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(Sportsnet)   Ontario Hockey League will play "I'm not touching you" this season   ( divider line
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2020-10-31 2:24:03 AM  
Can't check? Guess hockey will be more boring until the pandemic ends.
2020-10-31 6:30:43 AM  
So the games will have scores like the All Star game:  12-9
2020-10-31 7:16:55 AM  
Bets on how many seconds it will take in the first game before someone forgets and plants someone in the boards?
2020-10-31 7:38:24 AM  
So....girls field hockey on ice?
2020-10-31 8:57:36 AM  
John Scott posted the appropriate reaction to this, beer in hand, on his twitter account.
2020-10-31 10:20:40 AM  
I'd note on another hockey league that forbids checking, but Mike Milbury would find it too distracting and noiseless.
2020-10-31 10:23:14 AM  
So, beer league with good players.

The goalies are gonna get killed!!  The contact is what keeps the shots down to about 30 a game on average.  This will easily double...  Teams will have to switch goalies halfway through to counter their exhaustion.....

I'm a big fan of OHL Major Junior hockey, regularly attending games in Peterborough and Kingston.  This won't be worth watching, at all...  A joke, really.
2020-10-31 10:45:31 AM  
This is ridiculous.  As a terrible beer league player, I can say that disallowing checking will not eliminate all contact.  I'm not even convinced it will reduce it.  No checking is not the same as no contact.  I doubt the virus cares if you're grappling along the boards or if you're hitting someone.  Watch women's hockey or kids.  There's no checking, but the players are in close physical contact all the time.

This is like the NFL saying coaches have to wear masks or you can only have one player out for the coin toss.  What's the point if the players spend the next 60 minutes wrestling with each other?

If you're worried about COVID (which is a really legitimate concern), removing checking isn't going to do a darn thing except make people feel like they've taken the appropriate steps, when they haven't reduced close contact one bit.
2020-10-31 1:51:47 PM  
My son plays ice and roller hockey. No checking in roller and they are up in each other's face just as much as ice. Not sure what this accomplishes. I don't think it will be boring.  There are going to be some crazy exciting goals as the high skill players can try moves that they'd never dream of pulling in a game where they'd normally get the snot knocked out of them
2020-10-31 2:05:30 PM  
Do they have the means to have every player tested on a continuous basis like they do in other major sports organizations? If so, then only the negative-testers will be on the ice, which means they should be able to play full-check.
2020-10-31 2:11:49 PM  
So can you still collide with another player? without dropping your shoulder?
2020-11-01 12:39:30 AM  
It's farking embarassing!

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