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(Twitter)   "I'm thinking of changing the name of my Wifi to 'FBI surveillance' to mess w my Trumper neighbors," additional passive aggressive suggestions encouraged   ( divider line
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332 clicks; posted to Discussion » on 17 Jan 2021 at 7:05 PM (5 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2021-01-17 3:50:57 PM  
Original Tweet:

2021-01-17 3:53:06 PM  
2021-01-17 4:00:27 PM  
Antifa Local 69420
2021-01-17 4:00:38 PM  
We used to have neighbor whose wifi was "FBI Surveillance Van." It's not super original.
2021-01-17 4:00:39 PM  
FBI OFFICIAL Sedition Squad.
2021-01-17 4:08:58 PM  
Deep state HQ
2021-01-17 4:11:52 PM  
trump lost - fark your feelings
2021-01-17 4:20:18 PM  
Soros HQ
2021-01-17 4:22:44 PM  
Comet Ping Pong Pizza
2021-01-17 4:30:42 PM  
Reptilian food monitoring grid CO3GJ
2021-01-17 4:31:25 PM  
QAnon Recruiting Station
2021-01-17 4:31:38 PM  
Implant Tracking Station Delta
Xai [TotalFark]
2021-01-17 4:35:12 PM  
Hillary's email server
2021-01-17 4:41:29 PM  
Slip the tarot card of death in their mailbox; put a dead fish in their mailbox; send an unidentified letter with a sheet of paper, edged in black, with their name on it.  The possibilities are endless - a warning letter that their car has a tracking device implanted would be a riot.
2021-01-17 4:41:39 PM  
CV 19 Vaccine Activation Beam
2021-01-17 4:43:42 PM  
NO SIGNAL always worked well.
2021-01-17 4:45:41 PM  
BG mind control chip.
2021-01-17 4:51:16 PM  
My wifi was called "Trump Sucks Balls" for a few years before I changed it. My conservative father-in-law mentioned it, but none of my neighbors at the time said anything about it.
2021-01-17 4:51:53 PM  
"Q is a pedo"
2021-01-17 4:52:15 PM  
Oh, and my suggestion for this thread is: "Antifa Mind Control"
2021-01-17 4:57:16 PM  
2021-01-17 4:59:11 PM  
"Open Network" drives people crazy.

"Why does it keep asking for a password, it says open network?"
2021-01-17 4:59:34 PM  

thorpe: Soros HQ

Soros Quick Check Cashing!
2021-01-17 5:09:33 PM  
Cootys Rat Semen

Also, as I have posted before, when I was on a work trip in Palm Beach County a couple.of years ago, I changed my mobile hotspot to something like "drone.44.obama.maralargo" and drove around with it broadcasting that SSID.
2021-01-17 5:29:59 PM  
5G Chem Van #3425
2021-01-17 5:31:36 PM  
2021-01-17 5:32:04 PM  
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2021-01-17 5:40:28 PM  

SurfaceTension: Oh, and my suggestion for this thread is: "Antifa Mind Control"

"Antifa automated doxing data collector" might make a few people sweat
2021-01-17 6:08:25 PM  
I live in a very liberal area, so there's no need to piss anyone off. I suppose someone could be offended by 'Jeffrey Dahmer's House of Ribs', but that's not really my problem.
2021-01-17 6:15:48 PM  
At this point, renaming it "antiFA unit #6277" would be more lulzy
2021-01-17 6:17:50 PM  
2021-01-17 6:21:07 PM  
Mine is already

NSA Surveillance Van
2021-01-17 6:30:33 PM  
"McDonald's Free WiFi"

Everyone tries to connect to it, since the Golden Arches offer free wifi....
2021-01-17 6:40:08 PM  
Obama's Time Machine HQ
2021-01-17 6:54:57 PM  
Just name it BLM. They'll either get triggered because they think it stands for Bureau of Land Management or they'll get triggered because they think it stands for Black Lives Matter. Either way they will seethe.
2021-01-17 7:18:14 PM  
Operation Screaming Patriot 621
2021-01-17 7:31:18 PM  
2021-01-17 7:48:51 PM  
CDC Contact Tracking Station
2021-01-17 7:49:02 PM  
2021-01-17 7:49:10 PM  
What are you going to do when you don't have the mythical "Trumper"?

Lol. I guess you'll move on to the next boogeyman.
2021-01-17 8:06:46 PM  
Good to know that some of us are making Biden's efforts to heal the most politically divisive time since Vietnam even harder.  Trolling people is self-indulgent, immature, and not the slightest bit helpful.  We won.  The next 4 years are going to be demonstrably better for our nation.  Have some class.
2021-01-17 8:11:57 PM  
I bet this person also has a bunch of sassy political bumper stickers  on their car too.

No one cares about your politcal bumper stickers and they care even less about your wifi router name and if they do they are probably a crazy person so watch out.
2021-01-17 8:35:37 PM  
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2021-01-17 8:36:27 PM  
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2021-01-17 8:38:33 PM  
When I used to to do a certain job nationally that lead me to Mcdicks and other rooftops my Hotspot was "KillTheFatfarks" spend all day with it on so my company computer could send emails.

Always loved people glancing around trying to figure out that wifi. I got all day to do this shiat. The fact you're checking in and found that on wifi just makes me laugh harder.

Seriously render em for oil.
2021-01-17 9:17:44 PM  
Hillary's Email Server
2021-01-17 9:17:59 PM  
That's Tony Iommi's daughter, btw.
2021-01-17 9:23:36 PM  
In one way or another ours has been named after one of our cats. When we moved into this house, one of the cat's figured out how to open the cover on the bathtub. He would crawl around or hide in space between floors. I siliconed it shut. He tore off the silicone. I added high strength velcro. He pulled that apart, added his cat hair to it, and weakened the velcro enough to get through. He's never been one to go outside the catbox, use a scratching post, or chew/destroy things. I stopped caring.

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2021-01-17 9:47:18 PM  
I have a couple older neighbors who might have panic attacks if I do this.
2021-01-17 10:02:11 PM  

Chinesenookiefactory: What are you going to do when you don't have the mythical "Trumper"?

I would rejoice, for I would have wonderful neighbors
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