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(Al Jazeera)   Stolen ancient coins returned after thief confesses to priest, no doubt after having been forced to by the party's ranger and paladin   ( divider line
    More: Followup, Ancient Rome, unnamed penitent, series of returns, ancient coins, Roman Empire, Greek colony, former manager of Pompeii, Italy  
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2021-01-21 1:28:54 PM  
Bubble and fear, bubble and fear.
2021-01-21 1:39:49 PM  
I remember a cool story from the show White Collar where at a church frequented by the Mafia a bible went missing. The bible supposedly had miraculous power. Turns out the bible was stolen by a homeless veteran who believed in its powers and needed it to cure his canine friend. In the end the mobster whose church got his bible back was so emotionally taken by the story that he paid for the dog's treatment.
2021-01-21 2:09:09 PM  
I think there's a Troll involved here
2021-01-21 2:15:26 PM  
Now do the Vatican
2021-01-21 2:22:53 PM  
That was an elfless act.
2021-01-21 2:24:57 PM  
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I think I've seen this movie
2021-01-21 2:27:23 PM  
Finally, hell get his coins back from those pesky pirates
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2021-01-21 2:27:39 PM  
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2021-01-21 2:30:44 PM  
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Oh, carry on then.......
2021-01-21 2:36:39 PM  
I guess he found out how hard it would be to sell them...
2021-01-21 2:39:10 PM  
I wouldn't go taking anything off an Hawaiian island either.
2021-01-21 2:40:20 PM  
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2021-01-21 2:42:22 PM  
Failed your Charisma (Bluff) check?
2021-01-21 2:43:24 PM  
Nicodemus Archleone is apparently still at large.
2021-01-21 2:47:48 PM  
Sturm and Tanis made Tasslehoff hand them over.
2021-01-21 2:48:04 PM  

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2021-01-21 2:56:31 PM  
Zone of truth comes in handy every now and then.
2021-01-21 3:40:25 PM  
Adam Ant - Goody Two Shoes
Youtube o41A91X5pns
2021-01-21 3:46:27 PM  
Did the priest tell him to take both silver candlesticks instead?
2021-01-21 4:00:12 PM  
Jebus, how many stat points did that priest have in charisma?
2021-01-21 4:01:24 PM  
Ancient roman coins you say?

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I've got some of those.  Sadly my oldest is only 1st century.

/One of my Christmas coins.  Cleaning dirty coins is fun.
2021-01-21 4:56:33 PM  
Why would the ranger care? Aren't they usually chaotic?
2021-01-21 6:55:30 PM  
CSB... I remember that tree at Paestum, and taking basically the same photo from that angle and later thinking, nope, that photo is totally opposite of the feeling I wanted to capture because the tree minimizes the massive size of the structures, even if there is some interesting visual interplay with it. It's like Bob Ross himself planted that damn tree in the way as a red herring...
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