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(   TIL that there's companies selling future dirt from the Moon   ( divider line
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2020-12-04 6:22:09 PM  
The space agency inked deals with four companies that will collect lunar rock and dirt in the next few years and then sign the material over to NASA. The contracts are designed to get the ball rolling on the extraction, sale and use of off-Earth resources, which agency officials stress are key to extending humanity's footprint into the final frontier.

Chang'e 5 returning to China with lunar rock samples
Youtube ui-tvz4h_Kw
2020-12-04 6:33:59 PM  
This is part of establishing precedent under the Outer Space treaty for serious mining, fuel production, etc.  Giving out awards to multiple vendors is all in the plan.
2020-12-04 6:55:42 PM  
Soon, we'll have moon dirt.  If you want to get some without waiting, you can be first in line for this low low price...

So, the swampland guys in Florida have a new gig?
2020-12-04 7:26:38 PM  
There is companies selling remedial grammar resources too, Subby.
2020-12-04 7:37:38 PM  
The moon is disgusting.
2020-12-04 8:11:33 PM  
Let's not just destroy Earth's ecosystems, let's also destroy the Moon. Before we even get there!

I can't fathom anyone ever having sex the owners of these companies, they are such gross creatures. Who would touch them? Not even money would justify giving them *ewww yuck* the pleasure of companionship. Whatever the kink, these companies and their employees are too gross to go near. They are rainforst burning levels of dick shrinkage. They are seafloor dredging levels of vaginal dryness.
2020-12-04 9:07:32 PM  

Akuinnen: The moon is disgusting.

And a harsh mistress.
2020-12-04 9:48:37 PM  
I use a wood burning stove. It is efficient, but I am working on a better one. A "combined cycle" wood stove. LOL.

Anyway, I am sure that I do not want any moon dirt. Scientists and people doing assay can knock themselves out, but when I stop to think that something as inert and pretty depleted as wood ash contains about a jillion times more potassium, phosphorous, calcium, metals and even carbon than moon dirt, I am having a hard time imagining what lunar soil might be used for.

Oh. No I am not. Leave it on the moon, first of all. Pack it into bricks or pile it up into berms to protect moon bases and installations. And otherwise do your best to figure out how to use it because there is much more than we could ever use and it looks pretty worthless so far.

Finally, I might be jumping the gun here, but I think the economic case for mining moon materials is generally acknowledged as pretty weak. The Earth gravity well is quite deep, and so is the Moon's. Unless there is some hugely compelling reason, taking something from Earth then to and from the Moon repeatedly is hugely expensive. Moon stuff should probably stay on the Moon.
2020-12-05 1:20:54 PM  
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