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(Smithsonian Magazine)   Pretty awesome story about an NSA agent named Juanita Moody who was key to the Cuban Missile Crisis. What she did was so secretive her story is just now being declassified   ( divider line
    More: Interesting, Soviet Union, Central Intelligence Agency, Cuban Missile Crisis, Nikita Khrushchev, National Security Agency, Juanita Moody, Signals intelligence, head of the NSA  
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2021-02-25 4:52:02 PM  
Great article, subby. Nice find
2021-02-25 7:50:45 PM  
"Hello, is this the anonymous NSA hotline?"

"Yes, Larry. How can we help you?"
2021-02-25 8:03:13 PM  
Deep Throat II: Cuban Boogaloo
2021-02-25 8:03:22 PM  
Is she the American equivalent of Stanislav Petrov ?   Great to hear about the "small people" who made big contributions to prevent the idiots in charge from destoying humanity.
2021-02-25 8:06:20 PM  
CSB: A friend of mine went to Juniata College and I was out at a cave with some people. One of them noticed the sticker he gave me on my car and asked where "Juanita" College was. It took me a minute to figure out what he was talking about.
2021-02-25 8:25:46 PM  
I am vexed , she wanted to fight to maintain colonialism in Cuba. She seems like a very talented woman but she buckled when NSA fellow employees told her about the sexual harassment. I understand that was during the time we were crawling under our desks and kissing our ass goodbye but we also were being as aggressive in Yugoslavia and Turkey.
I wonder if this might've happened do to the money made by the masters of war who needed a new reason to increase the defense department funding.
2021-02-25 8:39:33 PM  
Pretty awesome indeed.  You have a keen knack for understatement subby.
2021-02-25 8:45:24 PM  
Moody?  Sounds like my ex!
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2021-02-25 8:47:18 PM  
Great share subby
2021-02-25 8:48:48 PM  
She only died a few years ago, at the age of 90. Kinda sad she didn't get much public recognition before she died.
2021-02-25 8:51:42 PM  
WOW! Walter Mondale was a stupid piece of shiat. Who would have thunk it!
2021-02-25 9:00:54 PM  
2021-02-25 9:04:24 PM  

Corn_Fed: She only died a few years ago, at the age of 90. Kinda sad she didn't get much public recognition before she died.

Comes with the territory.  When you work with top secret stuff, people don't know what you did for decades.
2021-02-25 9:07:24 PM  
Salute to Miss Moody, one hell of an Intel Officer
2021-02-25 9:19:25 PM  
cuban missile crisis was before nixon i retract my previous statement

\deep throat prequel
\\whiches liek, heavy petting
2021-02-25 10:11:29 PM  
"Since the NSA's inception, its role was unambiguous: snoop, scoop, filter, deliver"

Sounds like a typical pause to clean the cat's litter box.
2021-02-25 10:35:42 PM  

My dad almost ended up part of that invasion defense while in the Air Force. Only reason he didn't go was the USAF flight from Nome, AK was overweight and airmen got bumped. So he got to stay in Fairbanks guarding the nuke silos. He was an MP during an insane level of national security. Obviously nothing happened as I'm around to post this.
2021-02-25 11:00:12 PM  

dittybopper: Actually, those of us "in the know" have known about Juanita Moody for years.​ts/news-features/declassified-document​s/oral-history-interviews/nsa-oh-1994-​32-moody.pdf​ts/news-features/declassified-document​s/oral-history-interviews/nsa-oh-2001-​28-moody.pdf​ts/news-features/declassified-document​s/oral-history-interviews/nsa-oh-2003-​12-moody.pdf

Yup. She was legendary at No Such Agency.
/Retired Navy CTM.
2021-02-26 3:55:49 PM  
That was a great article.
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