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(Herald Express)   Man creates several home-made bombs to play with, due to liking for war and things that go "boom"   ( thisissouthdevon.co.uk) divider line
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2004-09-04 02:25:28 PM  
how many bombs do you gotta make to be considered a 'factory'?

/only made one
2004-09-04 04:31:28 PM  
Evidently six is enough.
2004-09-04 04:38:16 PM  
A penis extension surgery would have been cheaper and much more safer.
2004-09-05 01:57:39 AM  
big badda boom.

2004-09-05 02:01:34 AM  
He was jailed for nine months by Judge Graham Cottle who told him: "You were pre-occupied with making bombs but it was at the lowest end of the scale and you were not intending to harm anyone. You exploded these devices where no such harm was likely to occur."

Then in the judge's reasoning, why the fark was he jailed for nine months?

2004-09-05 02:04:32 AM  
I'd MacGyver it.
2004-09-05 02:06:32 AM  
I understand that he was just playing with chemicals, and i also understand that at this point in the world, I can justifyably say it's ok that he was arrested. I used to make little 'bombs' when i was in HS ('91-'95) but that was before terrorists. I used to fill empty nitrous canisters with sugar and gun powder from emptied shotgun shells, then hot-glue a fuse into the end.

They'd go flying off, with no fins, so you never knew where they were gonna go. They'd get some pretty radical dents in the canisters.

If anyone wanted to know.
2004-09-05 02:07:11 AM  
Christ, this was the kind of stuff I did in high school.
2004-09-05 02:07:46 AM  
Then in the judge's reasoning, why the fark was he jailed for nine months?

That's the lower end of the spectrum too, I guess. Basically a way of saying "don't make bombs."
2004-09-05 02:07:53 AM  
2004-09-05 02:08:05 AM  
i love blood and violence

but i dont get to do stuff like that.

2004-09-05 02:08:30 AM  
Years ago, when my friends and I would make things that went BOOM, we were always proud to make the actual chemicals ourselves. People that just put stuff in a pipe and lit it off were always considered to be major losers. Unfortunately today people are far too paranoid about these things for it to be any fun. I guess these days kids looking for thrills will just have to constrain themselves to drugs.
2004-09-05 02:09:28 AM  
I used to fill the CO2 cannisters with the stuf from match heads (Phosphorus maybe).

You could punch a hole in quarter inch steel from 20 feet.
2004-09-05 02:13:11 AM  
Q. Did you hear about the guy who's a dyslexic-bulimic?
A. He eats, and then he sticks his finger up his ass.
2004-09-05 02:13:31 AM  
I can relate to this guy, except for the nuts and bolts packed into the pipes. It's just applied chemistry as long as you are careful not to endanger anyone except yourself. We used to refill small propane tanks with black powder and/or blackcat/bottlerocket propellant and fuse them with sparklers.

Granulated sodium hypochlorite (pool shock treatment) and brake fluid in a bottle or can is a fun one too. Had to be VERY careful with this one though. The reaction time is extremely temperature critical. If the ambient temp is 40F, it will take over a minute for it to blow. If it's 90F, don't bother. As soon as you mix the two, BOOM! I do worry about the organochlorides I inhaled while playing....

Making gun cotton (nitrocellulose) was a 'blast' too.

I sure miss the days you could walk in off the street and buy highly concentrated nitric and sulfuric acids from any chem supply shop.
2004-09-05 02:15:11 AM  
I'm a bit surprised that noone has expressed incredulity that he would marry the biatch that called the cops on him.

FWIW, from the cops' perspective, its probably a bit easier to excuse high-schoolers than 30yr-olds when it comes to "playing with chemicals."

If ya haven't gotten it out of your system by HS graduation, maybe you are a danger - though of the doofus variety, rather than terrorist.
2004-09-05 02:18:45 AM  
My mom told me a story once that when I was little (two?) I used to say "so-and-so made a BOOM!" whenever someone fell down. So anyways, My great-grandmother fell and broke her hip around that time. Apparently it was pretty serious, and I think she was 90, give or take a few years. My mom said that everyone was standing around talking about how terrible it was, and how much pain she was in, and I walked up and said "gramma made a BOOM!!!!!" Everyone tried not to laugh.
2004-09-05 02:20:58 AM  
I did this when I was a freshman in High School. Lucky for me, that was pre-Columbine, or I would still be locked away!
2004-09-05 02:21:01 AM  
powerclam:If ya haven't gotten it out of your system by HS graduation, maybe you are a danger - though of the doofus variety, rather than terrorist.

You are correct.
2004-09-05 02:25:58 AM  
Got it out of my system after high school. Was 20. We graduated from nitrocellulose to nitroglycerine. We were using a styrofoam cooler filled with icewater to keep the reaction cool. I was already spooked that the reaction could go critical if it got too warm. My friend's polyester jacket rubbed against the cooler and made a hissing/crackling sound. With the beaker of nitric acid in hand, I jumped back. Nitric acid all over my jeans, in the crotch area. Since another guy was tagging along, and he was gay or bi, I refused to remove my jeans. I had to deal with 2nd degree burns up my thigh for weeks since my parents would have shiat their pants had they found out. Obviously, the jeans pretty much disintegrated when I tried to wash them. Scarring was evident for years.
2004-09-05 02:27:04 AM  
The two devices they found were metal pipes with explosive material and nuts and bolts inside.

Just when Darwin pulls up a chair and grabs a bowl of popcorn, the police have to arrive and stop the fun.
2004-09-05 02:28:43 AM  
Crazy idea, fine the guy and let him go. Check in on him ever couple of weeks to make sure he's not making bombs. Fine pays for surveilence, everyone is safe, and I (or in this case my british counterpart) doesn't have to pay for the incarceration of this guys stupid, though likely non-dangerous, arse.
2004-09-05 02:40:23 AM  
Is this "Dumbass" because the law won't let a man persue his hobby? fark the law.
2004-09-05 02:44:06 AM  
Great story, Nixonian! LMAO!!

/Experience is the best teacher!
2004-09-05 03:49:45 AM  

If, in the future, you're presented with a situation where you'll either:

A: Get acid splashed onto your crotch

B: Turn on your gay/bi friend

For the love of Jebus, choose B!

/good god, man....ow!
2004-09-05 03:54:46 AM  
I'm a bit surprised that noone has expressed incredulity that he would marry the biatch that called the cops on him.

Me too. I can excuse a lot of things in a woman, but ratting me out is not one of them. Loyalty is Job One.
2004-09-05 04:00:01 AM  
Oh, and I got this stuff outta my system at like 12 (the statute of limitations ran out like 15 years ago, in case any ATF pple are reading this). Had too many near-misses with the old pipe-bombs. Every time I read about someone getting blown up with one of these home-grown jobs, I fwd the story to my old partner-in-bombs, and we reminisce about how lucky we were not to be killed or dismembered.

Some if this shiat - I mean serious bombs - we lit with fuses under 2". We didn't use any girly-man fireworks powder either. Strictly smokeless powder for cartridge reloading. Dumb little bastards we were.
2004-09-05 04:00:53 AM  
Nine months for playing with some toys. Not the smartest toys, but he clearly did not intend to harm anyone...

What is George Walker going to get for waging an illegitimate war? A re-election? Don't you love it when justice works to remove the dangerous criminals from society?

The guy is only gay/bi. There's a guy where I work who is also gay. He doesn't give the impression that he's going to whip out the weener and do the nasty at the first chance he gets.
Taking 2nd degree burns over embarrassment, that's just not smart, man.
2004-09-05 04:10:01 AM  
Nine months? I know lots of people who often set off explosions in devices that not only are capable of causing "fatal injuries," but are specifically designed to do so. These recreational explosion nuts don't do it for the thrill of creative discovery, though, they just like to shoot targets at the firing range...
2004-09-05 04:50:40 AM  

Long time ago man. With age, one learns to laugh at one's self. Thanks for pointing that out though. You have made a difference.
2004-09-05 05:01:22 AM  
2004-09-05 02:01:34 AM KaosLyon

"...in the judge's reasoning, why the fark was he jailed for nine months?"

Well, apparently it's illegal in this country to make bombs with the potential to cause harm/ loss of life. To be seen to condone his actions could encourage other in-duh-viduals to experiment with home made bombs, and some one else may be killed.

/Just my $0.02
2004-09-05 05:21:53 AM  
2004-09-05 02:27:04 AM EvilMidnightBomber...... "Just when Darwin pulls up a chair and grabs a bowl of popcorn, the police have to arrive and stop the fun."

/that is a great sentence.
2004-09-05 06:23:48 AM  
So...why is this a crime, again?
2004-09-05 06:47:23 AM  
Unabomber unavailable for comment
2004-09-05 06:56:19 AM  
I can't believe only 2 ppl have commented on the fact that the guy actually married that biatch after she ratted him out. Are you kidding me? At what point in prison does the guy think, "you know, even though she's the reason I'm someone's biatch right now, I think I want to marry her?"

Come on people...
2004-09-05 08:33:00 AM  
maltov I used to make little 'bombs' when i was in HS ('91-'95) but that was before terrorists.

Ok...so your fark name is maltov and yet you still make the comment....that was before terrorists? I just had to laugh at how short sighted and uneducated about history our citizens are these days. Sad man, just sad.

/Terrorists have existed since the word terror entered the language of mankind
2004-09-05 08:45:43 AM  
It's awful that that guy got jail. I really don't understand why it would be against the law to make bombs as long as you aren't going to hurt anyone. I used to make them all the time when I lived in WV. Heck, there are still 4 unexploded pipe bombs in my old pond back there. It's just good clean fun and it tends to weed out the idiots. And the very last thing we need to do in this nation is protect idiots from themselves. Get em out of the gene pool I say.

When I moved to NC there just wasn't any place to set my bombs off safely anymore so I quit. Then I learned that it was against the law. Still can't understand why.

So I started making rockets. Big ones. My best shot was 2,000mph @ 6,000ft high. Then the Assholes Taking Freedom decided that Ammonium Perchlorate was an explosive. Now I can't buy rocket motors anymore. AP is NOT an explosive. It just sparks and fizzles when not contained. But NOOOOOOOO those ATF goons gotta ruin that hobby too.

Now I can't make bombs, can't launch large rockets, can't target practice with my gun in my back yard, can't even set off firecrackers. It's getting to where a man can't exist anymore. Sure, it's fine for wussies and women, but what about the men? Can't we have our boomers?

Is it the revolution yet?
2004-09-05 09:00:01 AM  
[image from img.photobucket.com too old to be available]?
2004-09-05 01:00:59 PM  
Apparently no revolution yet, but when the time comes, the revolution will not be televised.
2004-09-05 02:07:29 PM  
An A-Splode tag is deffinately called for.

2004-09-06 05:11:08 AM  
[image from thetick.ws too old to be available]
Is it this guy?
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