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(TuneIn)   Tonight on Paul's Memory Bank (8PM ET), Connie finds out if an argument with Mr Boynton results in a great make-up, Liz' mother-in-law visits, Clark takes care of Dr Deutch then he and Jimmy visit a logging camp, lots of lumberjack stereotypes await   ( divider line
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2021-01-16 6:51:56 PM  
On tap for tonight

Our Miss Brooks - Arguments, Arguments - 5/29/49 - Connie tries to test the theory that arguments lead to great make-ups on Mr Boynton.

My Favorite Husband - Mother In Law - 11/4/49 - As the name implies, Liz' Mother in Law, who can never remember Liz' name, is coming to visit.

Superman - Dr Deutch and the Radium Mine Parts 10 to 12 - 6/16 - 6/20/41 - Clark and Jimmy have some of Dr Deutch's henchmen on a boat about to pick up a shipment of radium, but the baddies got away and are setting fire to the boat with Clark and Jimmy still aboard.

The White Plague Parts 1 & 2 - 6/23 - 6/25/1941 - Clark and Jimmy are about to visit a logging camp.  Get ready for lots of lumberjack and French Canadian stereotypes in this 9 parter
2021-01-16 7:48:01 PM  
Packers game is over, so the app is launched on my phone & ready to go. Right now I'll see if Fibber McGee can get a fishing license
2021-01-16 7:51:42 PM  
Standing by...
2021-01-16 7:53:35 PM  
Warming up the Telefunken
2021-01-16 7:57:18 PM  
To keep the last couple of minutes of Fibber McGee from getting clobbered, the show will start a few minutes late.
2021-01-16 7:59:23 PM  
I suppose with some better planning, I could avoid collisions like that
2021-01-16 8:04:32 PM  
Good evening!
2021-01-16 8:04:58 PM  
Stupid DJ we go
2021-01-16 8:05:21 PM  
For a moment there, I thought that you had also collided with a shadow.
2021-01-16 8:07:08 PM  
Does it seem like a lot of shows start with "I can't understand it, Connie" ?
2021-01-16 8:09:05 PM  

Lorelle: For a moment there, I thought that you had also collided with a shadow.

When a playlist starts I have the option of either interrupting what's playing (which is what I usually do) or wait until that selection ends.  The software decided not to load my playlist.  Maybe it doesn't allow changes so close to start time.
2021-01-16 8:21:46 PM  
Oooh...Mr. Boynton is getting feisty.
2021-01-16 8:31:19 PM  
Aww. Just no luck for Miss Brooks. Lol
2021-01-16 8:56:35 PM  
This is it, Elizabeth! This is THE ONE!
2021-01-16 9:00:47 PM  
Ah Sophie, puking away in the hallway.
2021-01-16 9:06:34 PM  
You're too late.
2021-01-16 9:07:29 PM  

wooden_badger: Ah Sophie, puking away in the hallway.

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2021-01-16 9:07:32 PM  
I guess this version of Superman didn't have super cold breath.
2021-01-16 9:15:16 PM  
T'is but a scratch
2021-01-16 9:18:06 PM  
We should be better at remembering we're opposed to dictators
2021-01-16 9:18:08 PM  
We in America refuse to tolerate dictators!

2021-01-16 9:23:49 PM  
The SS agent is Antifa!
2021-01-16 9:30:14 PM  
Admiral Ackbar.jpg
2021-01-16 9:35:40 PM  
All the action wraps up neatly in the last minute of the whole serial.
2021-01-16 9:37:16 PM  
Stereotypes. Fun!
2021-01-16 9:37:36 PM  
I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK
I sleep all night and I work all day!
2021-01-16 9:39:00 PM  
The Big Beaver
2021-01-16 9:40:34 PM  

wooden_badger: I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK
I sleep all night and I work all day!

cdn.quotesgram.comView Full Size
2021-01-16 9:43:03 PM  
Ole Swenson
King of the Great North Woods!
2021-01-16 9:47:13 PM  
He's half and half.
2021-01-16 9:47:19 PM  
UNMUSH, will ya?
2021-01-16 9:50:19 PM  
i.pinimg.comView Full Size
2021-01-16 9:53:29 PM  
Wanna see something, watch this
2021-01-16 9:56:05 PM  
Apparently Clark Kent isn't as good as beefsteak.
2021-01-16 9:57:39 PM  

Lorelle: Apparently Clark Kent isn't as good as beefsteak.

Well, according to Nancy, wolves don't eat humans.  Apparently they don't eat Kryptonians either.
2021-01-16 10:01:15 PM  
I am gripped.
2021-01-16 10:01:36 PM  
That's it for tonight.  Thanks as always! See you next week.
2021-01-16 10:01:40 PM  
Thanks again!
2021-01-16 10:01:47 PM  
I can't wait!

Thanks for the shows!
2021-01-16 10:01:52 PM  
Thanks again for the wonderful shows!
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