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(   Accountant builds illegal nest egg off chicken farmers... book book book him   ( divider line
    More: Amusing, Poultry farming, Finance, Scott Francis Fleay, Abuse, Guilt, Jury, Court, bank accounts of Ghassan Jabado  
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2020-12-04 4:15:26 AM  
The victims are clucked off
2020-12-04 6:33:03 AM  
His wife's expression seems to be a mix of "I hope we don't lose more than the half I would keep if we got divorce" and "it will be so nice to control the money and household without him for a few years while he is in the slammer."
2020-12-04 6:39:38 AM  
Don't count your chickens before they hatch.
2020-12-04 6:40:11 AM  
Yes, it was all gifts to thank you. Everyone gives away 20% of their net worth to someone that is already charging them a premium for their services. Liar! Book em, Danno
2020-12-04 6:46:42 AM  
scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.netView Full Size
2020-12-04 6:47:23 AM  
He can count his days instead of his dollars.
2020-12-04 6:47:39 AM  
 4.6 million isn't chicken feed.
2020-12-04 6:49:40 AM  
One of the related stories is that he destroyed the evidence of one of the contracts by eating it.

Reminds me of this scene:
And Justice For All Lottery Tickets
Youtube 1AuCgkBmag4
2020-12-04 6:53:18 AM  
He's all chook up.

/Australian joke
2020-12-04 6:55:06 AM  
You can't make an omelet without breaking a few nest eggs.
2020-12-04 6:57:14 AM  
That's the end of him seeing any legs or breasts for a while while he's cooped up in the pen.

/ I'm tryin
2020-12-04 7:03:15 AM  
if you are going to give someone power of attorney, you better damn well watch every move they make
2020-12-04 7:08:26 AM  

PunkTiger: He's all chook up.

/Australian joke

"Whatever happened to your boyfriend, Turkey?"

"You know his name was 'Chuck'!"

/borrowed heavily from Muriel's Wedding

/I got your joke
2020-12-04 7:11:20 AM  
I thought we were supposed to steal from the rich.
2020-12-04 8:36:55 AM  
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2020-12-04 9:23:08 AM  
Shouldn't have messed with Law & Order:KFC
Law & Order: KFC | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim
Youtube XfWnITmT1Ws
2020-12-04 9:39:59 AM  
I can't picture wealthy chicken farmers. Most of them seem dirt poor. They basically have a twisted agreement where some mega-corp has you raise chickens for them on your dime.
2020-12-04 10:02:28 AM  
Nice headline, subs.
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2020-12-04 10:20:32 AM  

rnatalie: [ image 626x420]

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Mike the headless chicken says "to get to the same side!"
2020-12-04 10:47:55 AM  
Wait until Henry Cabot Henhouse III finds out about this!

When you find yourself in danger
When you're threatened by a stranger...
2020-12-04 10:49:44 AM  
I trust he was smart enough to spread the money around in a variety of investments and not ... well, you know
2020-12-04 11:12:13 AM  

Stud Gerbil: I trust he was smart enough to spread the money around in a variety of investments and not ... well, you know

FTFA: " Fleay had repaid all the stolen money well before any charges were laid, plus an extra million dollars that he had mistakenly transferred to Mr Jabado "

The article does us a bad turn by not investigating ^this^ further.  Accounting dude either made some good investments or was stealing from everybody else too.
2020-12-04 5:17:57 PM  

starlost: 4.6 million isn't chicken feed.

He's gone from choking a business to choking his chicken 23 hours a day in cell block C
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