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(Thread Reader)   Co-creator of "Bill & Ted" recalls that time he was suspected of being The Night Stalker. Not sure you'd want that guy in the time-traveling phone booth   ( divider line
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872 clicks; posted to Fandom » and Entertainment » on 22 Jan 2021 at 8:39 PM (15 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2021-01-22 9:43:03 PM  
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CSB time (DRTFA but the headline is an excuse to share) during the whole Nightstalker scare I was a kid living with my mom and sister at my grandmothers house in San Gabriel CA just blocks from one of his victims. Me and my sis are sleeping in the living room when my mom walked into the kitchen one night (which looked out onto Rosemead Blvd) and saw him looking into the window over the sink. He didn't see her and she slowly backed out of the room and woke up us and my grandma who promptly called the neighbor and cops then grabbed her shotgun. Neighbor (a comicly proportioned man with a serious beer gut) runs out of his hous with a pistol and sees the guy run around the back wall,  by the time he gets to the corner of the wall the guy was gone. Sheriff shows up a few minutes later and my grandma answers the door with her shotgun leveled at the deputy. Weird night but my moms description was pretty close
2021-01-22 10:40:21 PM  
9 votes:

Han Dolo: CSB time (DRTFA but the headline is an excuse to share) during the whole Nightstalker

i know this is "my best friend's sisters cousin's neighbor", Ferris Bueller territory childhood best friend, they were pretty well off and had a housekeeper.  she grew up in the LA in the late 60s and told a story of waking up one morning, going downstairs - let's say about 1968, 1969 or so - and her parents are standing befuddled in their living room.  the furniture had been carefullly overturned - pictures placed upside down, chairs stacked on each other, etc.  theyre like, "what the fark?"

the Manson murders happen shortly after.  months, or perhaps a year or so later the Manson Murders take place, and then another 1-2 years later the trial occurs.  it comes out that the Manson Family did what they call "creepy crawlies", which were dry runs for the murders - breaking into homes - by, you guesssed it, breaking into people's home and......rearranging furniture, carefully creating nonviolent chaos.

she says, "yeah.....we got creepy crawlied but didn't know what it was.  Charles Manson himself might have been in our house."
2021-01-22 11:57:43 PM  
7 votes:
Han Dolo and rickythepenguin, I would like to thank you both for sharing and also like to say, Ack! Shudder me timbers. Creepy ass shiat.
2021-01-22 8:48:38 PM  
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pheelix: Did someone say Night Stalker?
[Fark user image 850x478]

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2021-01-22 8:48:15 PM  
5 votes:
To be fair he was wearing a pork pie hat and linen suit, asking people about zombies.
2021-01-23 2:11:11 PM  
4 votes:
A few friends and I picked up a hitch hiker in 1989 or 1990. He was thin, shaggy haired, and had a goatee. He was rumpled, but pretty clean, smelling only of woodsmoke since he'd clearly camped outside. We picked him up heading north to a town outside Rolla MO. He claimed he didn't speak English much, and his name was "Nacho," which since I was a dumb hick, I thought was funny AF. He was heading to St. Louis. We were not going that far, but could get him 30-40 miles closer and drop him at a truck stop. We were three pretty big, white rednecks and one wiry little guy. That guy had lived until high school in LA with a social worker mom and bartender dad, and they had spanish speaking friends, neighbors, and coworkers. So, he learned Spanish early. He teased a bit of the guys story out. But, we didn't pry, but chatted through our interpreter, and just dropped him off, and went to our buddy's place to get drunk and fail with girls spectacularly.

Years later, the railroad killer Angel Mautarino Recenedez Ramirez is arrested. I live in Houston TX by then, and a classmate is working his defense as a 2L/3L law clerk. A lot of local and some national news is about the guy. The press posted photos of him around the times of his crimes. One strikes me as familiar. Another news tidbit was that one of his nicknames was "Nacho," which after 5 years in Texas no longer seemed hilarious, just less common. I found an article detailing one of his deportation hearings, one that took place in St. Louis around the time we had picked up that hitchhiker. I found a video of that hearing. It was him, I was pretty sure. We were in no danger, really. He was small, we were mostly big galoofs, and we were crushed in with this guy in a too small car for an hour or so. He liked to attack people he'd sneaked up on, or had killed by being companionable for awhile, and lulling them into ease before he badged them on the head or stabbed them. Still was weird enough. No, I didn't go running to report my useless fact. There were no confirmed or suspected murders around that place and time that came out in investigations, and his detainment and deportation hearings put him in that area then and there definitively enough.

/ fark that guy
2021-01-23 6:44:27 AM  
4 votes:

hoodiowithtudio: This is going to turn in nto a "I shat my pants in retrospect" thread, isn't it?

I hope so. I love this shiate.
2021-01-23 1:34:55 AM  
4 votes:

baxterdog: Han Dolo and rickythepenguin, I would like to thank you both for sharing and also like to say, Ack! Shudder me timbers. Creepy ass shiat.

oh two other notables.....on the TotalFark side, I know 2 Totalfarkers who had direct and in person contact with BTK (one got written up by BTK over I think grass height, the other a Boy Scout leader who drove Doug Rader on a scouting trip, and you can Wiki what Rader did on some of his Boy Scout outings), and one who strongly believes BTK tried to kick into her house (they saw a work truck with Wichita decal/logo insignia speed away).

the other was a college acquaintance of my wife.  After Andrew Cunanan's 1997 cross country murder rampage, the friend's husband is like, "uh.....remember that party we went to about 6 months in San Diego?  remember that Filipino guy?  Uh....he's the one that just killled Giano Versace."  the friend was like, "nnnnnnoooo WAY!"

not long after it happened I met her and asked about it and she was like, " in San Diego, 20-30 people, i was introduced to him and.....honestly i don't remember much about him but....yeah.  that was him.  i met that guy.  once."
2021-01-22 10:42:02 PM  
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jake_lex: Another example of this: police in Sheffield thought a member of the band Joy Division might be the Yorkshire Ripper, since their van was seen in the general area of some of his killings.  The van was registered to their drummer, Stephen Morris, who was awakened one morning by police with a few questions.

Watched the series about the Ripper a little while ago.  Cripes, what a massive cock-up that investigation was.
2021-01-23 5:43:10 AM  
2 votes:
This is going to turn in nto a "I shat my pants in retrospect" thread, isn't it?
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