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(Yahoo)   Greta Van Susteren's new face lift (pic)   ( dailynews.yahoo.com) divider line
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17146 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Feb 2002 at 12:40 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-04 12:10:16 PM  
As it was loading, thought it was Jenna Bush for a second. Her cheeks are puffier, must be some swelling. Now if she can just keep from talking out of the corner of her mouth.
2002-02-04 12:42:49 PM  
She looks like a Japanese porn-star! It's a good look for her...
2002-02-04 12:43:10 PM  
Can she get cosmetic surgery to remove her history as a lawyer?
2002-02-04 12:43:12 PM  
I'd throw the man-sausage at her... but that still doesn't qualify this link as acceptable.
2002-02-04 12:43:50 PM  
Peaceboy: I'm sure some mouth corner reduction surgery would help that.
2002-02-04 12:43:50 PM  
holy crap, does she ever look good. Then again, Anyhthing would look better than she use to look like.
WOW..she looks 10 years younger.
2002-02-04 12:45:01 PM  
I see she still hsan't picked that crap out of her teeth yet.
2002-02-04 12:45:23 PM  
What did she used to look like?

2002-02-04 12:45:43 PM  
I'de like to put my distubingly long microphone in her mouth.
2002-02-04 12:46:02 PM  
Has she done something about the way she talks out of one side of her mouth?
2002-02-04 12:46:45 PM  
Wow... Greta got hot all of a sudden. Wouldn't want to put a candle too close to her face though.
2002-02-04 12:47:16 PM  
removal of eye bags != face lift

a face lift is a face lift because they lift the face
2002-02-04 12:48:13 PM  
"a new pair of eyes"

If she got a new pair of BOOBIES, no one would care about her face, anyway.
2002-02-04 12:48:30 PM  
She doesn't look so "Greta Van Masculine" anymore.
2002-02-04 12:49:27 PM  
Greta hasn't looked like than in well over a thousand years
2002-02-04 12:50:37 PM  
The before and after are amazing. Before I wouldn't touch her with Fb-'s. After, I would throw her a length of USDA Prime Beef.
2002-02-04 12:51:42 PM  
Why do people talk out of the side of their mouth like that. We need a before and after shot
2002-02-04 12:51:46 PM  
[image from www-cgi.cnn.com too old to be available]

Greta before surgery. If ever a news babe needed surgery...
2002-02-04 12:52:41 PM  
[image from news.harvard.edu too old to be available]
2002-02-04 12:53:21 PM  
Another stint in the RPF or perhaps a go at the "running around a pole" room in the Cult's new Power Building in Clearwater should bring those bags back.

Enjoy it while you have it, Greta, but the cult will suck your life away yet.
2002-02-04 12:53:46 PM  
Ugh. Still disturbing. So she looks like more of a filly than a mare.

To all those saying 'hubba hubba' - note that the picture looks like it was taken from an express train in a poorly lit tunnel. Just wait until she opens (half) her mouth.
2002-02-04 12:53:50 PM  
When will these old broads realize that a facelift does not make you look younger.

It makes you look like an old broad with a facelift.

Whats her name, the old lady from "grumpier old men". Her face is downright frightening! And Joan rivers looks like an alien bug.
2002-02-04 12:54:33 PM  
Oh, and what about that whole Scientology thing?
2002-02-04 12:55:38 PM  
Oh, jeez...is she a Hubby as well?

What is WITH people?

Anywho, she looks better, but her name is still "Greta"
2002-02-04 12:56:48 PM  
i have bags under my desk.

Cormee' FARK.com
2002-02-04 12:57:16 PM  
Not trying to be unkind, but I wonder....did they fix her voice and her personality also?
2002-02-04 12:57:58 PM  
Perhaps she can give her doctor's phone number to Helena Kobrin, attorney to Scientology:

[image from lermanet.com too old to be available]
2002-02-04 12:58:28 PM  
still ugly....very
2002-02-04 12:58:42 PM  
From the "Facelifts gone hideously bad" file, I give you this beauty. Wow.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-04 01:01:29 PM  
the cat woman gives good head
2002-02-04 01:05:36 PM  
Here is a moderately interesting Slate article on why she ditched CNN for Fox.
2002-02-04 01:06:33 PM  
bigpeeler: that's uncalled for.
2002-02-04 01:06:57 PM  
She must have had those evil face Thetans removed
2002-02-04 01:09:47 PM  
Do you think there was enough vasoline on the lense? Fuzzy, very fuzzy.
2002-02-04 01:12:03 PM  
Actually, MC_500, it appears that you could also use a lift!
2002-02-04 01:12:03 PM  
biatch still looks like she got hit with a shovel
2002-02-04 01:12:11 PM  
She looks hot now.
2002-02-04 01:15:57 PM  
who actually cares bout this damn broad?
2002-02-04 01:16:29 PM  
any relation to the band MC_500foot_Jesus?
2002-02-04 01:17:28 PM  
Jesus BigPeeler....warn us please !!!
2002-02-04 01:18:21 PM  
Hmmmm...NICE !
2002-02-04 01:18:58 PM  
So much for lunch today.
2002-02-04 01:19:46 PM  
Thatguy Yeah... I don't just have bags under my eyes, I have eyes in theh middle of my bags.

Vtgoddess Only in that I shamelessly ripped them off. That's a relation!

"God is dead"

"Fred is dead"
2002-02-04 01:20:19 PM  
Oh HOLY HELL! That is just wrong!

And Greta's still fugly as all hell!
2002-02-04 01:21:49 PM  
better picture of the new Greta.

2002-02-04 01:23:34 PM  
[image from thecinemalaser.com too old to be available]

She looks like Jack Elam
2002-02-04 01:25:21 PM  
They can rebuild her. They have the technology. They can make her smarter, stronger, hotter.
2002-02-04 01:25:32 PM  
Correction, MC_500,
<nitpicking> "The Gods are dead" </nitpicking>
2002-02-04 01:27:56 PM  
[image from usatoday.com too old to be available]

Not Jack Lalanne
2002-02-04 01:32:18 PM  
Greta's cool. She almost makes CNN tolerable. Farking biased news channel if I ever saw one.

Here's a transcript of something I saw about two months ago.

anchor: And here we are with Asdf Jkl of Palestine.

asdf: Thanks, Israeli's shoot our children in the streets. It really sucks.

anchor: Oh, and your time is up. Qwerty Uio of Israel, what's your take?

qwerty: Asdf is such a farkin' liar! Death to Arafat! Dead Palestinian babies go great on ice cream! I will kill Dave Thomas from Wendy's!

anchor: That's great. There you have it folks, Palestine sucks and is a waste recepticle for the world. It's just a fact.

Farkin' CNN.
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