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(TuneIn)   Tonight on Paul's OTR Memory Bank (8PM ET). Connie misplaces the key to Madison High on the day an award is to be given, Liz needs a job because her Christmas Club account is empty and a missing lumberjack dies on Clark Kent's cabin doorstep   ( divider line
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2021-01-23 6:44:55 PM  
On tap for tonight

Our Miss Brooks - Key to the School - 6/5/49 - Connie is given the key to Madison High so she can open early, but she misplaces the key.

My Favorite Husband - Babysitting - 11/11/49 - Liz needs a job to put money in the Christmas Club account she neglected to put into all year

Superman - The White Plague Parts 3 to 7 - 6/27 - 7/7/1941 - Clark and Jimmy are visiting a logging camp. A presumed missing lumberjack pounds on Clark's cabin door then promptly dies before telling anyone what happened to him (of course).
2021-01-23 6:46:40 PM  
Sorta double-dipping tonight.  This will be on in the background, though if I get too confused I can watch that later.
2021-01-23 6:50:27 PM  
Standing by...

wooden_badger: A presumed missing lumberjack pounds on Clark's cabin door then promptly dies before telling anyone what happened to him (of course).

They *always* do that. You'd think they would arrive earlier.
2021-01-23 6:51:10 PM  
Monty Python - Lumberjack Song
Youtube FshU58nI0Ts

2021-01-23 7:39:52 PM  
Spent too long in the kitchen filling up the humidifier so naturally Sophie thought I was in there for her benefit.
2021-01-23 7:49:39 PM  
This sounds like the same arrangement Fred Waring & the Pennsylvanians used.
2021-01-23 7:51:08 PM  
Telefunken warmed up playing Fibber McGee. Sophie is lying down beside me purring away asking for tummy rubs.
2021-01-23 7:59:00 PM  
At least a show in progress won't get interrupted tonight.
2021-01-23 8:01:18 PM  
And we're off
2021-01-23 8:03:08 PM  
Good evening!
2021-01-23 8:12:30 PM  
Mr Boynton's starting in with the "Oh Gosh" before Jimmy Olsen does
2021-01-23 9:03:37 PM  
I wonder if they ever add "The American Way" to the radio open.
2021-01-23 9:07:27 PM  
What a very interesting botany lesson we are receiving tonight.
2021-01-23 9:08:48 PM  
Mmm venison.  Tastes like chicken
2021-01-23 9:10:46 PM  
Could it be.....SATAN?

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2021-01-23 9:14:34 PM  
Kent can't see the killer because it's only part 3 of 9
2021-01-23 9:35:00 PM  

wooden_badger: I wonder if they ever add "The American Way" to the radio open.

It looks like that was TV only

"Most familiar today is the television opening, which copied the radio opening from 1945 onward (save for "and the American Way" line, which was an even later addition)"

2021-01-23 9:39:54 PM  
I do want the answers
2021-01-23 9:48:42 PM  
There's this funny-looking bearded Canadia.....errr.....Cuban.....errr...​.Texan goading them on.
2021-01-23 9:53:12 PM  
Well, we know Superman doesn't have his Super Cold Breath yet, so I guess they're all goners.
2021-01-23 9:55:14 PM  
We'll get them out if it's Kryptonianly possible
2021-01-23 10:04:25 PM  
There's your cliffhanger. That's all for tonight.  As always, thanks for listening in.  See you next week!
2021-01-23 10:05:11 PM  
Oh sure leave us on the cliffhanger. :) Good night
2021-01-23 10:05:16 PM  
Thanks again for the wonderful programs!
2021-01-23 10:05:33 PM  
Thanks for the shows!

Answers next week - then new questions...
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