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(Bellator)   Thursday Night MMA: Bellator 250: Former middleweight champ Gegard Mousasi vs current welterweight champ Douglas Lima for the vacant middleweight title. Prelims stream at 6 PM ET, main card at 8 PM ET on CBS Sports Network   ( divider line
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2020-10-29 2:59:07 PM  
Bellator's new home on CBS Sports Network seems to be sticking with the pattern of holding events on Thursdays.

The prelims stream at 6 PM ET here: and on the Bellator YouTube channel:​h?v=wccaLJ​Cgk5o

(linked directly here if you feel like watching in this window)

Monster Energy Prelims | Bellator 250: Mousasi vs. Lima fueled by I.B.C
Youtube wccaLJCgk5o

The main card is at 8 PM ET on the CBS Sports Network, or streaming on DAZN.

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The middleweight title has been vacant since June 2019 when Rafael Lovato, Jr. was diagnosed with cerebral cavernoma and had to retire, leaving the title vacant.  Mousasi had lost the title to Lovato in May 2018.  Lima has been welterweight champ three times since 2014, with his current title reign starting a year ago.

There's actually some good fights with lesser-known names further down the card.  (But also, since it's Bellator, there's pro wrasslin' Jake "Jack Swagger" Hager vs Some Random Guy from the local circuit.  Hager's last fight was a no contest when he landed two nut shots in the first two minutes of the first round and his opponent couldn't continue)

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2020-10-29 3:55:45 PM  
Unfortunately, two fights were scratched earlier today, leaving eight.

Veta Arteaga vs Desiree Yanez and Nick Newell vs Zach Zane were cancelled.  Reports are that Arteaga and Newell were not cleared by the commission to fight.  Arteaga later said that she had tested positive for COVID.  No word on why Newell wasn't cleared, but a positive COVID test is a possibility, since he weighed in just fine yesterday.
2020-10-29 5:16:40 PM  
Nick Newell

Bat soup was a bad choice
2020-10-29 6:00:53 PM  
Prelims are live
2020-10-29 6:06:09 PM  
Law has a big advantage on the ground.

...and sinks the choke in as I was typing that
2020-10-29 6:14:52 PM  
2020-10-29 6:16:22 PM  
Hard to believe it wasn't that long ago that Gegard was in line for a shot at the UFC MW title.
2020-10-29 6:19:47 PM  
10-9 Borics
2020-10-29 6:22:52 PM  

(has that changed meanings recently?)
2020-10-29 6:24:50 PM  
made him pay for the takedown attempt
2020-10-29 6:25:59 PM  
10-9 Borics, but closer that round  20-18
2020-10-29 6:28:03 PM  
2020-10-29 6:30:38 PM  
Borics smells blood
2020-10-29 6:32:04 PM  
10-9 Borics 30-27
2020-10-29 6:32:09 PM  
beauty elbow
2020-10-29 6:33:04 PM  

Agarista: beauty elbow

I like the pushing the head back down to the canvas to set up the elbow
2020-10-29 6:39:15 PM  
Johnson in the lead for Beard of the Night
2020-10-29 6:41:11 PM  
Fark user imageView Full Size
2020-10-29 6:44:53 PM  
10-9 Eblen
2020-10-29 6:46:32 PM  
2020-10-29 6:47:42 PM  
sounds like a locomotive
2020-10-29 6:48:56 PM  
that early spurt emptied Johnson's gas
2020-10-29 6:51:10 PM  
10-9 Eblen   He was hurt early, but then controlled Johnson   20-18
2020-10-29 6:57:56 PM  
10-9 Eblen.  Johnson avoided a 10-8 in the last 20 seconds or so.  30-27
2020-10-29 7:03:06 PM  
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2020-10-29 7:05:20 PM  
Homasi with the ancient ruins tattoos
2020-10-29 7:09:15 PM  
solid 10-9 Homasi

that leg is only gonna get worse
2020-10-29 7:10:52 PM  
2020-10-29 7:13:43 PM  
2020-10-29 7:14:07 PM  
I am currently in a zoom board meeting, so I am watching the fights on mute on a split screen. I am bored ot farking tears.
2020-10-29 7:14:21 PM  
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2020-10-29 7:25:10 PM  
There's a big lead in Ugly Tattoo of the Night for that crap on his back
2020-10-29 7:28:39 PM  
10-9 Hager
2020-10-29 7:34:55 PM  
10-9 Hager  although he got hurt late   20-18
2020-10-29 7:40:17 PM  
he got all of those balls
2020-10-29 7:43:13 PM  
10-9 Hager  30-27   pretty close rounds though

If a 40 year old unknown gave Hager all he could handle, there are several on the roster who would murder him
2020-10-29 7:45:40 PM  
split decision for Hager
2020-10-29 7:47:35 PM  
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2020-10-29 8:03:40 PM  
tapology.comView Full Size
2020-10-29 8:08:59 PM  
first main card fight coming up
2020-10-29 8:16:01 PM  
10-9 Rosta
2020-10-29 8:17:28 PM  
Just getting home.  A three fight main card?  COVID strikes again?
2020-10-29 8:17:33 PM  
2020-10-29 8:20:04 PM  

BadJazz: Just getting home.  A three fight main card?  COVID strikes again?

Bellator often does stupid stuff.  I think it was always scheduled for three fights tonight.  A few dropped for Covid and made the prelims start later, though (and moved this fight to the main card)
2020-10-29 8:21:04 PM  
I had expected Rosta to gas by now, but he's been pacing himself better.
2020-10-29 8:22:23 PM  
10-9 Rosta  20-18
2020-10-29 8:26:28 PM  
I see now that Jake Hager fought again.  Did Hornswoggle run interference to steal the win?
2020-10-29 8:27:29 PM  

BadJazz: I see now that Jake Hager fought again.  Did Hornswoggle run interference to steal the win?

surprisingly, the fatbois went 3 rounds. both worse for the wear after  ;)
2020-10-29 8:28:30 PM  
30-27 Rosta
2020-10-29 8:34:21 PM  
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