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13119 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Sep 2004 at 9:37 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-09-11 09:57:10 AM  
its my birthday
2004-09-11 09:57:24 AM  
It wasn't 9-11 I remember so much as 9-12.
Everybody was friendly.
Nobody honked their horns to go.
People opened doors for each other.
People were nice.

The scariest part was, I live near an AFB and an airport.
The silence for two days as no planes over head was REALLY weird!!
2004-09-11 09:58:06 AM  
Jolonco and I see misguided foreign policies. And I see stupid leaders. And I see Henry Kissinger's with a farking little smirk on it.
2004-09-11 09:58:42 AM  
I was just crawling into bed and turned on a little music to nod off too and heard a newsbite. I thought perhaps someone had accidentally flown a Cesna into the WTC. Turned on the tv. I went to wake up the roomies just before the second plane hit.
2004-09-11 09:59:14 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-09-11 09:59:20 AM  
makthrax, you idiot, and your ilk with your stupid debunked conspiracy theories.. do some research and quit buying into conspiracies.... and shut up all you flamers
2004-09-11 10:00:23 AM  
so all these farkers act like 9/11 was nothing...hmmm i wonder how that would change if another terror attack happened...yes everyone got amnesia a couple of months after 9/11 and instead of thinking about the real issue here , umm like preventing another attack, most would rather rag on Bush as if he just stepped his foot in the white house and the whole US of A just came crashing down
2004-09-11 10:00:32 AM  
sirak, you're a worthless piece of shiat
2004-09-11 10:00:37 AM  
i remember 9/11. Just like I remember all the other bad things that have happened to me or people I love. The difference being that I don't DWELL on them. Because life goes on. The world continued to turn. People continue to die and people continue to be born. Not to be cliche, but "life finds a way."

At some point, you must keep moving on.
2004-09-11 10:01:03 AM  
rabair, see Kissenger re: Israel. He got us in the crap over there. It was a British problem before ours, but he brought us in on the Israeli side. And if you talk to any Arab, Israel is the main reason for the American hatred.
2004-09-11 10:01:14 AM  
Several post disaster memories that are a bit offbeat:

I remember after the tragedy thinking about how horrible human nature is that suddenly everyone tried to profit off it. Suddenly there were eightymillion different merchandising schemes all purporting to be for the benefit of the families of those who were killed. The two guys who tried to pick up two of my friends in a bar by telling them that not only were they in the Navy, but also that they made six figures and were at Ground Zero should be drug out into the street and flayed alive.

I remember being disgusted by human nature because suddenly several people I worked with had some convoluted way that they had avoided being on the planes or in New York at the time. I felt like it was the worst kind of attention whoring and that the ones who talked about how their angels had protected them were the biggest assholes in the world.

The level of seriously bad art that it inspired. I visited several hours after the initial crashes and it was already being flooded by people with the best intentions but absolutely no skill. The American-flag-on-everything that popped up afterwards and the popularity of that Toby Keith song wasn't an expression of our determination, it was just bad art. I don't wish that these expressions of people's grief hadn't been made, but I wish everyone had the good taste to internalize their grief or show it to a few friends and then put it away. A crying Eagle superimposed over a painting of the towers blazing away with an American flag over it is retch inducing, the painting of the angels appearing at the top of the towers and carrying the people away was just horrifying.

Tom Cruise's speech at the Oscar's. I couldn't think of anything on or after 9/11 that was more irrelevant than Hollywood. Tom came out guns blazing with a horrible speech about how important Hollywood was during our times of crisis because of it's escapist trash. All I could think was, "where was Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Snipes or whoever to save those people?" It seemed like Cruise was shiatting all over those who died and those who survived by trying to take all of the determination and bravery shown by ordinary people and trying to wear it like a cape and crown. As if it were the celebrities who helped clean up the areas or pass out soup to people who were on hour 24 of their shift.
2004-09-11 10:01:17 AM  
Well said Jolonco...

This was a very sad day. Such a tragedy. My support and prayers continue to those of you who lost family and friends.
2004-09-11 10:01:50 AM  
I do remember what it was like before 9/11.

A very cynical America. We were living a very Seinfeld world. It was about nothing. Nothing affected us.

We knew about the attack on the USS Cole. We knew about Khobar Towers. But we lived in the United States. All that other stuff was just happening to other people not us. Then it slapped us in the face.
2004-09-11 10:02:25 AM  
The one image that stands out in my mind from 9/11 is the U.S. Congress, standing on the steps of the Capitol singing "God Bless America" and saying things like "We aren't Democrats or Republicans, we're just people." For one brief moment, partisan politics and disdain for the other was set aside for a display of unity. I wished, hoped and prayed that a new reality would be born of this image, a reality where partisanship was set aside in favor of working to make America a better place. A lot of good that did; just look at what's already been posted in this thread. Three years removed from that symbolic gesture and the divide between the parties is wider than it has ever been. It's not all the left's fault, and it's not all the right's fault. The fault lies somewhere in between, which is where we all should be.

I will always remember 9/11; you'd have to have a heart of granite in order not to. But I will also keep in mind that there is still some good in this world. Not far from where I'm sitting right now, people are raising money for diabetes research. Just up the interstate, artists and artisans are taking over downtown Bowling Green for a weekend festival. It's not gonna bring anyone back or bring that image of unity any closer to reality, but it's gonna get me through the night. John Lennon says that's all right, and that's good enough for me.
2004-09-11 10:02:36 AM  
Also, I think it was Tom Brokaw who said,"I think it is time for a new celebrity culture in our culture" after a story about the civil servants who died while trying to save people.

That was very moving.
2004-09-11 10:03:14 AM  
Yeah, us New Yorkers whine a great deal. Hard for me not to remember this day... I was supposed to be there. A fire alarm inspection on the 81st floor of the South building. I was supposed to be there at 8am, but because of a two hour meeting the night before, we were told to show up at 10 instead. I was spared due to a meeting about the proper way to fill out a time sheet. But I remember it as if it just happened... writing an email with the Today show on in the backround, about to shut down and head out the door for the hour long rush-hour trip into NYC, hearing the NBC 'chimes' interrupt Matt Lauer mid-sentance to show images of a tragic plane accident... right where I should have been standing...

Sorry if we tend to whine. There's a lot of these stories around here. Almost everyone knew someone in those buildings. Not so many of us personally knew anyone in Washington, let alone the Pentagon. It's not that it's any less important or tragic, it's just that there were SO MANY of us up here. Hard to get by without being reminded.
2004-09-11 10:03:44 AM  
I remember not believing it because I was a junior in high school, and my English teacher was supposed to teach us about making up good arguments or something. So while the class was in awe, five of us in the back thought he was making it all up. Until History class that is when they finally announced it and we just watched it on TV all day. Then I got called into work when I wanted to watch TV all day at home... but around 9/13 I was just tired of it and wanted to watch regular TV again.
2004-09-11 10:04:00 AM  
who wants to bet that we capture Osama around the end of October?
2004-09-11 10:04:05 AM  

9/11 is political?
Please explain...

sincerely yours
2004-09-11 10:04:35 AM  
Having gone back to the original thread, I'm amazed at the lack of flame-baiting there. I'm also struck with the memory of the day. I was in class, and we walked out, and there was somebody standing outside the room that said "They flew a plane into the WTC." We went and watched the second one hit, and then I cried. For two days straight I watched CNN, chainsmoked, and cried. That's the same reaction I had when I saw we had attacked Iraq. In fact, when we attacked Iraq the first time, I sat by the radio all night (no cable) and cried (no smoking when you're 10).

And now, it pains me to see what we as a country have become. It's a sad state of affairs when citizens start blaming our government for this tragedy. It's an even sadder state when a discussion remembering the day turns into fighting amongst ourselves three comments in.

I've never realized until right now what a pacifist I am.
2004-09-11 10:04:48 AM  
I was in my Sophomore year of college, in bed. A buddy of mine called me every morning before Economics to wake me up with some crazy ass excuse, such as Chicago was blowing up or something of the ilk. On Sept. 11 he called me to say, "Dude, someone just flew a plane into the World Trade Center." "I'm tired. I'm not going," I said, and hung up. He called me a time or two more and I got up to see the second plane hit. And to see two of the Arabs (there were many, they were a small minority) in the hallway cheering. And then see the other Arabs get angry a day or two later when people started judging them by the actions of those two. I remember a lot of crazy feelings about that, and think everything that happened after kinda made sense after that. :/
2004-09-11 10:05:25 AM  
Cue stupid Enya song!
2004-09-11 10:05:41 AM  
Nice sirak
Let's forget the nice remberence so you can post your stupid arse opinion.
What's the matter, the AOL boards kick you off?
2004-09-11 10:06:06 AM  
Shame on you. Shame on all of you who would continue to support the president.

He has made the entire world, not just our own country, much less safe than it was before 9/11 with
his misleading statements and his poorly thought out use of our military.

He has increased our national debt more than any president ever! He has ruined our economy and left
us beholden to virtually the whole world.

This president deserves no less than criminal charges. Those of you who continue to support him show
yourselves to be not only unpatriotic, but un-American. You shame your countrymen with your lack of
concern about the direction of this country and the willingness to ignore the crimes against this
country that this president is guilty of.
2004-09-11 10:06:08 AM  
i can't believe they were cheering
2004-09-11 10:06:36 AM  
I had a window spot at the office and we were on lock-down so I was as safe there as anywhere else at that point. So I just opened up the blinds all the way to see the jet fly cover over DC, watch five lanes of useless traffic, and thousands of people trying to get out on Metro. I turned on DC 101 and they were running the TV broadcast through the radio live so I had all the up-to-date news. I called / emailed all the family etc. etc. etc. After all the traffic dissipated at about 3pm I went to get something to eat. I went out over the Key Bridge and saw the pilar of smoke from the Pentagon. There were a bunch of people in Air Force uniforms eating outside at the restaurant. One lady was trying to sip some tea and her hands were shaking so badly that she couldn't bring the cup out of the saucer. Then she just lost it, tears streaming down her face.

The stories, the posturing, the speeches, the rants, the opinions; all of that has pretty much faded away because, thankfully, words and posturing always do. The images and the sounds - both the live ones and the ones from over the airwaves - remain.
2004-09-11 10:06:49 AM  
Fresh in my thoughts are the 1000 men and women who have died because the resident invaded a country that had no ties to 9/11 in the first place. Sad.
2004-09-11 10:07:08 AM  
623383, Osama is a political figure as much as any of our Congressmen or Senators. He had political objectives, which, obviously, disagree with ours. Granted, he's a crazy, inhumane, evil political figure, and he did crazy, inhumane, and evil things to try to accomplish his political motives (which wasn't the first or last time people have killed to accomplish political goals). I could go more in detail for you, but its morning and I think its easy enough to grasp.
2004-09-11 10:07:34 AM  
what's the deal with the pentagon and the missing footage and the no aircraft wreckage and all that? was it really a missile that hit? has that all been sorted out yet? has there been closure on that issue yet ...

that isn't supposed to be flame-bait, i'm just curious about it.
2004-09-11 10:07:34 AM  
Of course we remember it. It was a terrible time for the country. But it was terrifying for some of us who thought we had lost and who did lose loved ones. And now it has become a pawn in this farked up political bullshiat. Yes, it's politics, I know, I know, I know. But I am sick of hearing Bush come on the television and say, 'Those were brave people who died' (the paramedics, firefighters, and police officers, yes, but a good majority of those in the buildings had just gone to work and were caught in that situation. Tragic, yes, courageous, no.) and then go on about how he will solve it and defeat the people responsible (Iraq did it? Hm...) and how Kerry probably sold some of the plane tickets and it makes me want to scream. So I am not watching television today, or listening to the radio. I came to Fark for the photoshop contests, and stupidly wandered in here.

I am not sick of remembering the attack on our country. I am sick of what it has come to stand for.
2004-09-11 10:08:00 AM  
I was in my car on the way to McDonalds, listening to the radio on 10 sept (being in Australia) and when I turned it on the only thing I heard was "and again we send our condolences to all those who lost their lives when terror rained down from the skys over America yesterday" ... or something like that. Then they went back to music. So I thought what the crap? Aliens have attacked? 'Independence Day' was right? Or meteors? Nukes?
So I went off to get my burger anyway and when I got back and turned on the TV I must say I was kinda disappointed ..

not that I wished any more harm on any one but my imagination had got carried away with itself..
2004-09-11 10:08:17 AM  
This got greenlighted?...dayum...folks..I'm gonna blow you away...THE original Fark threads from the archives That Whole week, scroll down toward the bottom...can't miss it. It's in all CAPS.
2004-09-11 10:08:18 AM  
As a native New Yorker who was downtown when 9/11 happened, I witnessed it with my own eyes, being literally 2 blocks away on Wall St. I lost a cousin in 9/11, and frankly I wish all this 9/11 memorial stuff just stopped.

Yeah, I'm with you on that one. Sad thing is the people who died in that attack will always be associated as one tragedy instead of 3000 individual ones. And in a morbid way the administration is using them as martyrs to push through their foreign policies.
2004-09-11 10:08:27 AM  
G. Nyus
Puhhhhleeeaaase...don't you think terrorism had just a tad to do with the economy? hello? My family's restaurant alone had sales that were down nearly 50%. We are just starting to bounce back
2004-09-11 10:08:32 AM  
Keeerist Monkey!.....oh well , judging by the reactions....your right.

2004-09-11 10:08:57 AM  
I got a call from a network buddy, he said 'Turn on the TV'
'What channel?'
'Any channel.'

I did nothing the rest of the day. Some friends came over and we talked about the whole deal, and drank beer.
It was weird, a day in DFW with NO PLANES in the air.
2004-09-11 10:10:00 AM  
Farkers - I know its a bit rambling, but with the meida saturation of the day I cant seem to get it out of my head, so I'm just going brain dump... be kind with the flame.

This was my day.
I lived at 75 West St. (between Rector and Carlisle Sts. Appx 100 yds from the South Tower) Apartment 7E. I woke up on my couch that morning around 8am, as I fell asleep watching television the night before - I had a slew of appointments that day my morning was to start at 10:30 at Thor Technologies (35th floor of 2WTC) followed by a stop by Carter Rd. Capitol on the floor of the New York Futures Exchange (5WTC). As per usual I fired up my espresso machine and began to clean myself up for my morning meetings.
In my bathroom over the sound of water I heard what could best be described as a heavy metal upon metal sound such as that heard when a dump truck runs into a dumpster I had thought it odd that it was so loud considering I was in my apartment with the windows closed and AC on (My building was a post war construction with 18in Ceilings and Floors and 2ft thick walls) I walked out into my living room and turned on the TV the today show and saw that the North Tower was on fire oh shiat I thought, thats right next door so I put on my sandals and head up to the roof. The roof already had a group of Police and Federal Agents present as the first precinct had a Headquarters attached to the street level of my building on my roof I began to see the carnage of the first planes impact the officers and agents were yelling over to me as to what I was finding, I was seeing human remains scattered all over as well as bits of metal and concrete (as the first plane hit from the north and since my location was directly south of the towers I was in the debris field of this impact). It was a bit surreal.
Then the second plane came in.
Looking up I heard the scream of the jet blazing in at full throttle, and the impact was absolutely horrific I was knocked to my knees, and when I came up ears ringing I saw that ALL the officers had their guns drawn (this is when the OH fark light bulb went off in my head). Their radios were screeching and pagers and cell phones started going off mine included.
My brother Mark called asking what the fark was going on I was a bit hysterical yelling into the phone, trying to describe what the hell just happened. All I can remember from the conversation is that in a very stern and deliberate voice my younger brother said David, you need to chill the fark out you need to be calm and think RIGHT NOW! At this point I went into a very calm and surreal state of being. Ok, Mark you are right. I started to take some pics with my digital camera.
My phone rings again, this time its my friend Ned calling from Memphis He asks where I am and what the hell is going on so I describe it for him then Ned admonishes me to keep it together and get the hell out of there ASAP. I am up there talking with a FBI agent about what I dont remember - then after some time I take a close look at the south tower and see puffs of smoke coming from the corner joins then again that inner voice tells me in no unclear terms to get out of the open and to seriously think about getting clear of the area. I literally fly down the stairwells (I was not about to seal myself in an elevator). I got into my apartment, making sure my windows were sealed and began to pack a duffle bag with whatever I thought I needed for a few days. Then the rumbling started glasses started to fall out of my kitchen cabinets, bookshelves fell over and then it got louder I launched myself into my bathroom, slamming the door stuffing a towel underneath the space between the door and floor and dove into the tub (I remembered from earthquake drills in SF that this was the safest place to be) I was a bit frightened at this time but still calm. Then it was over.
I got up and wandered into the black of my rooms the power had gone out, and there was a pitch-blackness darker than any night. All I could see was an occasional fireball and sheet of paper that glanced by my window - I noticed that I still had my internet connection (thank goodness for the T1 line and my APC unit that kept my PC running) SO I just sent out an email to my family and friend list letting them know I am OK and will keep in touch - I had about 10 msgs from very concerned folks. Then my mother calls me on my cell (the land line phones were hosed by this time) she is in hysterics as she is well aware of my proximity to the badness. Where are you!?!? I couldnt tell her the truth, as that would be too much, so I told her that I was in the basement bomb shelter and was very safe and sound, sealed in a safe environment. So I promise to call her as soon as I make my way out she then tells me that I dont care if you have to swim across the Hudson river, you get out of that city now!! I assure her in the calmest voice I can that indeed I am fine and out of harms way, and will get out as soon as imaginable but I am a bit pre-occupied at the moment and need to focus on some other things.
I turn on a battery powered radio to AM-WCBS to get the news as to what is happening I really wanted to leave but the hell of the current conditions would not allow me to go outside then the rumbling starts again this time its louder and more intense, so its back to the bathtub. This is when I thought I was going to die - all I could think about was how much I missed Sophie (my dog, who was thankfully with Christine my now ex-girlfriend out of town) so crouched in the tub I heard the sound of windows blowing in, concrete being punctured by steel and the scream of tearing metal. Then after about 2 very stressful minutes it was silent very silent the dust and debris began to filter in the vents and around the door jam. I got up and filled my sink and tub with water (dont ask me why, it just seemed like a good idea just in case I needed to stay there a bit.) I walked out into the apartment it was surreal to see the damage and carnage that had occurred. I fashioned a mask out of a bandana and put on a pair of goggles as the air was more a cloud of caustic dust and debris I still didnt want to go outside as it was worse there than inside. Then the sirens and alarms began to sound, hundreds of them.
The radio was telling me what had happened and what was expected, as well as the fact that the world was now descending into lower Manhattan to help.
For a while I just sat in the debris wondering what the fark I was going to do I decided to wait until I saw people out in the street as all I could see out there were the remains of the Weeners vehicles (imagine a 9ft ladder truck, smashed down into about 3ft of shattered glass and steel).
My router was showing that I still had connectivity, so I powered up my laptop and plugged in I had tried to make cell calls but the system was then swamped so I could not get out - so I started sending emails and responding to those who were concerned thank goodness for the stability of the web, as I was able to reassure those whom cared that I was indeed shaken, but in good condition.
It was about 11 or so when I finally got myself together enough to leave I took one last look around my apartment, the last thing I remember seeing was someones lower jaw sitting on my windowsill that image stays with me to this day. I was not prepared for the amount of death and destruction that was about my residence just a few yards from where I was crouched a piece of concrete and steel had punctured the walls if I had been in the hallway or stair wells I would have certainly been killed or seriously injured thank goodness I got friendly with the tub.
I made my way down 7 stories of the debris filled stairwell I am thankful that I had a Mag-light with full batteries.
Once I reach the once beautiful lobby of my building I am struck by the image of the shattered mirrors, damaged walls and the amount of debris present I see a firefighter waking about in a daze covered with blood and dirt he asks me where he is I tell him then he tells me about standing on the corner of Washington and Liberty st. directly at the base of WTC2 when he was swept off his feet and carried 100 yds down the street and though the windows of my lobby and up to the landing by the concierge desk and elevators - I give him a bottle of water and help him clean up his wounds then he gets on his radio to try to locate his brother rescuers hears his commander and friends then we embrace, wish each other well and he storms out and into the dust to do his job.
I walked out onto west st. to the absolute horror of it all the carnage I will not describe as I wish no one to carry these images.
2004-09-11 10:10:04 AM  
I think that the number of people that have died from trying to read those stupid "9/11 support our Jesus kplzthx WTFBBQ" stickers that are on every soccer mom's car in the world should be added to the number of people that died from what happened.

For every action there's a reaction and all that shiznite ya know?
2004-09-11 10:10:10 AM  
There were actually 5 or 6 threads that away train.
2004-09-11 10:10:27 AM  
What's the matter, the AOL boards kick you off?

hehehe...I had the same thought...
2004-09-11 10:11:13 AM  
9/11 should be revered, but the way neo-cons use it as an excuse and justification for anything is a shame.

Darryl Worley is a cock.
2004-09-11 10:11:40 AM  
I love how a remembrance thread for 9/11 turned into a bunch of farking morons spouting about "libtards" and "neocons." Shut the fark up and take it to another thread.

9/11 was one of the worst and most memorable days of my life. I had several sorority sisters working in the WTC (yes, sorority, shut up) and no one could get ahold of them to find out if they were okay. I'd moved back to Oklahoma a week earlier and was on my way to my dad's office when the first plane hit. The second hit after I arrived at work and turned on the TV. Watched it live. Watched the towers fall live. I couldn't believe what was happening and I've never felt more helpless and vulnerable in my life.

I still "remember" and pay tribute to Pearl Harbor; what's wrong with taking a few moments to reflect on the events of 9/11?
2004-09-11 10:12:17 AM  
Adman12: I just found the same post, was wondering if anyone else would notice. Very interesting.
2004-09-11 10:12:36 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Do you giggle during funerals too, arsehats?
2004-09-11 10:12:45 AM  
seniorcoffee, Happy Birthday. Now get out of this farked up thread and try to do something fun.
2004-09-11 10:13:05 AM  
Just remember President Cheney says, "If you vote for Kerry you are going to have big terror attacks".

No I don't like Bush or Kerry. Two cousins,and both members of the Skull and Bones. What are the odds? Could it be the globalist elite run this country and the world with little care for us in the herd? You be the judge.
2004-09-11 10:13:29 AM  

dont quit your day job to become an author. it was a touch dramatic. and a touch corny.
2004-09-11 10:14:07 AM  
America was united on 9/11? Partisan politics were swept aside?? LMAO! What a crock!

So the libs shut their whiney yaps for a while. So what? That always happens when they get scared. They get scared and unite behind a strong leader.... for a while anyway, until they're not scared anymore. Then they get back to their whining, criticizing, and blaming America first.

You think a flip-flopping idiot like John Kerry would have given the kind of leadership we needed following 9/11? Do you think the country wanted a 'sensitive' response to the attack? Nope.

Afterall, according to Kerry and his liberal ilk, these 'people' are nothing more than criminals who have rights, deserve to be treated with respect, and only deserve to be punished somehow..... but they don't deserve to die.

Dubya want's to "destroy them", and that's the only way to prevent another 9/11.
2004-09-11 10:14:11 AM  
Geez, I get tired of people who are completely incapable of discussing 9/11 without comparing Bush to Hitler and starting a political flamewar! Put it aside for a while, will ya?!

I remember attending a doctor's appt on 9/12, and afterward going to Wal-mart to get some stuff. Wal-mart is ALWAYS a zoo, and I only go there when I really have to. However, that day Wal-mart was deserted. It was so eerie, pushing my cart down empty aisles, hearing nothing but the senior citizens in the food court shouting "BINGO!" With the few shoppers who were there along with me, every time a special report would come on the TV, everyone froze and watched. Such a strangely silent atmosphere during that day; I'll always remember it.
2004-09-11 10:14:35 AM  
I remember there weren't any football games that weekend. It was excruciating. Saddam must atone for that.
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