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(NBC News)   The one in which Dr. Fauci got his ability to talk freely about science groove back   ( divider line
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2021-01-21 7:16:18 PM  
Seeing this was shockingly amazing. Even better than seeing AF1 leaving for FL and Biden taking oath.
2021-01-21 7:17:54 PM  
So are we injecting bleach or not?
2021-01-21 7:44:10 PM  
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Poor woman.
However, she sat right there and let Trump spew his lies.
2021-01-21 8:00:13 PM  
The joy of seeing the US get a coherent effort against COVID19 is inspiring. I do not see any reason why the US will not start showing results that are 180 degrees  different from the way things have been. It probably won't happen, but it COULD happen. Is that what hope feels like?

And it gets tempered, of course, by tragedy. Every time Biden and Fauci and crew show everyone how different things can be, one has to think about how different things could have been, and how the US could have avoided almost all of the deaths it has recorded. What is truly galling is that the WHO and CDC playbooks, if followed more or less to the letter, would have been enough to guide policy. The administration could have just punted the ball to Fauci at day one and saved everyone a year of dread.

Maybe hope is knowing that you don't have to be stuck on the worst timeline.
2021-01-21 8:06:39 PM  
Sweet.  This guy ends up with a presidential medal of freedom at some point I'm guessing.
2021-01-21 8:08:13 PM  

solokumba: [Fark user image image 555x313]
Poor woman.
However, she sat right there and let Trump spew his lies.

More troubling was she had multiple family members travel to her house/cottage on an island in Delaware for US Thanksgiving, while publicly advising people not to travel for Thanksgiving. That blew out any remaining credibility she may have had.
2021-01-21 8:09:55 PM  
"Dr. Fauci, what was your reaction to becoming a meme?"

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2021-01-21 8:42:28 PM  
Everything about the press briefings is off the wall opposite day from the previous administration

No blatant lying
No attacking the press
Everyone looks loose and relaxed
Even the press are loose, relaxed, and even laughing at times
Jen Psaki is a pro, and even takes shots at herself when she stumbles or rants too long
The questions portion is 3x longer than the briefing part
Every question has been actually answered sincerely to the best of their ability
2021-01-21 8:45:39 PM  
Wait. WTF is this is STEM?
2021-01-21 9:04:06 PM  

styckx: Wait. WTF is this is STEM?

The first letter.  The S.  That's WTF it's STEM.  This should always have been scientific and not political.  Thankfully we're now heading in that direction.
2021-01-21 9:46:36 PM  

styckx: Wait. WTF is this is STEM?

Yeah, science!
2021-01-21 10:59:22 PM  

styckx: Wait. WTF is this is STEM?

Do you want the STEM tab to have articles? There's only so much hard science news in a week.
2021-01-22 12:23:25 AM  
Damn, this feels nice! Adults acting adult, saying _ _ _ _ _is a problem and here is what we are going to do about it. It feels so Deja Vue, it's been so long.
2021-01-22 12:55:21 AM  
Much respect to Dr. Fauci for keeping his head during what had to be a trying time.
2021-01-22 3:20:23 AM  

johnny_vegas: Sweet.  This guy ends up with a presidential medal of freedom at some point I'm guessing.

HairFuror has so debased that award that the country needs a new one with sufficient gravitas.  How about the Obama Medal for Distinguished Public Service?
2021-01-22 6:45:38 AM  
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2021-01-22 12:33:31 PM  
The weird thing is that last year Fauci stated "I have never been muzzled ever, and I've been doing this since the administration of Ronald Reagan. I'm not being muzzled by this admin."

And also, when asked if he was forced to say certain things: "Everything I do is voluntarily. Please. Don't even imply that."

I wonder why he lied about that back then?  He also admitted to lying about masks last year as well.  It makes one wonder when they can trust him.
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