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2020-12-01 1:26:34 AM  
Mine is local. Anyone who grew up innor near Chicago, or had WGN as a cable channel in the 1970s or 1990s, knows of Victory Auto Parts. If you had a grease stained t-shirt, a wide leather watch band, and a car that died you too could score a lid courtesy of Victory Auto.

The guy who played the car owner was amazing. He fit the part to a t. He goes to open the car door and it falls off. And his hand gestures are brilliant. Going to find this commercial and post it, it beats 588-2300 Empire by a mile.
2020-12-01 1:28:40 AM  
Victory Auto Wreckers Commerical
Youtube Q6TTOx9I6y0
2020-12-01 1:34:02 AM  
Mr Plow.
2020-12-01 1:52:27 AM  
Zazoo Condom Commercial
Youtube K45m79fEyz8
2020-12-01 1:54:27 AM  
Ameriquest. That killed him.
Youtube FxD0gCQqheQ
2020-12-01 2:07:52 AM  
New Orleans people grew up on this...
Frankie and Johnny's Furniture: See the Special Man
Youtube XI7jC57GuZM
2020-12-01 2:08:45 AM  
Quiznos Commercial
Youtube cG042nkReBA
2020-12-01 2:59:17 AM  
2001 Commercial - Budweiser: What Are YOU Doing?
Youtube gtmJEt0w1k4
2020-12-01 3:00:13 AM  
(1970) Tootsie Pop Commercial (Original Full Version)
Youtube pvFzOgK-V9E
2020-12-01 3:09:02 AM  
How old is vintage?
2020-12-01 4:39:41 AM  
Anyone growing up in SoCal in the 70's and 80's knows this tune:
1984 Cal Worthington Ford "and his dog spot" TV Commercial
Youtube 8hT2oP--NSU
2020-12-01 4:57:50 AM  
A 1982 AAMCO Ad Commercial
Youtube cSTIvBUguJA
2020-12-01 5:01:34 AM  
Dan's Fan City
Youtube lGsyomGa3Xw
2020-12-01 5:05:37 AM  
....Mine is an airline commercial from - I think - the early 80s, where Joe Average is ushered through First Class, which is a non-stop luxury party, then pushed through a curtain into Steerage Hell, with a warped record playing on a Victrola, peasants milking a cow, and a Baba Yaga lookalike shuffling past giving him the evil eye.
2020-12-01 5:05:51 AM  
That last one wasn't vintage, so sorry. Here's one for the kids who can't make real friends.
My Buddy Commercial.
Youtube OdximU6Ao00
2020-12-01 5:09:16 AM  
Levi's Corduroy Jeans Run from Badger Commercial
Youtube vMEKzLAm01k
2020-12-01 5:29:10 AM  
HeadOn, apply directly to the forehead!
HeadOn, apply directly to the forehead!
HeadOn, apply directly to the forehead!

Just kidding bout that

This is my all time fav:

A&W Rootbeer Dumass
Youtube tMe3WDmxBEI
2020-12-01 5:57:19 AM  
The Barq's commercial.  But runner up is Meow Mix.

2020-12-01 6:23:31 AM  
Budweiser frogs.
Youtube 7sR3uoIn4kU
2020-12-01 6:46:10 AM  
Wendy's - Soviet Fashion Show (1985, USA)
Youtube FpypTXccG2I

//although Wendy's can now EABOD
2020-12-01 6:47:59 AM  
GEICO - Sarge
Youtube uaFy0x_Uixo

If 10 years old is old enough to be vintage, then it's this.

2020-12-01 6:48:27 AM  
VW German Catapult Commercial
Youtube 6L3T8fnnr3Y

There were 2 or 3 of these, I loved all of them!

//"It looks like it could fly!"
2020-12-01 7:03:26 AM  
The Blow Pop commercial that played on Saturday mornings. I don't even like suckers, but that commercial was so 90s
2020-12-01 7:20:28 AM  
Snickers K. C. Chefs Super Bowl Commercial (1996)
Youtube m9zQLSS9LHw
2020-12-01 7:22:01 AM  
classic karmann ghia commercial
Youtube EiBNtGSzrp4
2020-12-01 7:23:28 AM  

Eagleman (The Original)
Youtube O4-e4nlfdRI
2020-12-01 7:25:59 AM  

freddyV: [iFrame​LHw?autoplay=1&widget_referrer=https%3​​i=1&​widgetid=1]

Great googly moogly... I was gonna post this one.
2020-12-01 7:29:47 AM  
Ernest Ads Collage "know what I mean Vern"
Youtube OS-RB-goZqk
2020-12-01 7:33:26 AM  
2020-12-01 7:41:14 AM  

Wave Of Anal Fury: [YouTube video: GEICO - Sarge]
If 10 years old is old enough to be vintage, then it's this.


2020-12-01 8:10:03 AM  
Snickers Tattoo Commercial
Youtube 5Qikho4qL40
2020-12-01 8:10:32 AM  
John West Salmon "Bear Fight" ad
Youtube CVS1UfCfxlU
2020-12-01 8:12:15 AM  
Fart contest ft. marilyn monroe
Youtube _mOwZOJDyLg
2020-12-01 8:14:05 AM  
Dr Scholl's Odor Destroyer Fisherman Commercial
Youtube ghQ_lyNR5NU
2020-12-01 8:14:27 AM  
There was one years ago, I *think* it was for Corona. A beautiful couple run down a beautiful beach and lie down on their towels. He says, "Honey, pinch me." And wakes up in a concrete cube farm with a huge fan in the wall behind hime, slowly spinning. I've never been able to find that one on youtube.
2020-12-01 8:21:55 AM  
There was a commercial for Sear air conditioners that played on the cartoon channel about 50 times a day. No exaggeration.


I'll call now.


2020-12-01 8:24:47 AM  
Great ones up thread, some I recall, some I don't.
I'll try to recall and post one or two.

European commercials, however, will always take the cake.
2020-12-01 8:39:02 AM  

Subtonic: There was a commercial for Sear air conditioners that played on the cartoon channel about 50 times a day. No exaggeration.


I'll call now.



Sears Air Conditioner Commercial
Youtube 4rqZZgVxnCk
2020-12-01 8:49:08 AM  
Always loved the Joe Isuzu commercials.

"It will do Over 300 miles per hour!"

(Downhill in a hurricane.)
2020-12-01 8:51:00 AM  
Got a new personal best today, 2 minutes 22 seconds.
I have no finesse like those amazing competitors.
Funny vintage Rubik's Cube commercial
Youtube dYGNmF1U35Q
2020-12-01 8:59:30 AM  
Datsun 10th Anniversary 280ZX Black Gold!!!
Youtube kWF-hH1nloo

The most 70s commercial ever.  It also appears to have John Oates doing a cameo.
2020-12-01 9:11:05 AM  
This one is not vintage at all,'s done in a vintage style.

Duke Cannon Father's Day Emporium Local Ad, 1989
Youtube Q2zRnM6Q43E
2020-12-01 9:31:39 AM​s​K3-tU

2020-12-01 9:35:37 AM  



Damnit, can you not edit your posts on fark??


Crossfire - Commercial "The Crossfire Song" (1993)
Youtube l937BsK3-tU
2020-12-01 9:46:55 AM  
Xerox commercial for Ethernet (yes, I'm an engineer).  Only saw it a few times. Guy in his office, explaining about Ethernet and how it can connect your printer, your scanner, your computer, your copying machine...all the while, using a sharpie to draw these (and the connecting Ethernet) on the blank wall of his office (where there's an Ethernet outlet).

End of the commercial, you see two other engineers walk past through the open office door, one says to the other, "Is he drawing on his walls again?"

This would have been in the late 80s, early 90s, when Xerox, Intel and DEC were the big players in Ethernet, and Xerox still thought they were competitive in the market.
2020-12-01 9:52:05 AM  

Dahnkster: New Orleans people grew up on this...

Holy fark. Is this a fever dream?
2020-12-01 9:55:31 AM  
Trunk Monkey Commercial
Youtube p7Vk6zXjen8
2020-12-01 9:56:31 AM  

Closed_Minded_Bastage: Anyone growing up in SoCal in the 70's and 80's knows this tune:

Why the fark is a car lot open until midnight??
2020-12-01 10:00:16 AM  
Budweiser 2004 - Zebra Official
Youtube NsWKvtButwo
2020-12-01 10:01:59 AM  
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