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(Ars Technica)   Tesla's auto-crash feature ranked poorly by Consumer Reports   ( divider line
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2020-10-29 4:36:40 AM  
Pretty sure they also rank dead last on production quality as well. Think we will stop hearing about such sad finish issues like panel gap, home depot wood blocks etc by 2023 or is that more a 2030 thing

And its gonna be real fun in the next few years when the pissed off owners start to ask the awkward questions of why they cant just go to any shop for repairs but need to be put on an 8+ month wait list for the most basic of services

Hang on, I thought it was illegal to monopolize repairs on cars like Tesla is doing
2020-10-29 6:20:19 AM  
Wow, what a bullshiat article.

Cadillac score: 69 (giggity)
Tesla score: 57

Hard to judge the scale from that but most systems ended up in the mid 40s with the lowest around 20.

However the bigger problem is the scoring criteria that gigged Tesla and was a boon for Cadillac.

Driver Monitoring System. Because Tesla only monitors for hands on steering wheel and doesn't have a camera pointed at the driver to ensure your eyes are always facing the road, and Cadillac also features more annoying alerts.. so Cadillac was rated higher.

Where the system can be used. Cadillac limits the system to only major highways that have been highly mapped by their system, where as Tesla allows people to use it essentially everywhere, soo Cadillac obviously gets extremely high marks there compared with Tesla that received the lowest.

Among other categories was the ability to bring the vehicle to a stop safely if the driver was unresponsive where Tesla scores only slightly worse but they gave Cadillac a higher score since it was limited to only highly mapped roads where they could more confidently bring the vehicle to a stop safely.

The nuts and bolts of it is if Tesla issued a software update tomorrow that restricted its navigation system to only be used on major highways and they re ranked the cars, Tesla would essentially tie with Cadillac and if they installed a camera to track your eyes you'd probably be making Cadillac come in at a "distant second". Yes that's the level of bullshiat here, remove/limit features and add redundancy for stupid people and Tesla could blow them all away if they wanted.

Also worth noting, Tesla Autopilot scores the highest out of all systems in the performance/capabilities category and the ease of use categories. Yep, sounds like Tesla autopilot definitely deserves the title a distant second. The article is bullshiat and the scoring is heavily favored to "100% safety" by forcing restrictions to prevent stupid people from using the system in stupid ways. The truth is if I built a car that monitored my eyes and never let you engage the autopilot system unless you were on 1 straight road in the middle of nowhere that gets no traffic, it would probably score a solid 40 points on their scoring system.
2020-10-29 7:13:16 AM  
Maybe Tesla should stop calling it auto pilot.  My wife's Subaru has the same thing, but it's called driver assist, hence you know not to let go of the wheel.
2020-10-29 7:14:28 AM  
Didn't we just have this exact same thread?
2020-10-29 7:42:25 AM  
More fatal accidents happen on non-divided roads than they do on limited access divided highways. Super cruise is limited to the latter while the Tesla otto-pilot can operate nearly anywhere with varying degrees of effectiveness.

If you want to save lives per mile driven you need the technology to work where it is needed, not just where it is easier to implement.
2020-10-29 7:53:42 AM  

jakedata: If you want to save lives per mile driven you need the technology to work where it is needed, not just where it is easier to implement

But you also need it to be a consistent level of effectiveness. A driver assist system which oversells its capacity, or which degrades in performance depending on conditions is potentially much worse than no system at all.
2020-10-29 7:59:54 AM  

jakedata: Super cruise is limited to the latter while the Tesla otto-pilot can operate nearly anywhere with varying degrees of effectiveness.

Those degrees include rear ending a cop.
2020-10-29 11:54:47 AM  
I have a far better driving record while drunk (0 incidents) than the driver assist/auto-pilots do. To be fair, I've only driven drunk a few thousand times, and these driver systems are all over the place driving all the time.

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