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(USA Today)   Third of comments sent to Govt about Microsoft settelment said "I hate Microsoft"   ( usatoday.com) divider line
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2002-02-07 05:33:53 PM  
I hate Microsoft.
2002-02-07 05:34:37 PM  
2002-02-07 05:34:46 PM  
I hate microsoft

like that...
2002-02-07 05:34:53 PM  
I use Microsoft.
2002-02-07 05:35:16 PM  
obvious use of "obvious" tag.
2002-02-07 05:35:36 PM  
Microsoft rules. The American dream in action...
2002-02-07 05:37:09 PM  
2002-02-07 05:37:51 PM  
I hate M$
2002-02-07 05:38:28 PM  
Damn.... I forgot to close my tag...
2002-02-07 05:40:00 PM  
Thanks to Microsoft and Bill Gates I have a 6 figure income. I love Microsoft. If you don't like their products... don't f.ucking use them!!!
2002-02-07 05:41:17 PM  
"Overall, the department said it received about 7,500 comments from people in favor of the settlement reached by the federal government and nine states, while 15,000 opposed it. Another 7,000 comments were dismissed as opinion, like 'I hate Microsoft.'"

Wow. It's still 2/3rds AFTER "ignoring" 7000 comments.

With the extra 7k that are ignored, Microsoft's "positive" responses drop from 1/3 to 1/4.

2002-02-07 05:44:41 PM  
I still hate Microsoft
2002-02-07 05:44:56 PM  
Another 7000 comments were: "I hate Micros~1"
2002-02-07 05:49:12 PM  
Kyosuke: "Another 7000 comments were: "I hate Micros~1""

Okay... that is funny.
2002-02-07 05:52:12 PM  
Go ahead Linux geeks. Hate MS all you want. I'll be the one with a job in 3 years while you're out pounding the pavement trying to sell your 7331 h4xor 5kill5.

Get bent.
2002-02-07 05:53:09 PM  
SomecallmeTim: (<-- Yay python) Don't like MS don't use it... agreed. That's why I use Mac and avoid MS. Free market roolz, baby.
2002-02-07 05:53:17 PM  
I hate Microsoft
But I like the Mac Business Unit...they make good products
2002-02-07 05:53:42 PM  
hee hee - Funny, Kyosuke
Actually, looking at the numbers, someone did their math incorrectly...

~30000 letters
(50%) 15000 Argued against Microsoft
(25%) 7500 Argued for Microsoft
(25%) 7000 Just said "I hate Microsoft"

Anyway... I hate Microsoft. I don't hate their products (as bad as they are, we still use them in the office - I don't at home). I hate their marketing and cut-throat business strategies. And if they can't compete with it or buy it (as is the case with Linux now), they spread FUD against it.
2002-02-07 05:53:45 PM  
If I were Bill Gates, I would move Microsoft Corp to another country, like Canada.
2002-02-07 05:54:13 PM  
Unfortunately we will only see 1/5 of the people saying "I hate microsoft" because the other 4/5 had blue screen of death errors.
2002-02-07 05:55:54 PM  
My comment to the govt was substantive, but revolved chiefly around the general idea of


Toned down quite a bit and polished some.
2002-02-07 05:56:20 PM  
If I were Bill Gates, I would move Microsoft Corp to another country, like Canada.

Hmm...the link didn't work for some reason.

2002-02-07 05:58:29 PM  
The_Marq: I agree with you in the case of pure fanatical anti-M$ geeks. However, I hate Microsoft, but I still know their system well enough to have a good job as lead developer at my company. We'll switch to Linux eventually, but for now I know M$. And until M$ dies, everyone seriously looking for a job should know Doze. However, if I were you, I would also start dabbling in Linux as well. Linux has a large enough market share that it would hurt to be completely unfamiliar with it. I have seen several jobs available for Linux gurus a little over a year ago; so being a Linux geek CAN get you a job... but being a Linux geek who is familiar with Doze or vice versa is the best way to go.
2002-02-07 06:06:57 PM  
And this was a web form and I'm sure it was linked to by slashdot. NO! It's scientific! It's not slanted! NO!
2002-02-07 06:08:13 PM  
Yes, MS to Canada? The extra couple of $B in taxes would be great! We could make more toques, eh?
2002-02-07 06:10:22 PM  
Glad to hear the government ignored the morons who couldn't form a sentence of more than three words. If you asked these people WHY they hate MS, they probably couldn't give you any reason that doesn't also apply to Apple, Sun, and every other major competitor.
2002-02-07 06:10:23 PM  
I don't understand this argument against MicroSoft. I think that Linix will eventually be the dominant OS but I use microsoft everyday.Telling them they have to advertise or supply there customers with browsers or programs or whatever that were designed by the competition is downright communist.That would be like telling Chevrolet that they have to offer Ford motors in there cars because ford sucks and can't sell them themselves.
2002-02-07 06:10:55 PM  
You're absolutely right. But M$ is never going to go away (well maybe but I wouldn't bet the farm on it).

My comment was more directed at the Anti-M$ elite who think they're better than me because I choose to study the MSCE course while they went down the UNIX/LINIX path. I'm refering mostly to people I went to school with.

Anyway, I like Microsoft, their products may not be perfect, but they have mass acceptance and that translates in to straight up cash for me. Besides if they never broke down no one would pay me to fix the damn things.
2002-02-07 06:10:56 PM  

Funny thing is I created 5000 hotmail accounts and sent the "I hate Microsoft" email from them.
2002-02-07 06:11:00 PM  
Putting up a web form and asking for honest opinions of Microsoft is like putting a voting booth for afirmative action at a KKK rally. How retarded.
2002-02-07 06:23:33 PM  
Ugh, just got WinXP and it STILL crashes. And, whilst installing, it went monopolistic on my hard drive. Farked up my partitions to make it the only OS visible. Then, wouldn't let me install Partition Magic to clean up its mistake. Even better, I get the exact same errors I got in Win2000. What do they do in Redmond all day, think of new ways to illegally maintain market share?

Now, when I installed linux, everything was hunky-dorey. It detected all my hardware, didn't mess around with my partitions, and the menus even said "please" and "thank you". I even installed it on my parent's computer and my dad found solitare in less than a minute.

The point is, Microsoft is bad, mmmkay?
2002-02-07 06:26:07 PM  
It's nice to see that the gov't is getting as much spam and perno emails as I get.
2002-02-07 06:26:53 PM  
Most (not all) of the people I talk to that hate Microsoft are too farking stupid to operate a computer and blame Bill Gates for their own stupidity. A few of the people I talk to who hate Microsoft are highly intelligent (but usually somewhat eccentric) Linux users who shun all Microsoft products.

If you take Microsoft products for what they are, they're pretty decent. As a company, Microsoft has probably done more for the industry than any other except Apple, because Apple is the company who popularized (but did not invent) the GUI.
2002-02-07 06:26:56 PM  
The only reason negative comments outweigh positives is because people who are indifferent/like Microsoft have better farking things to do than the Mac/Linux/whatever geeks fighting their own personal nerd war against MS. Losers.
2002-02-07 06:27:50 PM  
*note to self* Other mail accounts no longer needed, terminate IP payments.
2002-02-07 06:35:48 PM  
Bill Gates is my daddy and he owes my mom child support money.

2002-02-07 06:36:54 PM  
Bigge123: How right you are, however, I no longer get the "blue screens of death" thanks to XP..
Let the Windows XP bashing begin...
::rings bell: Round one, fight
2002-02-07 06:38:10 PM  
Microsoft doesn't design anything without an eye to hurt both current and potential competitors, and hasn't written that many programs from scratch. They never support open standards, just their own, and expect everyone else to use them. They support Direct3D over OpenGL, Windows Media Player format over MP3, would probably try .BMP over .JPG if they could. They push DirectPlay on game developers so that versions of the game for other OS's can't support cross platform multiplayer. A few years ago, they were all but suing PC makers who dared sell computers with other OS's installed.

I'd better stop now before I REALLY get going, but there's so many reasons that I hate MS. I wouldn't accept a Windows machine as a gift.
2002-02-07 06:41:21 PM  
What I don't understand is the attitude that you have to have 1 OS that you like. I have worked in the computer industry for over 20 years and I have yet to see an OS that isn't better at one thing or another. I like them all and feel they all have their place. You don't have to hate UNIX to love Mac's or MS or vice versa.

While I do agree that many of MS's marketing practices are questionable, it's hard to argue with the level of success they have attained. It's also important to note that many software companies have similar practices. They just haven't been as successful.
2002-02-07 06:43:01 PM  
Complain all you's like about microsoft but I would say that the majority of computer USERs are running microsofts products...

I will admit that before "ME" their windows earlier versions sucked big time but I am now useing microsoft "ME" with the XP professional upgrade and have not had any problems...
2002-02-07 06:47:44 PM  
I can't be the first person to point this out:

More than a thousand messages were completely off topic. Some of those were advertisements - known as "spam," - and at least one e-mail contained pornography.

"The United States proposes not to publish such submissions or to provide them as part of its filing to the court," Justice lawyers wrote.

2002-02-07 06:47:58 PM  
Yep, I still hate Microsoft

Just like saying it is all......

2002-02-07 06:54:13 PM  
Microsoft does great things for HTML!
2002-02-07 06:54:45 PM  
fark! no marquee tags :)
2002-02-07 06:56:52 PM  
Sex0r, you hit the nail on the head.
2002-02-07 06:59:38 PM  
Hey, Remember when we used to argue about more important things. Like how mac's suck! =)

In all seriousness, I like iBooks, that's it though! Macs suck!! mwah hah hah
2002-02-07 07:06:11 PM  
Wow, 46 comments and nobody commented on my spelling mistake in the title....you guys are slipping.
2002-02-07 07:08:22 PM  
You shouldn't be saying bad things about Microsoft. When Bill Gates executes his hostile takeover of the world he's gonna smite each and every one of your asses.
2002-02-07 07:17:08 PM  
I'd like microsoft if their products didn't suck ass.
2002-02-07 07:17:30 PM  
I still love that they also received about 1000 spam mail messages including a couple of pr0n ads.
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