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(Texas Monthly)   You're not high. That is Willie Nelson & Karen O performing Under Pressure   ( divider line
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2020-10-30 10:38:45 AM  
I farking love this. Thanks, subby.
2020-10-30 10:39:58 AM  
That was great. I needed that.
2020-10-30 10:50:05 AM  
I have no words.

Just thank you...
2020-10-30 11:07:21 AM  
I learned some new words to that song from this version.
2020-10-30 11:22:31 AM  

rotsky: I learned some new words to that song from this version.

Kind of disappointed that they forgot the most poignant lyrics, namely:  "And if there was a problem, yo, I'll solve it.  Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it,"  "Light up the stage wax a chump with a candle,"  and "Cookin' MCs like a pound of bacon."

Oh well.  Forgetting those lines was probably due to the long-term effects of "the doobie."  Other than that, it had a good beat and I can sulk to it.
2020-10-30 11:24:02 AM  
I *could* also be high....
2020-10-30 11:27:21 AM  
This might just be a bookmark.
2020-10-30 11:30:20 AM  

xanadian: I *could* also be high....

I have but one funny to give, but I enjoyed that a little too much more than it warranted.

/Morning bong rips
//Can't be high all day if you don't smoke before breakfast
///Dave demands three, man
2020-10-30 11:34:37 AM  
Wait, what's going on?
2020-10-30 11:39:33 AM  
2020-10-30 11:39:39 AM  
Repeat from 2 days ago?
2020-10-30 11:40:16 AM  
Did Vanilla Ice ever sue Queen and David Bowie for ripping off Ice Ice Baby?

/why yes, this "mock dumbass" post is a bookmark
2020-10-30 11:40:26 AM  
It sounds.. sedated.
2020-10-30 11:42:43 AM  

BigTimber: Repeat from 2 days ago?

Nah, Willie just now hit the first note of the song.
2020-10-30 11:42:44 AM  
I'm not high, but Willie might be.
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