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169 clicks; posted to Discussion » on 21 Nov 2020 at 7:05 PM (11 days ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2020-11-21 4:16:37 PM  
Fish and chips, with a nice hefeweissbier.
2020-11-21 4:22:07 PM  
Homemade black bean soup.
2020-11-21 4:34:34 PM  
Mrs. Thermo is going to try and make beef stroganoff while we hunker down at our cabin.
2020-11-21 4:35:17 PM  
short rib goulash with poppy seed noodles. Roasted veggies on the side. .
2020-11-21 4:38:37 PM  
chicken. Gonna go to make it after I check out some recipes.
2020-11-21 4:40:14 PM  
I have no idea.
As I was in the middle of eating lunch when Mrs. Falfa asked me what we should we do for dinner. FFS, I'm in the middle of lunch and you're asking me about dinner?
2020-11-21 4:41:02 PM  
Falafel, tabouleh and hummus.
2020-11-21 4:45:48 PM  
Pork chops, mashed potatoes &gravy, broccoli and veggie tots.
2020-11-21 5:00:55 PM  
Going to grill a NY Strip steak
2020-11-21 5:10:47 PM  
Beer cheese soup. May go light on the cheese and soup.
2020-11-21 5:37:02 PM  
Chicken coconut ginger soup, I think.

I've got the broth made and it smells great. Fish/meat stock with cinnamon and star anise.
2020-11-21 5:40:29 PM  
hamburgers and french fries on toasted kaiser rolls.

hopefully, this time, I will remember to turn off the oil...
2020-11-21 5:46:17 PM  
chicken curry tonight.
2020-11-21 5:46:28 PM  
Leftover gimbap and bulgogi from lunch. And cake and ice cream.
2020-11-21 5:56:39 PM  
Pepper steak and PBR. The steak spent too long in the freezer, was kinda leathery.
2020-11-21 5:59:17 PM  
Don't you start that shiat too...

/MrsRT just looked at me and asked that, ignoring the fact that she's perfectly capable of making decisions/dinner too
//probably sausage & pasta.  Doing the whole turkey dinner thing tomorrow (she has to work on Thurs) so don't want a lot of leftovers tonight
2020-11-21 6:03:00 PM  
Sweet n sour chicken broccoli stir fry with rice ramen noodles.  Sauce is made with tamari and rice vinegar.  Yum.
2020-11-21 6:15:18 PM  
2020-11-21 6:34:52 PM  
Steak.  Only 37F outside, no snow, time to light up the grill and crack a brewski.
2020-11-21 6:39:26 PM  
2020-11-21 6:47:25 PM  
Turkey Day, it's gonna be a small turkey and one of everything else if mrs edmo and sister edmo have their way. My small refrigerator is stocked with beer and the wine rack is full. There will only be three of us.

Tonight, it's beer and peanuts so far, maybe a pizza, then watch Svengoolie. Wild times await.
2020-11-21 7:12:41 PM  
Probably some soup And maybe a gin and tonic or rum and tonic.

I did the normal 'flu shoot' thing this week and like every farken year a few days latter I get the basic "I feel sick" reaction. Which is kinda how vaccines works.
2020-11-21 7:15:04 PM  
Steak strips chopped into a salad made with lettuce, radishes, celery, carrot shreds, shredded zucchini, and chopped pepper-jack cheese. Dressing made by mixing mayonnaise, hot pico de gallo, and horseradish mustard.
2020-11-21 7:35:56 PM  
So far, a nip of Evan Williams and the black and blue steak tips my grill guy threw at me when he realized I was on hour 11.

Heading home, so I'll figure the rest out in a few.
2020-11-21 7:39:54 PM  
Old school, but spaghetti with sausage and peppers, a salad, bread, and every beer I can sneak behind her back before she starts biatching. Seeing as I am doing the cooking, and swept the hardwood floors before wet-mopping them with the Bona, I imagine a nice, knock-down, drag-out fight for dessert.
2020-11-21 7:52:42 PM  
placesinthehome.comView Full Size
2020-11-21 7:54:41 PM  

yohohogreengiant: Falafel, tabouleh and hummus.

You make all that yourself?
2020-11-21 7:59:47 PM  
Soup and fresh bread.
2020-11-21 8:10:47 PM  
Spicy Thai soup.

It's her first attempt, but she's a great cook, so I expect it to be incredible.
2020-11-21 8:11:22 PM  
Pulled pork and coleslaw sammiches.
2020-11-21 8:16:44 PM  
Chick-fil-A  mac and cheese with the nuggets mixed in, waffle fries with honey roasted BBQ and a Chick-fil-A cookie for desert
2020-11-21 8:17:15 PM  
Erma Deli mushroom cheesesteak with fries and a Smithwick's Red Ale.
2020-11-21 8:51:44 PM  
 I made steak with mushrooms and onions, rice and green beans. Yum.
2020-11-21 8:57:30 PM  
Chicken and broccoli.

Watching carbs.
2020-11-21 9:03:16 PM  
Jalapeño and cheese hot dogs
2020-11-21 9:07:38 PM  
Limited Edition Caramel Apple Jacks.
2020-11-21 9:19:04 PM  
Mongolian bison, lemon bar cake for dessert.
2020-11-21 9:19:50 PM  

optikeye: Probably some soup And maybe a gin and tonic or rum and tonic.

I did the normal 'flu shoot' thing this week and like every farken year a few days latter I get the basic "I feel sick" reaction. Which is kinda how vaccines works.

What kind of rum for your rum and tonic?
2020-11-21 9:20:44 PM  
Grilled cheese with pastrami and a salad.
2020-11-21 9:21:02 PM  
As for dinner, leftover masaman curry with a fresh batch of rice.
2020-11-21 9:30:54 PM  

CptnSpldng: Erma Deli mushroom cheesesteak

How's the Reuben at Erma's?
2020-11-21 9:39:14 PM  
Duck a l'orange from Costco (we got tired of waiting for the rotisserie chickens to finish), Szechwan string beans (my mouth is numb) and a conglomeration of leftovers I called Mongolian beef/chicken/spinach.

/GF is a great cook, gotta say
2020-11-21 9:39:41 PM  
Toad in the hole.
2020-11-21 9:49:48 PM  
2020-11-21 10:03:36 PM  
Popcorn. And an adult brownie.

/Simple man, simple life
2020-11-21 10:04:40 PM  

Kat09tails: chicken curry tonight.

Butter Chicken with Basmati rice
2020-11-21 10:20:12 PM  
Went to H-Mart and picked up a bunch of different dumplings. Steamed them in our bamboo steamers and had dim sum. I've missed it so much.
2020-11-21 11:07:28 PM  
Liver and fava beans with a nice chianti
2020-11-21 11:14:44 PM  
Beef stew with some Pillsbury crescent rolls.
2020-11-21 11:21:09 PM  
Just a simple chicken salad sandwich and chips.
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