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(Twitter)   Trump: The Election should END on November 3rd. Ohio and South Carolina: We have over a week after the election to certify results, and we are going to take our time   ( divider line
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2020-10-30 10:43:26 PM  

dywed88: I would be surprised if most places are done by then.

In BC we had an election last Saturday, they are still counting a large proportion of the votes. But do you know who cares? Nobody because we enjoy a functioning society and want to maintain our democracy.

We also gave our conservatives (known as the Liberals here) running on tax cuts for the wealthy a solid kick in the ass.

That snap election scared the bejeesus out of me. I fully expected people to vote the Liberals back in and them to bring back MSP day one.
2020-10-31 12:23:40 AM  

Parthenogenetic: rounding-third: In Ohio it is a paper ballot and when you are finished marking it you plug it into the machine which counts the votes in that precinct. Then at the end of the day you run multiple checks that are signed off by a Republican rep And. Democrat rep. The tally is signed and then the ballots plus the tallies go into a locked bag and driven to a drop off location with both the D and R reps in the same car.

If the count of ballots filled out plus the errors do not match the total distributed using a bar code scanner on the registration device which counts the total # of voters you have to start all over again and recount until you get the correct number. These tallies on the printout sheet are used to add to the total in the county and this is reported to the media and on the site etc. I am guessing that absentee ballots follow the same process. Not sure how this can be an issue and is one thing Ohio got right the past few years concerning elections. This is at least how it is done in Hamilton County. I was a poll worker last year but unable to do it this year.

Greene County, OH uses ES&S (formerly Diebold) voting machines.

The thing prints a paper ballot behind a clear plastic shield you can look at to confirm it matches what you marked on the screen, on a roll of paper like a CVS receipt. When you're done, it scrolls up never to be seen again. You don't get a receipt, verification code, or whatever.

[ image 770x513]
[ image 225x300]

(This is the model we used until around 2016, IIRC. We use a different one now.)

I assume the computer checks if you voted Democrat and generates a random number. If your ballot fails its saving throw, it gets shredded.

[ image 270x480] [View Full Size image _x_]

Franklin county (Columbus) used to have the same machines, but we got new ones this election cycle. Similar to the old ones, but the marking and scanning process are done by 2 different machines now, so you can look at your paper ballot after it has been marked before you feed it into the scanner. I've had a chance to try them out hands-on, and I'm like, 98% certain there's no paper shredder in the bin underneath the scanner.

/In seriousness, I'll be personally delivering the scanned boxes of ballots to the Board of Elections for my precinct for auditing purposes.
//Got assigned to one of the BIG precincts this year.
///3 slashies for good luck on Tuesday.
2020-10-31 3:17:39 AM  

Lipo: Bennie Crabtree: whither_apophis: Ohio could save a lot of time by having Diebold announce the numbers now

Diebold has played such a central role in American decline that every other democracy should ban machine voting. Paper ballots and scrutineers from now to eternity. (Also, that would include humans in the democratic process when AI takes the reins of economics and urban planning).

After some irregularities in the 2018 election, my Ohio county has switch backed to paper ballots.  We don't use electronic machines anymore.

Also, when I voted early in-person my vote was immediately scanned and counted when I slipped it into the machine.

Your county gives me hope. Your county is AWESOME at democracy, all things considered. Thank you, Someplace, Ohio! ^_^
2020-10-31 6:13:44 AM  

dustman81: All of this is so Trump can declare himself winner on Election night. Hope Biden has attorneys ready to deploy and briefs prepared, because you can be damn sure Trump is going to sue to have the counting stopped at midnight.

Barring that, he's going to declare massive election fraud, and ask the Republican state legislatures to give him their electors, regardless of the popular vote.

If either of those don't work, he's going to ask the SCOTUS to declare him the winner, i.e. Bush v Gore 2.0.

If Trump loses (and it's looking more and more that way), he's going to burn it all down rather than concede. His narcissism will never allow himself to admit he lost, and his sociopathy means he doesn't care who he hurts on his way down.

/Don't let anyone take away your vote

Replace 'ask' with 'order' and I'll agree with you.
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