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(Toronto Star)   Paramedics attend to dead seven-year-old; father goes to kitchen for hot dogs.   ( thestar.com) divider line
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2002-02-05 08:41:27 AM  
This has been big local news lately. I hope they both get put away for ever but unfortunately, they'll probably get shiat. As usual.
2002-02-05 08:41:40 AM  
2002-02-05 08:41:45 AM  
i am speechless . . .
2002-02-05 08:42:03 AM  
Canada needs capital punishment...
2002-02-05 08:42:16 AM  
Someone farking kill those worthless motherfarkers
2002-02-05 08:44:57 AM  
I don't get it? So EVERYBODY'S general reaction to something this traumatic HAS to be of shock and bewilderment? Honestly I think the scrutiny is being placed for the wrong reason.

-Hal doesn't react much to personal tragedy either.
2002-02-05 08:45:51 AM  
i'll take ketchup and pickle relish on mine please.

2002-02-05 08:47:32 AM  
Scrutiny is being placed because the kid was apparently used as a pinata. The fact the the father made hot dogs... the reaction doesn't have to be shock and bewilderment, but come on.
2002-02-05 08:49:03 AM  
Hal, you would go make hot dogs while you're son lies dead upstairs? I read the article and was thinking the same thing. Everybody reacts differently to tragedy. Some people try to pretend nothing has happened. I was expecting them to quote him as saying he was making one for his son. Then I read about the 14 cracked ribs, swallowed tooth and whip marks all over the kid. Don't give them the death penalty, at least not the kind we have in the US. Make them suffer the same way their son/stepson did.
2002-02-05 08:49:33 AM  
She made the kid eat his vomit?! A slow painful death is too good for her.
2002-02-05 08:50:05 AM  
I don't understand why his wife couldn't bring them out to him or something.
2002-02-05 08:51:52 AM  
i agree with Shreen. obviousaly this kid was abused and that is the problem. forced to eat his own vomit, come on . . .

what i would like to know is, if the family of this kid knew it was happening, then why didn't they do anything? ignorant!
2002-02-05 08:52:35 AM  
The friends of the family said the kid got his ass kicked daily by his step mom, and that he lost control of normal bodily functions. Well, those bastards have blood on their hands as well. They could have easily done SOMETHING. Farking morons.
2002-02-05 08:53:37 AM  
What in the hell is that piece a crap stepmother's lawyer wearing??????????
2002-02-05 08:55:34 AM  
Maybe they are in shock/denial. Yeah, right; Hang'em.

I blame video games and television for the desensitization of parents today.
2002-02-05 08:55:51 AM  
These 2 people = FAIL.

Even if the justice system farks up (like we know it will) kharma will get these 2.
2002-02-05 08:57:00 AM  
"What in the hell is that piece a crap stepmother's lawyer wearing??????????"

That's a dress. For some reason, judges and crown attourney's in Canada like to cross-dress for court hearings. I know, we just try not to notice.
2002-02-05 08:59:32 AM  
Okay, for a second there I thought the guy on the right was her husband.
2002-02-05 08:59:49 AM  
damn thats funny...I dont think being a lawyer would pay if in Canada then...
2002-02-05 09:00:06 AM  
Okay, fark HTML...the second picture down, if you care.
2002-02-05 09:01:47 AM  
Children's Aid officials refused to get involved in what they said was a ``police matter,"

Not only did the family fail this child, but the entire system failed. A police matter? Yeah, now it is.
2002-02-05 09:01:55 AM  
hot dogs? Did someone say hot dogs?
2002-02-05 09:02:32 AM  
"For some reason, it seems my little son has killed himself, or something,"

Things like this make me think capital punishment is to good for some people.
2002-02-05 09:02:45 AM  
That is the sickest and saddest thing I have read in a long time. I can't believe the family and school couldn't intervine.

I think they should send the parents down here to the Show-Me state..... I'd like to show them some justice.
2002-02-05 09:03:17 AM  
Burning in hell for all eternity is way too good for these two. Maybe they should be forced to eat vomit for the rest of their lives.
2002-02-05 09:03:50 AM  
This is just sick. Vandalbob I completely agree with you. Everyone who knew this was happening should be tried for neglect and abuse as well.

The picture of the kid is just pathetic he looks like one of the children sally struthers shills for. But what was with the photoshopping and crappy filter on it?
2002-02-05 09:04:01 AM  
What in the hell is that piece a crap stepmother's lawyer wearing??????????

Our lawyers in Canada wear similar robes to those in Great Britain. Ours don't wear the silly wigs though.

The kids imigrated(sp?) to Canada a few years ago when their mother died in Jamaica (I think). Marcia Dooley (the stepmom) had abused this kid for years before he died. According to testimony by the boys aunt, she even bragged that she stood on Randal's chest and pulled his arm out of it's socket. I don't believe in capital punishment but I do believe in corporal punishment. These two deserve to suffer the same injuries that Randal did.

Praise Corporal Punishment.
2002-02-05 09:04:36 AM  
yeah that would be GREAT if these scum of parents were from Texas..they would be fryed in about a week
2002-02-05 09:06:24 AM  
Look! Her lawyer is dead too!

[image from thestar.com too old to be available]
2002-02-05 09:06:58 AM  
Yeah, Vandalbob, I've got to say that the friends/family who knew about this going on are in some serious shape. The story didn't say if they'd contacted family services, though. It could be that they called them constantly, but bureaucracy bogged everything down (but that would probably be a newsworthy fact in itself). Boiling water for hot dogs isn't proof of guilt in itself (people in shock DO do strange things; or he could just be an unfeeling b@stard, which isn't illegal). When your kid's black'n'blue from head to toe, it ain't from falling out of bed once. The advantage to their having time in prison is that people who hurt (and especially rape) children get to be the prison biatch more often.
2002-02-05 09:12:03 AM  
Imurmilk I'm not from there or have ever been but, God Bless Texas. Lets ship these two down there.
2002-02-05 09:13:40 AM  
"The story didn't say if they'd contacted family services, though."

His school teacher contacted them. They determined that it was a criminal matter and stepped out of the way. Police investigated but by then it was too late. Don't get your hopes up, this is Canada. The worst they'll get is 10 years, bargained to 5, 2/3's good behaviour, they'll be out in 2 years.
2002-02-05 09:14:50 AM  
im from the same place it looks like your from philly
2002-02-05 09:15:25 AM  
The thing is, you guys think this is hardcore, we had a couple who made their 7 yo neice sleep in the bath in a binliner of her own filth for months, and used to regularly beat, burn and torture her. Social services apparently saw nothing wrong with the child, even when her hair started falling out due to stress and she started to go blind.

Still, young kids today have no respect, and it's no surprise, given their lack of dicipline.
2002-02-05 09:16:02 AM  
Oh, and while I'm at it, those 2 years will be spent, as a guy I know who's spent time in jail, watching cable TV, getting 3 squares a day and playing cards when you're bored. Nice punishment. Canada's justice system does justice only to the accused.
2002-02-05 09:21:15 AM  
the more i hear about this the more sick i feel
2002-02-05 09:24:42 AM  
As a parent, this disturbs me more than anything else I have read this morning. Three years ago, my son fell and broke his leg, and family services was determined that I would not take my child home from the hospital until we were put through the wringer. (Because of the nature of the break, they just knew we abused him.) Polygraph tests were given, we (my son's dad and I) were questioned seperately, and together, and were harrassed by the state for almost 6 months. At the end of that time, they deiced the charges were "unsubstantiated", and dropped everything. This was help over our heads for 2 years, that if anything else happened to my son we would be prosecuted. For a freak accident! Never once have we heard it was a mistake, never did we hear you don't beat you child. We heard you will be expecting us to drop in at any moment. Then I see news like this, where everyone KNEW the child was being abused,but no one steps in? How can this be?
2002-02-05 09:25:01 AM  
I am shocked and outraged I mean really Wildgolfer2 what are you thinking putting ketchup on a hotdog?
2002-02-05 09:25:49 AM  
gosh I hope all you liberals will do something to abolish, ban, do away with whatever..the death penalty here to help make our fine country as safe a place for child murderers as Canada is.

oh maybe if you banned bungee-cords too
2002-02-05 09:29:04 AM  
My Uncle, a cop, was called to a house once where a woman burned her grandchild to death in the bathtub (hot, hot water) for screaming too much. Because the baby was a crack baby and full of problems, and the mother had dumped the child on the grandmother, she got off on probation. They said the stress probably made her do it, the mother neglected the child, and the child wouldn't have led a good life anyway. The grandmother wasn't held accountable. The mother was charged with neglect but got off on probation too. What a farked up world. Kill a baby (or anyone), die the same way.
2002-02-05 09:31:29 AM  
This story should be changed to SAD.
2002-02-05 09:36:25 AM  
I've been following this case for several weeks, it is one of the sadest things I have ever read. It brings you to tears.
2002-02-05 09:38:51 AM  
I used to be an EMT. Once we had parents too concerned with going to chruch while their kid was having an asthma attack. They thought that he was faking it because he didn't want to go to church so they withheld his inhailer from him. He died right on the sidewalk and the parents got charged with murder. Pleaded "no contest".

Face the music and accept responsibility for your actions. Plead guilty, save tax $$$.
2002-02-05 09:40:38 AM  
Sorry folks, we have no room in prisons for scum like this. There are too many people caught smoking weed taking up room in prisons, you know, the *real* criminals in this world.

If those goddamn hippies didn't smoke the bud and get caught, these jackoffs wouldn't get out in 10-20.

2002-02-05 09:42:08 AM  
These people should have their genitalia smashed in with a bat so that they do not reproduce again.
2002-02-05 09:42:29 AM  
sick sick sick.

Capital punishment isn't good enough.
2002-02-05 09:45:59 AM  
If these allegations are true, then these two are animals who ought to be "fixed" and never allowed to intermingle with the public again

2002-02-05 09:51:00 AM  
Remember what I said about capital punishment? Well, I was wrong. Some people need to die, like these two primates.
2002-02-05 09:55:42 AM  
I hope both of them get a case of accute lead poisoning.

2002-02-05 09:57:24 AM  
I think its time we take a long hard look at funding a super hero or begin super hero research.
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