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(Toronto Star)   Paramedics attend to dead seven-year-old; father goes to kitchen for hot dogs.   ( divider line
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2002-02-05 09:58:37 AM  
This story is beyond sad -- just heartbreaking. Things like this always upset me beyond belief. It's one thing to screw up your own life when you're grown up. That's your business. But little kids shouldn't have to go through this kind of $#!+. They should at least have a decent start.

I can't even comprehend of people treating their children - ANY children -- like this! What kind of evil emef do you have to be to make a child eat vomit? To beat a child to death? What could this child have possibly done to be abused so viciously? Probably nothing. They are just sick farks. And that other people knew -- including Child Protective Services -- and did nothing. Makes me sick. As for the death penalty, I live in Texas and I normally think it's overused. HOWEVER! In this situation, I feel it's absolutely justified. And none of this "humane" lethal injection crap, either. Fry 'em, and I don't mean the chair. I mean on a hot skillet... with hotdogs...and puke...and their own teeth.
2002-02-05 10:02:24 AM  
Looks like the parents won't be working in child care any time soon.
2002-02-05 10:09:19 AM  
Everyone's already said pretty much exactly how I feel about these farking evil morons. I think this goes to the argument about mandatory sterilization for some people. Goddammit, not everyone needs to have the right to have children!! need a farking license to hunt or fish, but anyone can fark and make babies!! You should have to take a psychological evaluation and pass it before being allowed to reproduce! And according to this article, they have another kid, too!!! MANDATORY STERILIZATION, FOLKS!!!!
2002-02-05 10:11:02 AM  
There are some sick people in the world. It amazes me that people seem to turn there heads when they see child abuse. SICK SICK SICK!
2002-02-05 10:22:13 AM  
Give me a cheese grater and 15 minutes with this scum and I promise you they will be begging to eat their own vomit. These "people" should be skinned alive using nothing but a toothpick.
2002-02-05 10:31:54 AM  
leave it to the canadians
2002-02-05 10:43:01 AM  
Should I infer from that photo that the woman is actually OUT ON BAIL??? What are these Canadian legal people thinking?
2002-02-05 10:53:55 AM  
very very sad. Whoever posted this, you just ruined my whole day. Week even. And once I think I've forgotten it, someone will remind me and I'll feel shiatty all over again.

I think I'll go hide my head in the sand and never read the news again. : (
2002-02-05 11:08:17 AM  
This is pretty damn sick. I mean, what kind of farked up mind do you have to have crammed up in your skull to be able to force a child to eat his own vomit?

The kid had fourteen broken ribs.
That's scary. What's even scarier in a way is how the social workers do their jobs. They have very little contact with the families and have to make snap decisions-- is this mother or father abusing their kid or not?

It can be horrible when they figure that you are abusing them when you aren't but I'm sure that there are many cases of abuse that fall right through the cracks.

What kind of system do we have where the guilty can go free while the innocent get hounded for years? This reminds me of that case where this sick mother had some screwed up way of getting attention: she'd kill her infant and then bask in the condolences and pity the people around her would give her. After a while, she'd have another baby and kill that one too when it wouldn't shut up.

Some people are just really horrible and shouldn't be allowed to take care of children.
2002-02-05 11:19:52 AM  
RAGECLOAK- "leave it to the canadians"

Get real, you frkking retard. Only a total shiat-head would say something so stupid on a thread that should evoke sympathy and thought; frkk nationality. Idiot.
2002-02-05 11:20:59 AM  
SEE, this is what happens when you let heterosexual christian parents raise a child.

What we need are more GAY parents. YAY GAY ADOPTION!

*dons flame-proof suit*
2002-02-05 11:24:58 AM  
Those sick farks should be shot in the face and fed to stray dogs.
2002-02-05 11:27:16 AM  
02-05-02 10:31:54 AM RAGECLOAK
leave it to the canadians

As sick and disturbing as this event is (oh, and it is farking horrible), equally horrible shiate has happended in your own country too mate. So don't get all high and mighty, going "Oh those sick canadians", because I remember hearing a story about an American woman who broke both of her 8yr old son's arms as a punishment. Then refused to take him to hospital. Eventually the boy died from various infections and loss of blood from open wounds from the broken arms.

Thats 1 of god knows how many stories. We live in a sick world with a lot of sick people so don't go singling out any countries.

Heh - bit of fellow commonwealth defence there :D
2002-02-05 11:41:58 AM  
There is no place in hell HOT enough for these farking bastards. Good G-d.
2002-02-05 12:00:15 PM  
I am very mad.
2002-02-05 12:01:12 PM  
If I choked these people to death, would anybody mind?
2002-02-05 12:30:37 PM  
I live in england and my sister in law works in a junior school.

They have one little girl there and they are sure the mother is abusing her, but the law over here states that you have to have three pieces of evidence before you can do anything.

If the child comes into school with a huge bruise or anything, you can't ask the child what happened, you have to wait for them to offer it.

They managed to get the three pieces of evidence with this case and called social services. SS went round to the house and the mother said that the child is thin because she has an eating disorder (she's about 5) and has a black eye from walking into a lampost. (this girl cannot lift herself off the floor when she falls over, so she is not in any state to be chucking herself at lamposts).

Social Services have not taken it any further. The school can't intervene as apart from it being against the law, they do not want the mother to punish the child for telling teachers.

Lots of people on here are saying this sort of situation "makes them sick". It doesn't make me sick, it makes me angry and sad.
2002-02-05 12:38:08 PM  
Jaimeekae: It's sad to see a situation like that, and not be able to do anything about it. Well, I'm thoroughly depressed for today. Time to immerse myself in my work, and think about my own beautiful, happy children.
2002-02-05 12:50:55 PM  
Hang those motherfarkers up by their heels, gut them, and let the dogs eat their guts.
2002-02-05 01:47:54 PM  
Ya know, I was just arguing the other day with someone about how Freedom as an institution meant that you need to put up with the hateful vitriol of someone else in order to preserve your own freedom of expression. There will be some shiatheads in the world and we just need to accept that in exchange for enjoying the freedoms we have.

I have since changed my mind. I am now willing to give up certain rights (I'm still working on which ones) so that I may be allowed to pass judgement and punishment on these two despicable wastes of my oxygen. I could very easily, and without any hesitation at double standard, rip these people limb from limb with my bare hands just to have them experience what they put that boy through.

I wanna go home and hug my babies.

In my state one has to pay $30 to get a license to go fishing, but anyone fire off some youngin's. WTF is up with our priorities?
2002-02-05 01:57:00 PM  
In my state one has to pay $30 to get a license to go fishing, but anyone fire off some youngin's. WTF is up with our priorities?

2002-02-05 02:47:36 PM  
I recommend subcutaneous firecracker implantation for the mother and father. The local 2nd graders will each get a Bic lighter and be allowed to light five firecrackers apiece.
2002-02-05 03:26:41 PM  
AHEM. I said, "This is what happens when you let heterosexual christian parents raise a child..."

nevermind. *takes off flame-proof suit*

I am by nature someone who believes there are no objective moral truths, but I am having a hard time telling myself that what these people did was not pure evil.
2002-02-05 04:47:27 PM  
Then again, the BIBLE CLEARLY tells us that what these people did was ok:

If a man have a stubborn and rebellious son, which will not obey the voice of his father, or the voice of his mother, and that, when they have chastened him, will not hearken unto them:
Then shall his father and his mother lay hold on him, and bring him out unto the elders of his city, and unto the gate of his place;
And they shall say unto the elders of his city, This our son is stubborn and rebellious, he will not obey our voice; he is a glutton, and a drunkard.
And all the men of his city shall stone him with stones, that he die: so shalt thou put evil away from among you; and all Israel shall hear, and fear.

man oh man do I love the bible.
2002-02-05 05:23:14 PM  
Nobody is to throw stones until I blow THIS whistle, even if they DO say "Jehovah"!
2002-02-05 06:08:51 PM  
Fark it! Chain'em to an engine block and toss'em in a lake.
2002-02-05 06:18:04 PM  
Yeah the kid killed himself, and and in other news OJ really is innocent...
2002-02-05 06:53:55 PM  
I didn't read the story at first because just looking at the headline I knew that it would piss me off.
After reading this article is there any doubt that these 2 murderous pieces of dung deserve to be tossed into an industrial sized woodchipper.
2002-02-05 07:26:37 PM  
Don't kill them, just put them in general population for the rest of their painful lives.
2002-02-05 10:01:29 PM  
I agree, let them go back home, whose address is posted on national TV, better yet, American TV as well.

And watch as justice is served.
2002-02-05 11:27:13 PM  
I find it interesting that so many people react to a story of violence by wanting to inflict violence. "Hang them!" "Burn them!" "Beat them!" "Send them to hell to fry for eternity!"

So inflicting violence would make you feel better, is that it? Hmmm, I have to wonder if that's how those two parents dealt with stress?

I don't want to see these two very sick people hurt. I do, however, want some assurance that they'll never be put in charge of any living being ever again. Not even a goldfish.
2002-02-06 12:39:50 AM  
It's not violence to take out the trash. If you'd like, we can pause to counsel them, retrieve their repressed memories of childhood trauma and re-validate their worth as human beings allowing them a chance to get in touch with their inner selves.

Then chain'em to an engine block an dump'em in a lake.
2002-02-06 09:15:19 AM  
Timothy This feeling of rage and disgust I am feeling and the desire to see these things in a LOT of physical pain doesn't stem from "oh god, the rent is due" stress. It stems from the fact that they tortured and murdered a small helpless little boy who looked to them only for love and protection.

And, yes, it would make me feel better, alot farking better.
2002-02-06 01:30:09 PM  
Child murderers get hungry, too!
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