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(UPI)   If you are looking for something to do with the change you found in your couch, an Apple-1 computer with Steve Wozniak's signature on the box up for auction   ( divider line
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2020-12-02 11:33:04 AM  
That would be neat to have.
2020-12-02 11:47:20 AM  
What would I do with yet another piece of junk?
2020-12-02 1:48:10 PM  
how much for the MS-DOS 3.3 5 1/4" floppy

2020-12-02 2:22:54 PM  
My Apple 2e still functions fine. Kinda amazed that those 5.25" disks are all still completely readable after 35 years.

/loves me some Hard Hat Mack and Lode Runner
//and the original Wizardry, Ultima III, and Bard's Tale
2020-12-02 2:58:40 PM  
Kind of relevant to my interests.  I bought a pre-owned replica motherboard of the Apple I (called "Replica I").  "Primitive" is the first word I'd use to describe it. Second is "quirky". I skipped the hard part of having to put it together, just had to find the appropriate compatible monitor (they're aren't many anymore that can hook up to a 80's or earlier computer), source a keyboard, the correct power adaptor, and the right cords to connect everything - no USB - back to Ps/2 and RCA connectors.

Luckily, unlike the original, for the keyboard you don't have to source one with an old cable with whatever number DIP connector, along with a serious voltage box to power the whole thing.  Also, on the original, once you turned it on - no BASIC to program, unless you connected it to a tape recorder to download BASIC.  And you couldn't do that unless you either built or bought an expander board to conect with the Apple I,

The Replica dispenses with that. It;s in the RAM. But like the original, it starts up in assembly language and you have to type in some commands to get to BASIC.  And the BASIC is like a limited predecessor - much less commands available than using the Apple II or the C-64.

Some other quirks are if you type something wrong, you can't really delete or move the cursor (which isn't a cursor as it appears nowadays but a @ symbol that serves the same purpose) to another part in the line.  You either have to retype the entire line or there is something called "rubout" where you do a specific symbol right after the error and the computer will erase the character before.  In addition, one resets the computer a lot.  If you want to switch computing languages or just want to abandon whatever programming you are doing - reset.  Also, seems like there is less characters one can display on the screen in comparison to the more modern 80's era computers (not to mention no graphics at all). Lastly, it's difficult to save anything, as noted above, you needed to buy extra stuff to connect with a tape recorder.  On my replica they made that issue more simple and you just need a cable to connect with the laptop.

That's the last thing I'm trying to do (get the Replica Apple I to talk to my laptop) so I can download some sweet late 70's text games like Adventure and Star Trek which was the limits of the whopping 8k RAM of the Apple I. Only so much fun one can have by typing the "hello world" prgram.

Also, no sound and no graphics.  Well, you could add sound, if you bought another circuit board to add to the Apple I.

Anyhow, this may sound more trouble than it's worth.  Apple I requires some patience to get anything useful or entertaining out of it.  Apple II is absolutely an amazing jump ahead in technology and capabilities - actually any computer from 1978, 79 and up is so much more immediately useful than the Apple I.
2020-12-02 5:28:40 PM  
assets.amuniversal.comView Full Size
2020-12-02 5:53:05 PM  
Dude I know has an Amiga 1000 with the developers's signatures etched inside the case. It sits in his garage rotting away.

/ I used it back in the day and it rocked for the time.
2020-12-02 8:46:02 PM  
I have 666 dollars and 66 cents.
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