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2002-02-06 10:19:44 AM  
I was looking for a picture of Phil Hartman as Reagan but then I saw this first.
[image from motherjones.com too old to be available]
2002-02-06 10:30:08 AM  
Re-elect Ronald Reagan for President!!! Happy birthday, Mr Reagan! You rock!
2002-02-06 10:43:32 AM  
Happy Birthday Mr. President.
2002-02-06 10:51:49 AM  
I only wish that Viagra would have been invented during the reagan years so that he could have just gotten a blow job (queen nancy's specialty in her hollywood years) instead of all that nasty selling arms to terrorists in order to fund an illegal war in central america stuff. Didn't he say "I will not deal with terrorists" while campaigning? What a liar.
2002-02-06 10:54:04 AM  
*insert preferred diety here* bless you, Ronnie
2002-02-06 10:55:30 AM  
He's only alive in the strictest medical terms. Realistically, he's been brain dead since 1982.
2002-02-06 10:56:27 AM  
It's funny... Reagan's best known movie featured him and a chimp, and now we have a chimp in the White House. Coincidence?
2002-02-06 10:59:41 AM  
I agree, he was already losing it when he was supposedly leading our country. Reagan did way more damage to this country than Nixon ever did. Evil masquerading as an affable, goofy old man.
2002-02-06 11:08:06 AM  
The "Trickle Down" concept has taken on a whole new dimension for ol' Ronnie. Pass the Depends.
2002-02-06 11:11:14 AM  
It's good to know the Moonies who own the Washington Times think he's still cool.
2002-02-06 11:14:59 AM  
If it were not for Reagan, we would still be fighting the Cold War. When the Berlin wall fell, it fell in great part due to Reagan's policy and leadership. I consider Reagan to have been one of the best leaders this world has yet seen.
2002-02-06 11:22:15 AM  
It's a fitting reward that one of the worst presidents in recent history is having to live out the last years of his life in misery.
2002-02-06 11:35:40 AM  
Only the good die young so retard-ronnie will be around for a long time
2002-02-06 11:43:04 AM  
This thread is not worth the effort of a decent post. It's nothing but cheap shot liberal comments. What a shock.
2002-02-06 11:50:35 AM  
Last I heard, he just points at anybody who walks in the room saying "Senator McCarthy, I believe that man is a commie too!"
2002-02-06 11:58:31 AM  
Only the good die young. We'll have the bast**d for many more years.
2002-02-06 12:01:54 PM  
I think there was a typo in the article. It was supposed to read... "a new record in the anals of American History."
2002-02-06 12:03:48 PM  
Happy birthday Gipper...

"The Bombing Starts in 5 Minutes!"

hahaha, we would've been hurting for him today if algor would have won.
2002-02-06 12:13:50 PM  
Lots of flaming going in this thread. Like every president the guy had his good points and his bad. Choose which one you think is the most important and spotlight it. It really doesn't matter now, anyway. It's all in the past. As of today Ronald Reagan is nothing but mental pudding. I'm sure, if he is able to think at all, he'd rather be dead.
2002-02-06 12:15:09 PM  
The trend to deify Reagan is amusing. His cabinent considered invoking an obscure clause in the Constitution to replace him with the VP, due to his obvious impairment in his 2nd term.

Although I guess it's no surprise he'd be considered the greatest President by some, when Forrest Gump is upheld as some American ideal to aspire to.
2002-02-06 12:19:51 PM  
Odietamo: Guess they are sick of Conservatives starting fights on "their" threads. Drew should really stop posting political articles altogether because all this fighting is spilling into other non-political threads.
2002-02-06 12:21:44 PM  
poor poor Reagan, you hollowed out shell of a man, you were nothing but a costume worn by those who would control the government without the consent of the people, and when the costume party was over, they tossed you away, with nothing inside and no identity, substance, or mind, happy birthday you unwitting, unknowing, bastard. I know it's a big day for you, so try not to lock youself in the toolshed and shiat yourself.

Here's a present for you:
[image from fly.hiwaay.net too old to be available]
You're gonna love it
2002-02-06 12:31:21 PM  
I cannot understand the HERO tag at all. This guy was an ACTOR, people, and not a very good one, either. He knew how to get up and pretend to be a patriotic puppet. One Republican ended Cold War hytsteria started 40 years before by another self-serving Republican: Sen. Joseph McCarthy. Niiiiceeee..........

Why do Republicans IMMEDIATELY jump to the Blowjob Defense EVERY SINGLE FARKING TIME???? "Well, at least **insert deficient Republican politician here** wasn't as bad as the Librul who got himself a BJ" is a WEAK argument!!! Take responsibility for the actions of your Idols!
2002-02-06 12:40:38 PM  
Put him on Mt. Rushmore.
2002-02-06 12:55:21 PM  
You were 10 times the president that Slick Willie was ... and 100 times the man.
2002-02-06 12:57:50 PM  
Jack and Midgetossa have it nailed...and since Shrub is xeroxing the Reagan budget plan and dumping us back in the defense and deficit nightmare of the 80's (with Star Wars as an added bonus), I see no need to celebrate this day. The Republican party is still infected with the same idiocy that we saw under Reagan, complete with scandals (REAL scandals, not Monicagate), the religious right and wacky free marketeers run amuck.

And has anybody ever seen footage of Reagan pre-1975 or so, when he had his faculties more or less in tact? What a nasty jerk he was. Interesting that it was only by stepping into the Grandpa role that he was able to scale the heights. He was a better actor than some of you are giving him credit for.
2002-02-06 01:20:16 PM  
for a bunch of feel good, caring, compassionate, soft, animal loving, "give peace a chance" miscreants, you reagan haters sure are ruthless. i'm actually shocked at the pure unaldulterated hatred for one of the greatest presidents this country has ever seen. the fact that you dumbfarks cheer his disease is disgusting. if the same thing happened to slick willy i for one (and most rational people) would never promote these kind of comments. how telling....
2002-02-06 01:26:45 PM  
I am not Democrat, nor Republican. However, it is people like the one named below that give conservatives a bad name.


Dude, why do you have to turn everything against Clinton? Yes, he did suck, but face it: You're worse than a NewsMax article!
"Okay, team. We're going to have each of you write an article on .. umm.... Television shows Our Fellow Religious Conservatives(TM) shouldn't be watching. You MUST bash Clinton at least once in this article. The most creative bashing gets a promotion. The one who can't bash Clinton gets sent to Fox News. The TV shows to write about are: (1) The Simpsons (2) King Of The Hill (3) Family Guy."


I agree. Every president has good points and bad points. The good, I feel, is he didn't take shiat from anyone. The bad is that he is suffering from a debilitating disease, and has probably been suffering, albeit mildly, since the mid 80s.

Jack Squat:

Take responsibility for the actions of your Idols!

Do you, perhaps, mean "Take responsibility for the actions of your Idiots!?" I'm not saying all Republicans are idiots. There are pleanty of Democrats that are idiots, too. It would be nice if all the American people would wake up and smell the shiat storm, yank all our representatives out of the House and Senate, and White House. We could then elect all new people. People with common sense. People who can't or won't be bought by self serving corporations (RIAA, MPAA, Enron, et al). Am I dreaming? Yes, I am.

To all the immature conservatives and liberals

Get a clue. This is not flame bait. This is supposed to be a celebration for the oldest living former president. Please try to show respect for the man, and not use this Comments Thingee(TM) to flame the hell out of each other. This is not about blowjobs. This is not about "The Iran Contra." Take a lesson from Bambi:

"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

In closing,
Happy Birthday, Reagan. I don't care what you did or didn't do as president. Any president that has the honor of being the oldest former US president ever -- even if he doesn't know it -- deserves many blessings for surviving for so long.
2002-02-06 01:27:22 PM  
Wow, liberals attacking Reagan with nasty comments about his medical situation.

And conservatives attacking Clinton about his personal life.

Just like Claude Rains in Casablanca, "I'm shocked, shocked! Do you realize that there is gambling in the casino?"
2002-02-06 01:30:31 PM  
Ugh. Put him under Mt. Rushmore.
2002-02-06 01:43:43 PM  
02-06-02 01:30:31 PM St.Alfonzo
"Ugh. Put him under Mt. Rushmore."

I got a better idea. Put several hundred statues of Ronnie along where the old Berlin Wall used to stand.
2002-02-06 01:50:29 PM  
You must admit he could still give George W a run for his money in a debate. What a meeting of the minds THAT would be.
2002-02-06 01:52:26 PM  
Reagan rocks. Happy b-day, mr. prez!
2002-02-06 01:56:44 PM  
"He was the chief executive who broke in 1980 a cycle of death for presidents elected in 1840, 1860, 1880, 1900, 1920, 1940, and 1960. Every president coming to office after each of these seven elections died in office, either by natural causes or by assassination."

hmmm, wasn't dubya "elected" on a zero-year?
2002-02-06 02:00:50 PM  
02-06-02 08:49:01 AM AskKlown
Its not polite to talk smack about someone who can no longer defend themself.

That's retarded. does that mean you can't ever insult someone who is dead? Just because the chair he's sitting on has a higher IQ than him doesn't mean ppl can't insult him for what he did for the US. I mean, he was at least as smart as two chairs when he was in office.

02-06-02 11:43:04 AM Odietamo
This thread is not worth the effort of a decent post. It's nothing but cheap shot liberal comments. What a shock.

As opposed to cheap-shot conservative shots, which never ever happen? I just guess that any that Dubya gets ideas from can't be all that good. Hooray for Star Wars, the 'make-other-countries-try-to-make-undetectable-nukes' program.

All we need is for our good pal President Bush (who is at least three times smarter than Reagan's chair) to start an arms race while throwing the ABM treaty out the window.
2002-02-06 02:03:58 PM  
I am not disappointed. The usual suspects saying the typically childish things, together with the grown-ups acting like grown-ups.

Folks, no President is going to be universally admired. There will always be a segment of our society that is unhappy, and sometimes irrationally so, with much of what any President seeks to accomplish. Only the most ideologically myopic would fail to recognize the greatness in Reagan. I won't debate it here because it is futile to argue with people who find it amusing to make fun of a man with a tragic and debilitating disease. That really is shameful, but shame is a concept that has lost its currency in much of society, to our great detriment.

For any of the openminded in the audience, try reading Reagan - In His Own Words to get a feel for the depth and intelligence of the man.

Happy Birthday Mr. President.
2002-02-06 02:05:27 PM  
Rmdw and others: I agree. Alz. D is a wretched way to die...I wouldn't wish it on Osama. Anybody who had a bone to pick with Ronnie can rest assured that he is suffering. Pain is one thing, having your self dismantled is an entirely different circle of hell.

I'm not surprised at the vehemence of the reactions on the left, though: a lot of people (A LOT OF PEOPLE) suffered as a result of Reaganism...that's how Clinton got elected.

"Selfish and greedy and loveless and blind. Reagan's children."
2002-02-06 02:11:03 PM  
The Dumb One: "start an arms race while throwing the ABM treaty out the window."

oh i see, none of the wack-job nations like north korea would try to increase their weapons program if we agreed to bind ourselves to a worthless agreement with a country that doesn't exist. brilliant train of thought. i guess you got those chairs beat, stupid fark.
2002-02-06 02:21:55 PM  

I was never a fan of Reagan, but I'll try to read the book anyway. If nothing more, I'll get it from the library. Say, do you have an ISBN from the book? Or someplace I can read an excerpt? I kinda like to know what I'm getting into. Should I add this book to my list of "must read" books? I'm currently engrossed in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Second Edition. Hardcover boxed set. Beautiful collection, it is. :)
2002-02-06 02:29:52 PM  
To everyone taking this thread way too seriously: No public figure is above satire.
2002-02-06 02:32:43 PM  

First, a correction - The title is Reagan - In His Own Hand. (My bad).

Second, try going Here for a relatively objective review and link to an excerpt.
2002-02-06 02:34:10 PM  
"We will always remember. We will always be proud. We aill always be prepared, so we may always be free."
--Normandy, France, June 6, 1984
Happy Birthday, Ronnie.
Reagan was incredible.
I guess you have to truly ubderstand the workings of gov't, policy, and politics to be able to appreciate him, and unfortunately most people don't.
Jugga---Also check out "When Character Was King" by Peggy Noonan. Great book if you're intereseted in him.
2002-02-06 02:57:40 PM  
If I point out that Ronald Reagan was a lying, cheating, murdering monster who sold us down the river to the worst despots in the world, it will of course be assumed that I am a "liberal" who hates "conservatism" and loves Clinton. So I also must say that Clinton was a lying, cheating, murdering monster who sold us down the river to the worst despots in the world, and really I don't see a whole lot that's particularly "liberal" or "conservative" about either one, apart from posture.

Anyway, I can't honestly extend happy birthday wishes to the man whom John Wayne himself exhorted to stop the goddamned lies, the man who presided over the destruction of Nicaragua and the deaths of tens of thousands there, the man who literally filled books with his "misstatements," this global embarrassment of a President who owned more horses than books and who recounted his B-movie war stories as if he had actually lived them. But I can extend him greetings in the name of his wonderful associates, past and present, living and dead: Suharto, Roberto D'Aubisson, Manuel Noriega, Jean-Claude Duvalier, Jorge Rafael Videla, Ferdinand Marcos, Saddam Hussein, and President General Romeo Lucas Garcia, to name a few.

I can also thank him for a legacy that has extended even into this new century, when federal legislators have threatened to cut off funding for public transit in my town if we did not put Reagan's name on the signs at Metrorail stops. It's all part of the abject worship that Washington demands of itself and its own, and many Farkers here live up to it and then some.
2002-02-06 03:10:53 PM  
You damn libbies are just too hard on poor old Ron. How can you criticize the patriotism of a guy who sold weapons to the Ayatollah after he ordered the deaths of 250+ Marines in Beirut, just to funnel the money to Nicaraguan mercenaries who killed priests, and then spied on US citizens who questioned his policies? How can you question the Christian integrity of an administration in which 153 members were indicted on crimes both minor and major, especially when a mere 57 were found guilty?

Buncha damn whiners.
2002-02-06 03:22:57 PM  
See, this is why people MY age are cynical motherfarkers when it comes to politics. Look at what we have to look up to, the highest office in the land.

I hit the scene in 1978. Let's take it from there.

Jimmy Carter: I was too young to remember, he left in 1980. Nothing special, anyway, I'm told.
Ronald Reagan: Some people deify him, some people vilify him. This is to be expected. Fact: most well known for "Voodoo Economics" aka Reaganomics, and for succumbing to Alzheimers Disease halfway through his term. In otherwords, the ruler of the land got his seat through being an ACTOR, and kept it even though he was mentally impaired.
Lesson: you don't have to be intelligent, just popular.
Bush Sr.: Best known for being a wimp, and puking on foreign diplomats. Got us in a war we didn't finish. Lesson: you don't have to be brave, just well-connected.
Clinton: Best known for getting a blowjob.
Lesson: it doesn't matter WHAT else you do. There WILL be one thing that people fixate on, and it WILL be your mistakes. Unless, of course, you're popular.(see Reagan)
Bush Jr.: and here we are. And no, actually, Bush Jr. does NOT inspire me in this time of war. As a matter of fact, having a head of state that loses a fight with a pretzel scares the shiat out of me(I dunno about you folks, but when I choke on a pretzel, I always manage to make it to the fridge, grab a drink, and wash the damn thing right into mah belly. Take that!). Especially when his backup man is known to have a weak ticker.
Lesson: Intelligence? HAH! Valor? HAH! Personal merit? HAHAHAHAAA!!! Popularity and well-connectedness all the way, baby. Oh, and desperation on the part of constituency helps too--when you're ALL a person has, they'll love you even if you don't deserve it.

Where were all the candidates that worked their way up from the Iowa cornfields...or overcame a hobbling disease by dint of mental willpower alone...or...
2002-02-06 03:23:02 PM  
You're right, Misha. I am ashamed of myself for bashing the guy who gave us the story of welfare queens driving welfare Cadillacs. I mean who cares if he made it up? The important thing is he took away the lazy poor people's subsidies and gave them to enterprising rich weapons conglomerates. Truly a free market maven! I salute him!
2002-02-06 03:30:44 PM  
This is a great thread! Boorite & Mishidan and Misha...thanks for getting us past all the jingoism. I was beginning to think that people forgot all the shiat of the 80's...thanks for keeping it real.
2002-02-06 03:37:50 PM  
Remember the proverb: "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove...

Screw it. It's more fun to read your crap anyway.
2002-02-06 03:52:10 PM  
Well, HappyDaddy, do you have anything to say but ad hominem cliches? What do you say about that list of Reagan's pals? Great guys, huh? Am I "ideologically myopic" because I fail to see the greatness in exporting murder? Or is anyone who fails to worship at Washington's feet a fool and all criticism crap? I'd love to know.
2002-02-06 03:53:08 PM  
Reagan is a zero. He made movies while real men went to war. fark that vegetable.
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