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(SFGate)   The bad news is that there may be rolling blackouts throughout California on Thanksgiving. The good news is that you'll be able to roast your turkey to perfection in the wildfires   ( divider line
    More: PSA, Southern California, California, Northern California, Daniel Swain, Edison International, healthy amounts of rain, handful of storms, wettest locations  
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2020-11-26 5:37:27 PM  
We're in one of the areas they are considering shutting off, but so far the winds are calming down a bit.  If it can just hold out until 4PM when the turkey comes out of the electric oven they can do whatever they want.
Everything else is on the gas stove and we have a fireplace to keep us warm.

The temperature here is very cold, and the winds are the usual fall winds, a cold and blustery day.  Nothing out of the ordinary today.   They are now over-paranoid about starting fires since it's been determined that their equipment has sparked several significant fires in the last few years.   They have replaced many of the poles in our valley with new fiberglass poles but there is still a lot of old stuff higher up, and that is likely what they are worried about.   Frankly all of this should have been undergrounded from the get-go but it was a get-it-done-cheap development at the time.

For SoCal Edison, the affected areas are actually quite small, mostly mountain communities like ours.  You can see a map here:
2020-11-26 7:32:08 PM  

Snotnose: Yeah, it's winds.  Here in Sandy Eggo they're warning east county denizens they may lose power.

How east would that be, sir?
2020-11-26 8:13:22 PM  

Pershing123: Snotnose: Yeah, it's winds.  Here in Sandy Eggo they're warning east county denizens they may lose power.

How east would that be, sir?

Easter than me so I didn't pay much attention.
2020-11-26 10:39:24 PM  

tuxq: gunther_bumpass: tuxq: Call the Guy: bfh0417: Lol. California.

Trump is loser. Over it get

I guess you don't remember the 2000-2001 rolling blackouts.

Zing! A thing that happened 20 years ago that had nothing to do with the government of California and everything to do with republican "free market" farkery. Wow you got us!

But yes, California is nothing but poop and needles and you should stay in Texas.

Ayyy it's always the republican's fault, isn't it?

2020-11-27 11:06:45 AM  

The knight who says EkiEkiPoontang: gar1013: OlderGuy: gar1013: OlderGuy: gar1013: winedrinkingman: PapermonkeyExpress: The good news is Newsom is mandating full electric car use by 2035

The bad news is that CA will have no means to power the charging stations. brilliant!!

Enjoy the rolling blackouts, you lead-eating FARK wits.

By 2035 they will have long completed the numerous projects they have in place, like putting powerlines underground, or higher up, that will make this problem irrelevant. 

Keep in my that the major reason the fires are starting is because the dry season is much longer and severe, because of the damage those gas powered cars are doing to the atmosphere.  Though you probably don't believe that.  You probably chose to believe Climate Change is a myth, and that the earth just magically makes all those gases and vapers disappear.  In which case, I propose an experiment.  Fill a green house full of plants and a gas generator.  Fully enclose so the air can't circulate in or out, and then turn on the gas generator, and see how long it takes the air to become unbreathable.  Sure, if given enough time, the plants will eventually clean the air, but not so long as the generator is running.


You think that CA will have underground power lines by then.

Underground power lines in earthquake central....  if you say so..

Earthquake isn't the issue - they have natural gas lines underground.

Cost is the issue.

True... steel pipe is more durable than direct burial primary cable, though...

As I recall, natural gas pipes are actually flexible.

Steal is incredibly elastic. Hit a piece of steal with a sledge hammer...don't...the sledge will come back at you and can kill you.

A buried high voltage cable is a very expensive and highly engineered structure. Layers. Cable impedance is an issue. Heating from losses is an issue.
Ground movement is also an issue, frost heaves or earthquakes both break things.

I worked at a very large power plant that had quite a bit of buried high voltage cable.  Once it got over 20 years old, it became a nightmare to upkeep.  Constantly fighting things like water intrusion, and even though new technologies have been developed to find underground problems, (it isn't always easy to find a problem buried 6 feet underground) repairs were always much harder and more expensive.
2020-11-27 1:28:27 PM  

caljar: I worked at a very large power plant that had quite a bit of buried high voltage cable. Once it got over 20 years old, it became a nightmare to upkeep. Constantly fighting things like water intrusion...

I don't have personal experience with HV transmission lines, but the only underground distribution I've seen was the "last mile" or to the transformer before the building.  To my limited knowledge that's usually either 14kV or 7kV.

But the (longer) transmission lines upstream are much, much higher voltage where skin effect requires larger diameter conductors and more of them.  And increased physical separation between phases and grounding points is required to prevent arcing.

High voltage DC distribution eases these problems to a large degree, but that requires AC/DC/AC conversion at each end of the transmission line since our endpoint electric usage is defacto AC and probably won't change any time soon.
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