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(Slate)   "My family is all about meat and carbs. I've been forcing them to start eating more vegetables that aren't potatoes, and I've been accused of being selfish. Am I?"   ( divider line
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2021-01-23 9:04:31 PM  
if you are the parent or the cook you damn well better make the menu healthy and diverse. why the fark are we even having this conversation? how stupid are you? I'm guessing you voted for Two Scoops. Twice.
2021-01-23 9:19:14 PM  

bcostlow: Huh. I live out in Trumper country, and I see entire families shopping all the time. Mom trying to find what she's looking for, track her spend, and herd the kids all at the same time. Dad pushing the cart and glowering at any other man who dares give his wife an admiring glance.

It's like there's some sort of insecurity there. Maybe like they're afraid of becoming a cuck?

/ Because once you're a cuck, you have to become a liberal, too.
// And turn in your RAM 2500 for a Nissan Leaf.
/// And even (shivers) start watching MLS instead of NASCAR.

First; I'm glad to hear so many dads upset at my stereotype -- Feels good to be wrong on this one!

Second; I do think there is a fear among those trumper/right wingers that they might actually like being left/liberal....
2021-01-23 10:15:20 PM  

PleaseHamletDon'tHurtEm: montreal_medic: Frederick: If you are doing the cooking -- and lets be honest, the grocery shopping too* -- then no; you arent being selfish. You are, however, spineless.

*the only dads I ever see at the grocery store are single dads

Really? In the division of Labour at our house, my "jobs" include grocery shopping, cooking, and cleanup of the kitchen afterwards. My wife doesn't enjoy those, and I don't mind (the cooking part, I love). She does laundry and vacuuming and probably 2/3 of the cleaning.  There are lots of other "jobs" for each of us, but we aren't keeping score - there are just some that by now we know to leave to the other.

Never noticed a major difference in men vs. women at the grocery store

I just love it when married couples argue over household duties.  Oh, no, I have to shove pieces of fabric into a water tub that cleans them for me.  biatch, please, I have to clean and maintain an entire house by myself.  Guess who helps me lug in two weeks' worth of those groceries you hate to shop for.  Oh, that's right.  Farking nobody.

No sh*t.  My dogs don't have hands, and can't help.

Useless loafers.
2021-01-24 2:35:01 AM  
I still would rather eat a hamburger and fries, but I usually feel better after choking down some carrots and beans.

They're not that bad.
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