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(Twitter)   The Federalist Society, the "go to" source for federal judges in the Trump era, seems to have confused a Beastie Boys song for an article of the US Constitution   ( divider line
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2020-12-04 2:01:28 PM  

Rapmaster2000: I've finally come up with a term that explains why these guys annoy me so much:  rebellious mediocrity.  "I'm sticking it to the man by having a party in a pandemic!"  "I'm sticking it to the man by not recycling like everyone else!"  "I'm sticking it to the man by driving this big, dumb truck I can barely afford instead of something normal!"

None of this rebellion carries any risk.  The exercise of this "rebellion" confers no benefits on anyone.  It's just a low-risk, low-effort show.  It's a peacock strutting around with no one to see it.

aka slacktivism.  but spiteful slacktivism
2020-12-04 2:01:40 PM  
At some point, someone (hopefully adult, white male) is going to stand their ground against one of these plague rats and we'll really get a chance to see the conservative justice system stress the fark out.
2020-12-04 2:04:55 PM  

JerseyTim: The right to party does not come from the Constitution. It is an inherent right of all.

You are of course correct, however the constitution does arguably protect your right to party as covered by the 9th amendment.
2020-12-04 2:05:35 PM  

Tr0mBoNe: I can only imagine how frightening parties are at The Federalist.

If everyone there is attempting to date rape each other, does it still constitute as rape?

//I know the answer
///thanks for playing
2020-12-04 2:12:03 PM  
That's odd. When I was in law school those federalist society guys were the least fun at parties.
2020-12-04 2:14:51 PM  

Alphax: The Beastie Boys wrote that song to make fun of immature party animals.. not because they were immature party animals.

2020-12-04 2:15:19 PM  
The Residents' DIE! DIE! DIE!
Youtube 8W_QerWy65Y

2020-12-04 2:17:27 PM  

Alphax: The Beastie Boys wrote that song to make fun of immature party animals.. not because they were immature party animals. the time it was released on License To Ill they very much were selfish obnoxious party animals.

They grew out of it fairly quickly though
2020-12-04 2:19:31 PM  
I appreciate their sentiment, but without offering up an alternative solution that they feel is respectful of those rights, they really aren't helping anyone.
2020-12-04 2:21:45 PM  

Tr0mBoNe: I can only imagine how frightening parties are at The Federalist.

Like this:

collegefashion.netView Full Size
2020-12-04 2:24:44 PM  

Exile On Beale Street: ArkPanda: Don't forget their affirmation of the Second Amendment in songs like "Paul Revere".

Somebody recently tried to accuse AdRock of being a misogynist b/c of that  song. I was like "Kathleen Farking Hannah married him. I'm pretty sure he's cool."

I just thought that made him a masochist atoning for his time as a misogynist.
2020-12-04 2:47:55 PM  
Unfortunately, their go-to move now is to make everything worse so they can blame Biden for all of Trump's fark-ups. This doesn't just apply to the pandemic, it also includes the tax cuts expiring, debt going up, and other things that Trump really screwed up but which they believe they can make worse just through momentum. Then they can crank up the noise machine and complain about how much worse things are under Biden than they were under Trump and you should really elect more Republicans in 2022.

You know--standard Republican assholery.
2020-12-04 2:48:21 PM  
It would be nice if we could elevate our discourse beyond, "The government can't MAKE ME act like an adult!"

But here we are.
2020-12-04 2:53:47 PM  
"Unconstitutional" has become politically synonymous with "thing I don't like."

I really, really don't like that in a time of war our government can press me into service in the nation's military. It's a gross subjugation and loss of rights that could well get me hurt or killed. Yet I'd never argue that it wasn't constitutional because it is.

Instituting restrictions, closures, and lockdowns in a public health emergency such as this pandemic is exactly like that. It is a situation where a government's power is at its apex, not its nadir, and its powers to move to protect public welfare are historically both potent and broad. We actually have a long and varied legal history in public health buttressing that.
2020-12-04 2:56:32 PM  

Fart_Machine: Alphax: The Beastie Boys wrote that song to make fun of immature party animals.. not because they were immature party animals.

At the time they wrote it, yes they were immature party animals,

I was gonna say. There were stories from their first show in Seattle at Skoochie's (in the shadow of the Space Needle!), some of which they told themselves in their first interview in Spin, that match all but the very best Keith Moon stories.
2020-12-04 3:28:57 PM  
I was hoping for the one about doing it like this and doing it like that and even doingg it with a wifflleball bat
Hell it's even named after Paul Revere
Beastie Boys-Paul Revere with lyrics
Youtube cCEZfCh7bEs
2020-12-04 4:34:38 PM  
This right here is exactly why the Beasties actually hate that farking song.
2020-12-04 5:01:37 PM  

Original: Original Tweet:


Ilya Feoktistov?

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