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(Some Frozen Guy)   There isn't a way to really describe this, other than it's called "Frozen Dead Guy Days." The whole story is wild from beginning to end. Difficulty: No Walt Disney. Cool tag freezes out Weird tag   ( divider line
    More: Cool, Cryonics, The Iceman Cometh, Frozen Dead Guy Days, Family, Grandpa Bredo, Ice, grandson Trygve Bauge, daughter Aud Morstoel  
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2020-12-04 11:38:43 AM  
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2020-12-04 2:43:44 PM  
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2020-12-04 3:00:42 PM  
Bob Geldof - Ending Death
Youtube 0PczI-KnIjI
2020-12-04 3:01:00 PM  
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A freezer geezer.
2020-12-04 3:01:32 PM  
Coffin races FTW!
2020-12-04 3:03:35 PM  
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2020-12-04 3:03:43 PM  
At least he wasn't stuffed and mounted. He'd be more fun at parties that way though. I thin there's some kind of club that has a stuffed dead guy at ceremonies.
2020-12-04 3:07:01 PM  
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2020-12-04 3:07:16 PM  
BETRAYING THE MARTYRS - Let It Go (Official Music Video)
Youtube HtkGluLhnGU
2020-12-04 3:07:24 PM  
My favorite Colorado festival!  The only parade sponsored by Tuff shed and mortuaries.
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2020-12-04 3:08:15 PM  
Thirty years, only four of which were at LN2 temperature. Dry isn't cold enough to stop all biochemical activity, so he's long past his thaw-by date (assuming whole-body cryopreservation actually works in the first place), but at least it'll help keep the tourists coming.
2020-12-04 3:08:34 PM  
2020-12-04 3:09:54 PM  
Dry *ice*.
2020-12-04 3:12:30 PM  
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2020-12-04 3:14:26 PM  
Youtube 3qu9ffRRPJY
2020-12-04 3:15:09 PM  
Nederland is a great town-highly recommend spending some time there.
2020-12-04 3:19:07 PM  
T-Power - Life In The Freezer + Large Grey Area (Official Video)
Youtube 2J8Jp0vsSK8
2020-12-04 3:19:31 PM  
Been to the festival, girlfriend even did the polar plunge.

It holds one of the Coffin race triple crown events also, while we are talking about random events.
Coffin Races at Frozen Dead Guy Days 2016
Youtube Qgl28y--k4Y
2020-12-04 3:19:41 PM  
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2020-12-04 3:20:20 PM  
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Mandatory safety tip:  Beer bottles can explode if left in the freezer.  Don't let it happen to your Dead Guy.
2020-12-04 3:26:26 PM  
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2020-12-04 3:31:24 PM  
Flare aka Ken Ishii - Deep Freeze (Leaps)
Youtube f_MsRuwmqjc
2020-12-04 3:38:55 PM  
I've had the pleasure of going to Nederland a couple of times while visiting my brother in Denver. The place is a trip. Never been there for this, though they seem to advertise for it year-round.
2020-12-04 4:00:08 PM  
It happens here every few years right around the corner from us. Person tries to get home to a camp close by at night in a blizzard, then they take a wrong turn at a park instead of the forest road, get confused and hypothermic, then sit down one last time. Last one was buried for five months and found in springtime when his snowdrift finally melted...
2020-12-04 4:12:06 PM  

xhavier_5478: Been to the festival, girlfriend even did the polar plunge.

It holds one of the Coffin race triple crown events also, while we are talking about random events.

Don't forget the Hearse Parade:
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And the Dead Poet Slam:
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2020-12-04 4:23:34 PM  
its funnnnn
2020-12-04 4:36:24 PM  
Farkers are slipping:

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2020-12-04 4:41:12 PM  

Fireproof: Farkers are slipping:

[Fark user image image 480x360]

Its an old meme, but it checks out.
2020-12-04 4:42:07 PM  
This is exactly the sort of news story that I started coming to fark to read. I hope we can find more interesting things like this to keep posting on the main tag, and maybe shift a bit away from the rage bait. What a delightful and insane story. Perfect for this group of delightful and insane individuals who frequent this site
2020-12-04 5:21:06 PM  
I predict he will wake up next year and find that Taco Bell is the only restaurant to have survived what contemporaries refer to as "that Covid thing."
2020-12-04 5:32:58 PM  


Yep, Nederland. Nice brewery up there, too.
2020-12-04 5:51:04 PM  
If you go, check out the Carousel of Happiness. It's a restored 1910 beauty.
2020-12-04 7:36:18 PM  
Brendan Fraser dance watching tv Encino Man
Youtube Atvmv4_sqRA
2020-12-04 8:29:15 PM  
I feel like Nederland is 1/5 crystal shops, 1/5 chainsaw carvings, 1/5 fried bull testicles and 2/5 magic.
2020-12-04 11:55:03 PM  
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2020-12-05 3:23:09 AM  
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I love going up to Ned. Don't forget the outdoor human foosball we had last year.
2020-12-05 4:53:18 AM  

nytmare: [Fark user image 840x558]

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