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(Futurism)   ♫♪We're sauced in outer space...we're drunk above the Earth. We're gonna get tanked, in orbit tonight...we're DRUNK ON THE SPACE STATION♪♫   ( divider line
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FNG [TotalFark]
2020-12-04 12:07:07 AM  
One American astronaut's book I have read is pretty clear about this.  IIRC, he said while booze is technically not allowed on the US part of the ISS, the Russians have plenty of it, and every Friday the Russians host a dinner party for everyone where booze flows freely.

Sounds fun.  Imagine going in the the Cupola module (the one with all the windows) with a nice buzz.
2020-12-04 3:46:17 AM  
Would you rather have them fermenting space pruno on the ISS?

/Houston, we are go for BEER:30
2020-12-04 5:25:26 AM  
What? Why aren't they brewing hooch up there? Oh yeah...closed environment with nowhere to vent the brew that isn't inside the space station. It would stink up the place. Still, it would be cool to know how fermentation works in zero-G. If we're ever going to invade colonize space, we're going to have to figure that one out.
2020-12-04 5:44:23 AM  
Call me when they get to Free beer and the William Casey Society levels. One of Allen Steele's best from Sex and Violence in Zero-G.
2020-12-04 6:53:06 AM  
Star Blazers Theme Season 1
Youtube QTY1i9F_7Yw

/DESSLOK desslok desslok.....
2020-12-04 6:57:18 AM  
the rules against alcohol are not about drunk astronauts, although an impaired crew cannot perform emergency procedures. The rules against alcohol are to protect environmental systems that perform water reclamation. The funny bit is that it is the Russian system that can't handle it. The hardware engineers would love to be able to use alcohol for equipment maintenance and repair, mainly for adhesive removal, but are only allowed very small amounts for camera lens maintenance and for medical cleaning.
2020-12-04 7:21:26 AM  
You had my curiosity, now you have my attention:

everythingilike.comView Full Size
2020-12-04 8:07:55 AM  

hubiestubert: Call me when they get to Free beer and the William Casey Society levels. One of Allen Steele's best from Sex and Violence in Zero-G.

Jesus christ, I feel old.

I have. not picked up a Steele novel in 30 years.
2020-12-04 8:09:16 AM  
Fark user imageView Full Size

2020-12-04 8:32:57 AM  
If read Dragonfly which was written about the Shuttle Mir phase I program, you'd learn that cosmonauts have a tradition of hiding a bottle or two of booze on Mir for the next crew to find. It was a good tradition and I doubt that it died with the Mir.
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