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(WFAA Fort Worth)   Early voting analysis shows Dems are trouncing GOP voters, with double the number of ballots cast. Despite more recent increased GOP turnout, they're still -20%. "At some point, Republicans have to vote,"   ( divider line
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2020-10-26 6:53:47 PM  

Bandito King: I miss old fark too but we dont need levity around these subjects. People should be farking angry and its shiatty of you to play games.

There are actual and interesting discussions to be had on these topics, most individuals are not capable of them, that includes the Poltab.  They will continue to double down on their sickness by voting for the big-government corporate technocrats who merely disagree on how the impersonal bureaucracies will continue to suck the soul out of the human condition.

Note that I did not mention which political party they are voting for because I enjoy the ambiguity of the very bad people on both sides.

So if you want to have an actual discussion about the technology and economics and philosophy of the insane distortion that is twenty-first century, the thing that leads to the politics, then I am totally fine with doing so, but I do not waste my time with imagined problems that don't anywhere get near the root of the anxiety and the misery.

Donald Trump is a mere symptom of the disease, the disease is caused by excessive consumption of the Diet Coke that is a core component of his nutrition, the Diet Coke is made in massive factories, and those factories employ individuals who have been robbed of meaningful and interesting goals that give one a sense of confidence in themselves.

The fact I've told that system to mostly go shove it and focused my time and energy on myself is the reason that I don't freak out about politics, the reason that I have confidence, the confidence that I can sing and laugh and dance while telling you that you need to get your shiat in order.

So I'll wake up on November 4th, and no matter who the president is going to be, I'll make a follow-up post claiming that Hillary Clinton's reign of terror is finally over, and that it was a real shame Donald Trump didn't get a chance to lead this country.

If you're going to be upset about that, just know that you voted for all the policies that got you to this very moment in the first place, you will realize that the human condition is complicated, and you will have nobody but yourself to blame for my actions.  I apologize if you were offended.  You're welcome.
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