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(Rolling Stone)   In honor of the fast approaching Halloween, the Sunday Morning Music Club is looking for the spookiest songs of all time. Hey... what's that noise? That creaking noise... OMG, IT'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU   ( divider line
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804 clicks; posted to Discussion » and Entertainment » on 25 Oct 2020 at 10:00 AM (39 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2020-10-25 8:53:14 AM  
Dolly goes dark on this one.
Dolly Parton - Me And Little Andy
Youtube xRriGGC68A8
2020-10-25 8:54:35 AM  
Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London (Official Music Video)
Youtube qae25976UgA
2020-10-25 8:58:53 AM  
We can go with the most literal song possible.

Creep - Radiohead
Youtube lZiNtbgm9oM
2020-10-25 9:00:39 AM  
Night On Bald Mountain - Fantasia (1941) (Theatrical Cut)
Youtube SLCuL-K39eQ
2020-10-25 9:01:34 AM  
Youtube S2PoR8uUxo0

This song is legitimately disturbing & creepy as hell.
2020-10-25 9:03:58 AM  
Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me (Official Music Video)
2020-10-25 9:04:47 AM  
Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight
Youtube MN3x-kAbgFU
2020-10-25 9:07:29 AM  
Don't suppose it gets it any creepier than a quadruple amputee wishing for death, but seemingly cannot die.

Metallica: One (Official Music Video)
Youtube WM8bTdBs-cw
2020-10-25 9:10:00 AM  
Didn't think I'd be the first with this one...

Pink Floyd - One of These Days [HD]
Youtube ikMAH7k3pz4
2020-10-25 9:14:27 AM  
Alice Cooper - Steven (from Alice Cooper: Trashes The World)
Youtube TBpNtmanZ1Y
2020-10-25 9:16:27 AM  
"My Wife and My Dead Wife" - Robyn Hitchcock
Youtube gsr7EPe6hUU

This was a weird and creepy little ghost story.
2020-10-25 9:18:16 AM  
The Adverts - Gary Gilmore's Eyes
Youtube Xv2EIaSnlcY
2020-10-25 9:24:24 AM  
Creepy on several levels..
Little Red Riding Hood - Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs
Youtube _FA85RO89HA
2020-10-25 9:27:04 AM  
Creeping Death
Youtube xAOMEqMXiXI
2020-10-25 10:03:28 AM  
Ave Satani (From "The Omen")
Youtube ttx-KGs1m20
2020-10-25 10:05:35 AM  
Midnight Rambler (Live From Madison Square Garden, New York/1969)
Youtube Q99oEvb8ZBs
2020-10-25 10:06:22 AM  
The Pogues - Turkish Song Of The Damned
Youtube b6fFJX4OkDw
2020-10-25 10:07:28 AM  
Crank it up.

The Chameleons - Swamp Thing - 1986
Youtube lYNHjmnlZbA
2020-10-25 10:08:00 AM  
Dr. John - I Walk On Guilded Splinters
Youtube kWvdO3l4_P8
2020-10-25 10:08:25 AM  
DJ Cummerbund - Monster WAP
Youtube D-ZTAdmOLIg
2020-10-25 10:10:02 AM  
Maria McKee - Breathe
Youtube LdJOpb6dJlY
2020-10-25 10:10:46 AM  
Can't really think of anything spooky. Sad and tragic, sure.

Jason Isbell - Yvette (w/ Lyrics)
Youtube cDO9FhLFcaE
2020-10-25 10:11:02 AM  
His Name Is Alive • Can't Go Wrong Without You
Youtube pG_Npxq0kU8

The video by the Brothers Quay certainly raises the spooky factor.
2020-10-25 10:12:38 AM  
The Legend Of Wooley Swamp
Youtube _7Ox9N1490Y
2020-10-25 10:13:07 AM  
Townes Van Zandt - The Hole
Youtube YYK39Vv8lJg
2020-10-25 10:13:07 AM  
Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights - Official Music Video - Version 2
Youtube Fk-4lXLM34g
2020-10-25 10:14:28 AM  
Nat king cole, Nature Boy
Youtube Iq0XJCJ1Srw
2020-10-25 10:14:29 AM  
Scott Walker + Sunn O))) - Brando - Film by Gisèle Vienne
Youtube G_NIop72vis
2020-10-25 10:14:53 AM  
A completely different kind of horror

The Cranberries - Zombie (Official Music Video)
Youtube 6Ejga4kJUts
2020-10-25 10:15:35 AM  
Neko Case - "Dirty Knife" (Full Album Stream)
Youtube AsjEdyvzsgQ

So suddenly the madness came ...
2020-10-25 10:15:37 AM  

Rann Xerox: bikkurikun: Could just fill the thread with every Nick Cave song ever.

Yep.  "Stagger Lee" (live version from the "The Abattoir Blues Tour" album) and "Red Right Hand" immediately comes to mind.

Jack the Ripper, Mercy Seat...
2020-10-25 10:15:42 AM  
Timothy *** The Buoys
Youtube OqDu5LBT8_Y
2020-10-25 10:15:43 AM  
This Could Be Love
Youtube ZmsHJvY1t-Q
2020-10-25 10:16:33 AM  
Jaws theme!!
Youtube ZvCI-gNK_y4

Jaws was a phenomenon that scared the crap out of people when it came out.  It's hard to explain now, but it was a thing and terrifying if one was capable of getting into the moment with that flick and this sound.
2020-10-25 10:18:16 AM  
Jack the Ripper (Live)
Youtube sFf_4JYCSJQ
2020-10-25 10:19:36 AM  
Danny Boy - Frank Patterson (Full)
Youtube FZrRhKVj5j0

I have to do the heavy lifting around here.
2020-10-25 10:19:57 AM  
Get Right With God
Youtube AVFwkoXSUvo

I always thought this was creepy af for a spiritually-themed song -- It starts out with snake handling, then goes right to body mortification and child sacrifice
2020-10-25 10:20:04 AM  
The Damned - Grimly Fiendish (1985)
Youtube zIpv0fQW4YU
2020-10-25 10:20:48 AM  
Oingo Boingo Farewell - Only A Lad
Youtube kYxqTrLz1qY
2020-10-25 10:23:45 AM  
Sinéad O'Connor - I Am Stretched on Your Grave - 1990
Youtube N8mU8kBvSnI
2020-10-25 10:24:23 AM  
ANDY SHAUF - Wendell Walker (Live at The Drake Hotel)
Youtube 3dThrMKG4r4
2020-10-25 10:24:28 AM  
Sweeny Todd
Youtube _umHMPN07O8
2020-10-25 10:28:21 AM  
Ravenous OST - Boyd's Journey
Youtube vLt98WxrYAw
2020-10-25 10:28:31 AM  
Blind Willie Johnson - Dark was the night...
Youtube BNj2BXW852g

I know it's supposed to be a spiritual, but there seems to be as much gothic as spiritual. All the moaning and keening.
2020-10-25 10:29:06 AM  
"Weird Al" Yankovic - Nature Trail to Hell (Official Audio)
Youtube EQK7cFwPayI
2020-10-25 10:29:51 AM  
Ghost B.C - Year Zero (Lyric Video - HD)
Youtube _Mbxe33BYW8

Blood orgy at the devil church!
2020-10-25 10:29:53 AM  
Violent Femmes "country death song" live
Youtube 0IjiZfRCTFQ
2020-10-25 10:31:21 AM  
Jimmy Cross - I Want My Baby Back
Youtube h0x8S1U7O3w
2020-10-25 10:32:11 AM  
Cold Is Being - Renaissance
Youtube FKb2VlcrRn8
2020-10-25 10:32:36 AM  
Comus - Diana
Youtube 4aEpyhx_c7o

/actually anything by Comus qualifies
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