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(USA Today)   Atlanta needs a new slogan. "Owned by Sherman" already suggested   ( divider line
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4822 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Aug 2004 at 6:39 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-08-31 4:25:28 PM  
2004-08-31 4:28:43 PM  
Ted Turner's playground
2004-08-31 4:29:24 PM  
Come for the smog, stay for the traffic?

Atlanta: Becoming more and more racist since 1845

Atlanta: We wish we were Athens
2004-08-31 4:31:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-08-31 4:34:49 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/My boobies went in the wrong thread dammit. Twice in 2 days!
2004-08-31 4:35:10 PM  
Atlanta, the faggot sewer of the east !
Years ahead of our time, in a backwards kind of southern way!
2004-08-31 4:35:49 PM  
Atlanta: Road rage required.
2004-08-31 4:35:51 PM  
Atlanta: Ted Turner wanted to make me his biatch.
2004-08-31 4:36:10 PM  
Atlanta - Get the fark out of my way
2004-08-31 4:38:41 PM  
Atlanta: Hotter Than Hell, and With Bigger Ghettos
2004-08-31 4:39:36 PM  
Atlanta: At least we're not Birmingham.
2004-08-31 4:42:41 PM  
How about this Sherman and his and Peabody's "Way Back Machine" went a little forward

[image from too old to be available]
2004-08-31 4:44:30 PM  
Atlanta. We have the Coca-Cola museum, and the Coca-Cola museum.
2004-08-31 4:51:24 PM  
Hey, Atlanta's not that bad.

Here's a list of everything fun to do while in downtown Atlanta:

* We got strippers!
* Play "Count the bums"!
* Listen to the street musician. Yes, musician, singular.
* See how many streets with "Peachtree" in the name you can find.
* Go to Midtown and point at all the freaks.
* Risk your personal safety, ride MARTA, it's SMARTA!
* Try to find something fun to do in Underground Atlanta. Go ahead, we dare you!
* Enjoy a invigorating run through "West End".

I could go on, but why?
2004-08-31 4:54:43 PM  
Atlanta traffice got you down? Not going anywhere
for a while? Grab a Snickers.
2004-08-31 4:55:45 PM  
Atlanta: Now you know why Sherman burned the place.
Atlanta: Come for the heat, stay for the humidity.
Atlanta: Hope you're not in any hurry! (Traffic edition)
2004-08-31 4:55:59 PM  
Atlanta, the Detroit of the South
2004-08-31 4:56:19 PM  
That isn't us. You're thinking about the rest of Georgia!
2004-08-31 5:02:48 PM  
Atlanta - It beats the hell out of the stinkin, gray, sewage and trash-littered freezin-ass North.

I can say that, as I am from Atlanta and live in NYC, hate it hate it hate it and want to go home - anyone in Atlanta wanting to hire an IT data-restore super-professional, email me.

Atlanta is beautiful. Period.
2004-08-31 5:10:05 PM  
"Atlanta at Last", "Atlanta, Georgia on my mind", or some other tripe crap like that.

There, I bet I actually win the contest.
2004-08-31 5:10:43 PM  
Atlanta: At least you don't freeze you're arse off in January. So, we've got that goin' for us.
2004-08-31 5:10:43 PM  
Atlanta, brought to you by Delta

2004-08-31 5:11:04 PM  
2004-08-31 5:15:43 PM  
* Leave the snows, come for the 'hos.
2004-08-31 5:16:26 PM  
Short lived Atlanta radio talk host Dave Paul captured the new Georgia State motto as, "Georgia -- the state that would not progress."

He advocated just giving in and turning the state into the 18th century backwards thinking society it longs to be.
2004-08-31 5:17:32 PM  
* Home of the MLB team that's won, like 13 pennants IN A ROW and still has only one WS championship!

/bitter e-Chicagoan, Cub fan.
2004-08-31 5:20:23 PM  
ATLANTA: The city with the most streets named for live politicians
2004-08-31 5:23:42 PM  
The only Cherokee's here, are in parking lots.

/Trail of Tears
2004-08-31 5:55:38 PM  
Atlanta - We're city rednecks.
Atlanta - Come on, you know you dig the accent.
Atlanta - Hey, at least we are stuck in the 1800s instead of the middle ages like the rest of the South.
2004-08-31 6:12:48 PM  
Hail, Atlanta!
2004-08-31 6:16:44 PM  
Atlanta - we're all one big family

Atlanta - y'all aint from around here, are ya

Atlanta - you'll squeal with pleasure
2004-08-31 6:35:17 PM  
Atlanta - it took us 150 years, but we finally admit that the south lost
2004-08-31 6:43:00 PM  
Atlanta: come for the panhandlers stay for the traffic
2004-08-31 6:43:23 PM  
Atlanta - We couldn't show that we cared about the rights of the Native Americans through our actions all those years ago... So instead we just named a team after them
2004-08-31 6:43:45 PM  
Atlanta: Not bad for Georgia

Atlanta: Thank God for Birmingham

God I miss Atlanta. Houston sucks. Oh, that makes me think of another one: Houston: We make Atlanta look good.
2004-08-31 6:44:09 PM  
Sure man, march though Atlanta!

/Got nuttin

Atlanta: That ain't MY job!! (actually heard at the DMV AND police station). Ugh.
2004-08-31 6:44:44 PM  
Atlanta, Georgia, no two stopped cars on the highway are not on fire.
2004-08-31 6:44:50 PM  
atlanta-the real new mexico
2004-08-31 6:45:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Atlanta: Iiiiiiit stinks!
2004-08-31 6:45:23 PM  
2004-08-31 6:45:27 PM  
Atlanta - We hosted the Olympics a few years ago. A mystery yet to be solved.

Atlanta - At least we're not Birmingham

Atlanta - These black people think they're free, but we'll let you in on a secret; we paid off Lincoln to write some real small print on the Emancipation Proclimation letting us keep em.
2004-08-31 6:45:30 PM  
atlanta-the real new mexico

/now with voting
2004-08-31 6:45:39 PM  
Atlanta: The Other Lost City
2004-08-31 6:46:07 PM  
Atlanta: Worst sports town on the planet Earth.

2004-08-31 6:46:28 PM  
Atlanta - You might as well like it ... because your flight's canceled.
2004-08-31 6:47:23 PM  
Atlanta: Craptastic!
Atlanta: Theres the Coke Mueseum, and...uhh...
Atlanta: Its not as bad as you think it is!
Atlanta: Its November and I am sweating!
2004-08-31 6:48:08 PM  
Atlanta: Come see John Rocker's Museum of Fags, Dudes with Pink Hair and Assorted Minority Types.
2004-08-31 6:48:22 PM  
Welcome to Atlanta, y'all be sure to set your watches back 47 years...y'hear?
2004-08-31 6:48:50 PM  
Atlanta:It ain't over till the Fat Lady burns.
2004-08-31 6:49:19 PM  
"Now populated by arrogant yuppie assholes"

"Not one native left"

"We used to have more trees than people"

"If you can't afford a half-a-million dollar house don't move here"
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