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(The Takeout)   If you thought McDonalds was going to sit out the spicy crispy chicken sandwich wars, you were mistaken   ( divider line
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2021-02-24 4:23:09 PM  
12 votes:

Shaggy_C: eating animals is disgusting

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2021-02-24 3:47:35 PM  
7 votes:
Given that it's McDonalds, I assume the "chicken" is 95% breading and high fructose corn syrup with the remainder being a combination of chicken bones, feet, feathers, blood, and various colours and emulsifiers that are illegal in the EU and Canada.

Fast food is disgusting; eating animals is disgusting. Turning animals into disgusting fast food is retch-worthy.
2021-02-24 3:32:25 PM  
6 votes:

lifeslammer: TeddyRooseveltsMustache: McDonald's can't be trusted with chicken, and I'm basing that statement on the fact that they still serve the god-awful, super shiatty "chicken nuggets" that they've been serving for over 30 years. Every other company on earth has a superior chicken nugget product. McDonald's needs to revamp their shiatty nuggets. I realize that occasionally they will acknowledge this shortcoming by releasing chicken tenders on a limited basis, to try to offset the appalling suckage of their "classic" nuggets. But it's not enough, and to be honest, those too are a mediocre effort on their part. McDonald's is known for burgers, so they never put much thought into their chicken products, and it shows. They will continue on in this fashion too, because of course now the McNugget is recognized as an integral part of their brand. If they *tried* to improve it, I think you'd see backlash from fat unhealthy bastards on a level we haven't seen since the New Coke days.

Cool. Are you going to complain that they do fries to perfection and everyone else has had 30 years to figure it out or are you just whining about your personal opinion being "fact" and that everyone should follow your whim

Who slammed your dick in your underwear drawer today? Get bent.
2021-02-24 5:14:28 PM  
5 votes:
Well this thread has gone dildoes
Edible or not remains to be seen
2021-02-24 4:21:54 PM  
4 votes:

Eddie Hazel's E string: Nope. There should be some qualifiers about not overrunning our natural resources and encouraging free range and hormone-free livestock, but your blanket statement is ridiculous. Nice try, though!

Dogs like to eat shiat. I feel that eating shiat is disgusting.

Like a dog, you can do whatever you want. But, you don't get to define for me how I feel. That's up to me.
2021-02-24 4:26:40 PM  
3 votes:

MoriartyLives: Fasting is so much healthier than eating anything on the menu at McDonalds that it defies comparison.

I read that as 'Fisting' and had to ponder that conclusion a moment. But, you know... I'm not one to judge.
2021-02-24 4:49:47 PM  
2 votes:

Eddie Hazel's E string: What I wish to do is to discredit and mock someone who waltzes into a chicken sandwich thread with the sole purpose of criticizing everyone else's decision to include chicken in their diet.

This isn't a Chicken Sandwich Thread. This is a "making fun of McDonald's Chicken" thread, as evidenced by posts 2, 3, and 4. I'm just adding fuel to a fire someone else already lit.

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2021-02-24 4:29:05 PM  
2 votes:

lifeslammer: So its safe to assume that if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to choose between eating toxic plants, eating animals or dying of starvation you will die of starvation

*Sigh* You can be disgusted by something and still choose to do it rather than die, FFS.

I bet you're disgusted by all kinds of things, but given the choice of doing them or dying you would relent.
2021-02-24 3:14:09 PM  
2 votes:
The last time I tried a new chicken sandwich from McDonald's, there was more mayo than chicken, and the bun was burnt all to fark. I no longer trust McDonald's to make a decent chicken sandwich.
2021-02-24 1:09:06 PM  
2 votes:
The writing of the article is good, I recommend RTFA for his descriptions of Mayo.
2021-02-25 9:22:34 AM  
1 vote:

Do you even grift bro: Cornelis de Gyselaer: Well this thread has gone dildoes
Edible or not remains to be seen

The dildos?

2021-02-25 2:13:43 AM  
1 vote:

tintar: now McD's should do a copycat Popeye's fish sammich...

finally managed to score three of those today. I still rate it at fail #3.5 out of 4 attempts - now that I finally got to try it, they managed to put zero farking pickles on every single farking one of the farking sammiches.

the spice-level is pleasant tho' and the fish itself was tasty enough.

I had the Popeye's fish sandwich last week, I thought it was pretty tasty.  And yes, the pickles really put it into the "I'd eat that again" category.
The fries and sweet tea were a solid B, as well.  I even did the online survey from the back if the receipt...I'll be back for my free fried chicken + side, oh yes.
2021-02-24 4:25:52 PM  
1 vote:
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