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2021-02-26 10:12:39 AM  
Instead of the gop it should be renamed The American Nazi Party.
2021-02-26 11:19:44 AM  

oldernell: Instead of the gop it should be renamed The American Nazi Party.

Be patient, they're working on slogans and merchandising before the big rebranding. You have to properly sequence these things.
2021-02-26 12:50:26 PM  
I hate Illinois Nazis.
2021-02-26 2:35:04 PM  
Turns out we've elected lots of Nazi sympathizers.
2021-02-26 2:35:55 PM  

Serious Black: Turns out we've elected lots of Nazi sympathizers.

At least we gave them a chance to self identify.
2021-02-26 2:39:22 PM  
I thought the 3% referred to the percentage of active brain cells.

Live and learn, I guess.

"Hitler was right on one thing: whoever has the youth has the future," she told the crowd"

Yeah, the GOP know that.

Hence TPUSA and other rw megadonor funded attempts at making bigotry cool for kids again.

It's not working, BTW.

/ You can say what you want about Hitler but the guy did kill Hitler.
2021-02-26 2:40:56 PM  
People have this idea that Illinois is this amazing liberal mecca in the middle of a red midwest, but that's really just Chicago...Get twenty minutes into the suburbs and things change rather drastically. Even on my street there were people with the "In this house we believe in..." signs out front talking about things like freedom and history (code words for racism and confederate statues.)

One has to assume the anti-Chicago sentiment downstate breeds these kinds of insane, reactionary politicians.
2021-02-26 2:41:32 PM  
"Army friend gave me decal. Thought it was a cool decal. Took it off because of negative pub," Miller wrote in an email late Thursday. He says he "never was member" of the militia and "didn't know anything about 3% till fake news started this fake story and read about them."

Are you farking kidding me?

"It was my friends"
Is every junior high kids excuse when their parents found their cigarettes or stash... I know, because I used it.

/It didn't work either time
//looks like congress is now imitating Junior High
///Third time is the charm?
2021-02-26 3:03:45 PM  
Wait, he didn't know about the 3%ers until fake news started a fake story? What was the story, that the 3%ers are fake? Is reality real? It's as though these "people" want to confuse the population into not knowing what they're doing... ironically, that same population is already too confused to make heads OR tails of what even they themselves are doing. As I've said before, I'd weep for humanity except that we're not worth it.
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