this day, and it's one of my prized possessions in life.
2004-09-16 11:08:31 AM  

Stone and Jeff were members of Green River: the first ever grunge band

jesus christ, dude. i hope you don't REALLY think that.

i'm laughing my ass off right now.
2004-09-16 11:10:18 AM  
I lost all respect for them when they were accepting at that Grammy Awards show and Eddie said:

"this really doesn't matter" ... "It's all about the art man"

For cripes sake you were pumping gas a few years ago ... man.

Eddie Vedder = Kathleen Turner of Rock

/still likes the music though
2004-09-16 11:11:51 AM  
here is a google copy/past the link had lots of pop/ups so I just copied.

Green River
Seattle band Green River may go down in history as the first 'grunge' band, and were certainly the first to release a record on the Sub Poplabel. They first came together in 1984 with Jeff Ament (ex-Deranged Diction) on bass, drummer Alex Shumway, guitarist/vocalist Mark Arm and former Mr Epp guitarist Steve Turner. Soon the line-up was expanded with the addition of ex- Ducky Boys/March Of Crimes guitarist Stone Gossard and they began to air their wares on the local Northwest scene. By 1985 they had appeared alongside the Melvins on the DEEP SIX compilation album on the C/Z label, released a six song EP, COME ON DOWN, for Homestead, and were playing the same clubs as another local band, Soundgarden. Both bands came to the attention of Sub Popowner Bruce Pavitt, who decided to expand his cassette-based fanzine into a full record label and worked with them in producing the 12-inch EP, DRY AS A BONE, which was released in June 1987. Turner left soon after and was replaced by another Deranged Diction member, Bruce Fairweather. In May 1988 they released the mini-album, REHAB DOLL (cassette and CD vesions adended DRY AS A BONE) but the band were already falling apart with musical differences between Arm and Ament which led to them splitting in June. Arm joined Turner with ex-Melvins' bassist Matt Lukin and drummer Dan Peters to form Mudhoney. Ament, Gossard and Fairweather regrouped with ex-Malfunkshun vocalist Andrew Wood and drummer Regan Hagar and formed Lords Of The Wasteland, who quickly evolved into Mother Love Bone. After the death of Wood in March 1990 that band fractured with Gossard and Ament forming the hugely successful Pearl Jam. Green River thus became an important footnote in the development of the '90s strongest rock movement, though their light was re- ignited temporarily on 30 November 1993 at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas when Pearl Jam ended their live set early to make way for a one-off reformation of Green River with Gossard, Arm, Turner and Ament joined by Chuck Treece (bassist from Urge Overkill) playing drums. REHAB DOLL (1988)Sub Pop, mini-album
Take that trez.............
2004-09-16 11:15:16 AM  
I really hope people check out Benaroya. PJ still has it, they just aren't cranking out radio hits. The songs that are plenty strong enough for the radio can't get airplay anymore. They are suffering under the Clear Channel radio empire.

Their lyrics are so underrated, probably because you can't hardly understand Eddie some times.

Check out this site is you'd like to see what Eddie is really saying:

By the way, only an idiot would put Scott Stapp's name in a list of musicians. Might as well throw Hootie and the Blowfish in there at that point.
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