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(The Hollywood Reporter)   Yeezy sues intern over "proprietary" Instagram posts   ( divider line
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1233 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 18 Jan 2021 at 3:50 PM (5 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2021-01-18 9:51:48 AM  
Maybe you should pay your interns.

/I have no idea if they're paid
//It's a joke
///Your up Frank, lighten it
2021-01-18 3:53:59 PM  
If Kanye had won the election, then the Whitehouse interns would be dressed like this?

Fark user imageView Full Size
2021-01-18 4:05:50 PM  
Omniscience isn't what it used to be. Old Testament Yeezy would never have gotten caught flat-footed like this.
2021-01-18 4:13:19 PM  

Moosedick Gladys Greengroin: If Kanye had won the election, then the Whitehouse interns would be dressed like this?

[Fark user image 850x479]

They all look depressed and/or angry. It doesn't speak well of Kanye's management style.

/Ridiculously hot, though. Even the ones forced to wrap their legs in Saran Wrap.
2021-01-18 4:22:22 PM  
Ryan "Inwards"? There's no way that's a real name.

/it was "Innie" until they got to Ellis Island
2021-01-18 4:22:43 PM  
Well, the intern is farked. We know that for sure.

/Every bonehead ever on the front page of TMZ probably sued an intern, and didn't even have to show up for court. NDAs are serious, folks.
//Worked for the USPS as a temp, that thing is a boiler plate.
2021-01-18 4:29:28 PM  
If picture worth more than $500k then sell picture and let people die in the car accidents since there was no recall.
2021-01-18 4:45:04 PM  
Sounds like Kanye is well within his rights.

While the information the intern posted may not be earth shattering, he signed a legally binding agreement not to disclose it.

If a company doesn't enforce their NDAs, what's to stop a higher level disgruntled employee from disclosing more serious information, like financial info or the headquarters' security layout?
2021-01-18 4:48:09 PM  
Fashion company protects its unreleased products. More at 11.
2021-01-18 4:52:00 PM  

Wine Sipping Elitist: Fashion company protects its unreleased products. More at 11.

In this case, it's especially important, as it would be ridiculously easy to duplicate those clothes.

Buy old sweatshirts, cut up, resew.

2021-01-18 5:03:16 PM  
Fark him.  May he fade into obscurity along with his orange friend.
2021-01-18 5:09:01 PM  
Take it to trial, go for jury nullification.

/ I just want to see the foreman on CourtTV announcing that Kanye is a douche and gets nothing.
2021-01-18 5:38:26 PM  
Without seeing the contract, it isn't guaranteed that it is legally binding. If the intern is an unpaid intern, it most certainly isn't binding as there was no consideration given to the intern. Also - if it was an unpaid internship, it almost certainly was an illegal unpaid internship because nearly all are.
2021-01-18 7:06:32 PM  
Just can't stay off of social media...
I...I.. just gotta post this!
Can't help it... must... post... photos...
Hey intern... you probably fked up because you have no self control.
See? Is you learning yet? Probably blew a good resume opportunity.
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