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2020-11-20 4:30:39 PM  
The perpetrators should be tied up and stuck in a plastic bottle
2020-11-20 4:32:31 PM  
Indonesia is an ongoing environmental disaster, any billionaires out there could do a lot of good waving some cash at their corrupt government to make them clean up their act.
2020-11-20 4:36:56 PM  

At least Cleese is still alive. I was worried for a sec.
2020-11-20 4:37:24 PM  
For a second, I thought John Cleese had died. Damn you, Subby!

/My hovercraft is full of eels.
2020-11-20 4:40:18 PM  
If you thought getting a ship into a bottle was hard, you should try stuffing a live parrot into one.
2020-11-20 4:41:14 PM  
You think that's bad? Some birds are smuggled across the Mexican border in hubcaps.

I wish I was joking.
2020-11-20 4:50:50 PM  

gopher321: You think that's bad? Some birds are smuggled across the Mexican border in hubcaps.

I wish I was joking.

They just want a better life for their children.

/I'm kidding, it is quite aweful
2020-11-20 4:51:07 PM  
But they were only mostly dead.
2020-11-20 5:02:21 PM  
Bonsai Avian?
2020-11-20 5:04:09 PM  
Is this the thread where we drag Subby for making us think John Cleese had died?

*checks comments*

yes, yes I see that it is. good.
2020-11-20 5:18:40 PM  
2020-11-20 5:23:52 PM  
Where the fak? Fakfak.
/ oooo fak
2020-11-20 5:24:29 PM  
Pour birbs.
2020-11-20 5:29:14 PM  
Holy crap, those poor birds. And now if I want a parrot I'll be paying for years of therapy for the poor thing.

Smugglers need to be hung by their balls, and just left there.
2020-11-20 5:29:27 PM  
Noah, get the boat.
2020-11-20 5:31:46 PM  
sfexaminer.comView Full Size
2020-11-20 5:49:25 PM  
Personally, I would like to visit a port town named Fakfak.
2020-11-20 5:51:28 PM  
The pet and animal part trade is part of the drug trade is part of the human trafficking for sex and free labor trade (aka slavery). They're all run by grotesque abominations who are exploiting the poor who need money and so grow drugs, and so send their sons as laborers to the Gulf States, or decide at the age of 17 to get the fark out of Buttfarkarovsk by becoming an au pair or model or whatever and end up as whores. Your cute little birdie/loris/lizard/tortoise/spider is most likely, barring a complete provenance trail, a record of local destruction: human, animal, cultural, wrought by truly horrible people, many of whom are bribing governments and corporations to look the other way or do a bit of profiting, themselves.

Adopt dogs and cats, neuter them. You need something else as a pet, hire a furry at better than minimum wage.
2020-11-20 6:15:21 PM  
So they were wearing, Budgie Smugglers?
2020-11-20 6:19:14 PM  
Also support people who breed aquarium fish for sale.
2020-11-20 6:34:56 PM  
Nah, he's *stunned*.
2020-11-20 6:39:09 PM  
People are the farking worst.
2020-11-20 8:40:07 PM  
The destination of the parrots found on Thursday morning in the port town of Fakfak ...

It's not news...
It's Fakfak
2020-11-20 9:53:53 PM  

Fabric_Man: Disgusting.

At least Cleese is still alive. I was worried for a sec.

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