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(WEAR Pensacola)   A tropical disturbance could develop this weekend over the Caribbean forming Tropical Storm Eta. At this rate, meteorologists will need a whole nu naming system for storms   ( divider line
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2020-10-29 3:22:07 PM  
These storms are next:

Storm You Next Tuesday
Please Storm
2020-10-29 3:48:03 PM  
Tropical Storm Lorem Ipsum.
2020-10-29 4:03:30 PM  
What's the ETA on Eta?
Xai [TotalFark]
2020-10-29 4:10:28 PM  
I want 8 more storms, Come on Hurricane Ξ!!!
2020-10-29 4:11:20 PM  
♫ When I say it's raining you say It's Eta
(It's Eta, It's Eta, It's Eta)♫
2020-10-29 4:16:41 PM  
Hurricane Fluttershy
Hurricane Applejack
Hurricane Twilight Sparkle
2020-10-29 4:18:13 PM  
Ready for tropical storm あ。

2020-10-29 4:20:02 PM  
We might learn the entire GREEK alphabet at this rate.
2020-10-29 4:29:23 PM  
+1 subby, Got a groan from me.
2020-10-29 4:34:26 PM  
Tropical storm π.

Hurricane ".
2020-10-29 4:39:12 PM  
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2020-10-29 4:45:59 PM  
There's always the Lovecraft pantheon.....
2020-10-29 4:53:03 PM  
I'm so glad I will be dead within 30 years. These hurricane records will look like the good ol days by then.
2020-10-29 4:56:46 PM  
Hurricane Glad
2020-10-29 5:03:33 PM  
Man, they graduated from bombings and assassinations to creating weather disasters?
2020-10-29 5:10:12 PM  
There should be enough Duggar kids by now to make up an alphabet.
2020-10-29 5:12:07 PM  
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2020-10-29 5:35:12 PM  
Tropical Storm McTropical Stormy Face?
2020-10-29 5:41:42 PM  

NotARocketScientist: +1 subby, Got a groan from me.

* Ψ *
2020-10-29 6:05:42 PM  
Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait (Official Music Video)
Youtube UJ1tBVtYOBc
2020-10-29 6:06:15 PM  
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"I can't believe I Eta the whola thing!"
2020-10-29 7:52:11 PM  
What's ν?c/λ.
2020-10-29 8:42:49 PM  
Meh, just got power back from Zeta.  13ish hours, enough to have to toss mayo and mayo-based things from the fridge.  Was eyeing meat in my 95% full freezer imagining grillapalooza like in my Florida daze (cook it and give it away or toss it, what fun food parties)

I live 40 miles North of Atlanta. With all the trees and power down I expected power back maybe tomorrow afternoon.

/gas stove so wasn't gonna be without caffeine or food anyhow
//French press got delivered yesterday lol
///to make yerba mate.  I may like it better than coffee, which is blasphemous in my house
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