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(CNBC)   THE Ohio State University researchers have identified two new US-based variants of THE Coronavirus; plan to name one for THE Nick Saban   ( divider line
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2021-01-13 4:05:38 PM  
7 votes:
It's almost like letting a virus run rampant through a population is a bad idea. Where are all those "natural herd immunity" touchholes now?
2021-01-13 3:00:25 PM  
5 votes:
Viruses gonna virus.  We just have to hope that we stay lucky and the vaccine remains effective.
2021-01-13 3:23:32 PM  
4 votes:
Protein printers might mutate when given 200+k new printing presses a day?  Who'd have thunk?
2021-01-13 9:22:56 PM  
1 vote:

AmbassadorBooze: erik-k: If it's already taken over as the majority strain in a major city, and there hasn't been a tidal wave of people flooding in with second infections, that means that existing antibodies continue to neutralize it and ergo the vaccines that provoke exactly those antibodies will continue to work.

What major city has had even a slight majority of people vaccinated?  Or even more than a few percent?  We have no idea of the antibodies that people make to the MRNA vaccine (from my understanding it trains your body to make antibodies for the spike protein) will work against the new strain or strains.  Now, If you look at people who had the live virus and test their antibodies against the new strain, that would help with our understanding.  What if the spike protein mutates and the people with the vaccine didn't get immunity to the new strain from the vaccine, but from the covid 19 particles in their body, because the vaccine doesn't stop a person from being infected.  So, only the rich and the elite and the overmasters will have immunity to the new strain.

Then, all it takes is some mutation in the spike protein to make it so that the vaccine doesn't work, and all of a sudden, the rich and elite and overmasters, along with the few underchuds lucky enought to get the vaccine, are the only ones immune due to their antibodies for other parts of the virus protein coat.  And then the Overmasters argue about funding a new vaccine for months to years, while the people they want dead, all die.  Then they wipe their hands on their pants and say "problem solved".

Your mind scares and fascinates me
2021-01-13 3:37:15 PM  
1 vote:

Opacity: I'd say all countries should shutdown travel from the US, but they already have.

That's so racist.
2021-01-13 3:29:52 PM  
1 vote:
I currently have the common cold. Whole family has it. We tested for COVID: negative.

I hope COVID stays like "the flu" in that we only need an annual shot. Whereas, there are so many strains of the common cold that there is no shot.

But I have hope. I know science can do it. I read an article (forgot where) on how scientists can cure the common cold, but a large effort isn't there because of you know, deadly viruses requiring attention.

So, if COVID does go "crazy" like the common cold, I'm thinking science tests an approach that can wipe both out simultaneously because it would need to attack viruses at its most basic function, rather than whatever unique characteristics a specific strain has.

/I'm an accountant.
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