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(Straits Times)   Monkey gatecrashes picnic in park and makes off with Tupperware of grapes, leaving children in shock and tears. Do not taunt the Tupperware monkeys   ( divider line
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2021-03-04 4:38:05 AM  
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2021-03-04 4:41:15 AM  
"Why is the monkey shoving grapes up his butt?"

"Well, after that cue ball incident, he tests everything first."
2021-03-04 5:23:56 AM  

kyuzokai: "Well, after that cue ball incident, he tests everything first."

Archer - Pam In The Washroom
Youtube WyQv29QOXwg
2021-03-04 5:31:17 AM  
I wonder why kids go all pissy when this kind of thing happens? It's funny, why get all whiney n cry?
I've always been a huge animal adorer and have many stories to tell about mischievous critters playing tricks on me.
My favorite is the crow that harassed me, (in a friendly way), constantly. The first time he/she introduced itself I was six. My dad and I were having lunch on the patio and Mom had just brought us a bowl of grapes as we finished our sammies and mac salad. I put my plate and fork to the side so I could go at the grapes. Just as I did that a huge crow flew down and landed on the table. I was shocked but thrilled! I looked at Dad and he was staring in shock at the crow. Dad looked at me and we looked back at the bird and we started laughing and saying hi to it... It stood on the edge of the table for a few minutes looking at me and Dad. It cawed and tapped it's foot a few times on the table. After that "ritual dance" it suddenly leapt over and stole my fork. I was squealing with laughter and it flew several feet away and dropped the fork then landed on the fence. Dad told me to go get the fork. As I did the crow watched me until I got half way and then flew back over to the table and snagged a grape, looked at Dad and flew off. Me and Dad were having a blast about it marveling about a wild bird coming to visit us to steal a grape. 🤭
Several minutes later here it comes again! Did the same tapping foot on table dance, stole my fork again then sat on fence. Dad told me to go get the fork again and I did. Same thing happened as I was halfway to the fork, it went to steal another grape.
It was a hoot! Dad called Mom out telling her to stand back and watch. Before she stood off to the side she took our plates and forks. Here comes the crow, but instead of landing on table it flew in circles cawing and seemed agitated. Crow continued this activity and Dad told Mom to put the plates and forks back on the table. She did. As she stepped away crow lands on table, performs tapping foot dance, steals fork, drops it, lands on fence... Dad tells me to go for fork. Halfway to fork crow flies to table and steals grape.
Mom says maybe it's someone's pet. Dad says nope I don't think so. It's just a mischief maker.
That day began a more than four year friendly teasing and playing with a little girl. Crow came to visit whenever I was out in backyard to play with me. Mother made sure I always had a bowl of some fruits for our crow to steal 🤗
It let me pet it one time too, but just that one time only. It played with my toys to distract me so it could plunder my fruit, it ran under the sprinklers with me during the summer. It stood on the swing set and cawed loudly as I would swing. It didn't like me to be on the swing and would'nt shut up until I got off of it.
It played so many funny tricks on me. I believe they know what they're doing and have fun doing it. It even made off with my favorite bracelet that had silver Teddy bear charms... It didn't drop that and I never got it back.
We moved just over four years after it's first visit. I've wondered if the people who bought our house made friends with him too?
Happy times when I was a kid 🤗🤗🤗
2021-03-04 6:20:23 AM  
They should just be glad it was a grape monkey, and not a grape ape.
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2021-03-04 7:01:01 AM  
Peter Gabriel - Shock The Monkey
Youtube CnVf1ZoCJSo
2021-03-04 7:03:06 AM  
Simple solution, tupperware box containing scotch bonnets or something equally brutal heat wise.
2021-03-04 7:23:07 AM  
my kids would have thought it was awesome
2021-03-04 7:38:38 AM Full Size
2021-03-04 7:58:38 AM  

steklo: [ image 750x400]

Peter totally would have stolen a Tupperware full of grapes
2021-03-04 8:15:02 AM  
Firstly, it wasn't Tupperware. Secondly, if you would kindly backhand your crotchfruit until that horrible noise coming from it stops, that would great.


The internets
2021-03-04 8:28:40 AM  
A monkey gatecrashed a picnic at West Coast Park and made off with a box of grapes, leaving children in shock and tears.

Tears of laughter I hope.
2021-03-04 8:29:05 AM  

kermit the forg: Peter totally would have stolen a Tupperware full of grapes

You're right, its was more of a Davey thing to do.

RIP Davey and Peter, RIP...
2021-03-04 8:29:34 AM  

yms: Simple solution, tupperware box containing scotch bonnets or something equally brutal heat wise.

I've read that birds are unaffected by chili peppers, like they can't taste them. A trick people use to keep squirrels out of bird feeders is to mix red pepper into the seed. Birds eat normally, squirrels quickly learn that is not a good food source.
2021-03-04 8:36:04 AM  

Eric Shun: squirrels quickly learn that is not a good food source.

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2021-03-04 9:59:17 AM  
I can only imagine the years of therapy those kids will need.  I hope the family sues the park, the county, the city, the state, and the federal government for everything they can.
2021-03-04 10:12:31 AM  
Kids left screaming and in tears after monkey snatches food from picnic-goers at West Coast Park

That seems to be their natural state so does it really matter whether it was a monkey that did it or the lack of strawberry ice cream?
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