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(Rolling Stone)   In honor of the fast approaching Halloween, the Sunday Morning Music Club is looking for the spookiest songs of all time. Hey... what's that noise? That creaking noise... OMG, IT'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU   ( divider line
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799 clicks; posted to Discussion » and Entertainment » on 25 Oct 2020 at 10:00 AM (28 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2020-10-25 3:41:54 PM  
The Specials - Ghost Town (Official Music Video)
Youtube RZ2oXzrnti4
2020-10-25 3:41:59 PM  
And what the hell, yet another take on the same story as Tam Lin:
Youtube KfYAw3fgaXQ
2020-10-25 3:45:49 PM  
The Raven (1987 Remix)
Youtube N3fHbjOsSaE
2020-10-25 3:46:44 PM  
Flowers In The Dell
Youtube UkIpLlyfNps

Yet another murder ballad.
2020-10-25 3:47:03 PM  
In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song)
Youtube tDs3kQo7iLU
2020-10-25 3:48:43 PM  
The Accused "Two Hours Til Sunrise"
Youtube xas_64IEfeg
2020-10-25 3:50:38 PM  
Nina Hagen - Born in XiXaX
Youtube A5ebWAymSMk
2020-10-25 3:51:55 PM  
Dead Kennedys - Halloween (w/lyrics)
Youtube 4lDXpJqaHwY
2020-10-25 4:01:36 PM  

Squid_for_Brains: [YouTube video: The Raven (1987 Remix)]

Whole album is pretty good n creepy.
2020-10-25 4:01:43 PM  
and a spot of industrial EDM to round off...

Soylent Green
Youtube k76zBC856po
2020-10-25 4:09:45 PM  
Moon over Bourbon street-Sting
Youtube 5i_0PkOqLKA
2020-10-25 4:11:40 PM  
mazzy star-taste of blood
Youtube aQ1flHsjMLE
2020-10-25 4:17:59 PM  
Henry Hall & His Orchestra - The Teddy Bear's Picnic (1932)
Youtube dZANKFxrcKU
/ farking creepy
2020-10-25 4:23:06 PM  
Run For Your Life (Remastered 2009)
Youtube yzHXtxcIkg4
2020-10-25 4:48:23 PM  

jmr61: Sorry subby but a song isn't scary. Unless you're 12. And I haven't been 12 for a long time.

I have you farkied as a "music edgelord." I see I was correct in that assertion!
2020-10-25 4:48:45 PM  
DOAN LET SATAN GIT YOU by Barbour's Plantation Singers 1927
Youtube 9JxPh9WXAcQ
2020-10-25 4:57:32 PM  

FlashHarry: jmr61: Sorry subby but a song isn't scary. Unless you're 12. And I haven't been 12 for a long time.

I have you farkied as a "music edgelord." I see I was correct in that assertion!

He's the DNRTFA guy of the music thread.
2020-10-25 4:59:19 PM  

offacue: [YouTube video: Peggy Lee - Ghost Riders In The Sky (A Cowboy Legend) 1949]

Too slow
GhostRiders In The Sky - Baja Marimba Band
Youtube NUfHC30qTqI
just right
2020-10-25 5:31:23 PM  
Best EVER O Fortuna - Carl Orff Carmina Burana
Youtube AdIpoE2LEps
When you hear this song in a movie, you know some shiat is going to happen.
2020-10-25 5:34:36 PM  
Headstones - Cemetery
Youtube jiKEwlvj3S4
2020-10-25 5:44:03 PM  
Original 16 Brewery Sessions - Colter Wall - "Kate McCannon"
Youtube hCebq5lLgos
A recent murder ballad
2020-10-25 5:50:57 PM  
Lyle Lovett - LA County
Youtube 3uGyClRhGg0

On the short list of Prettiest Songs Ever Recorded, Murder Ballad Division, "L.A. County" is an absolutely towering masterwork, and - I've come to realize - the best song that Lyle Lovett ever wrote. (Shamelessly stolen from here, as I could not say it better myself)
2020-10-25 6:01:14 PM  

Merltech: The first thing that comes to mind for halloween.

A great piece, but it requires a live performance or a sound system with bass capabilities to shake your house.
Which I have.
2020-10-25 6:10:30 PM  
Suburbs Music for Boys
Youtube C2DxJszebCI
2020-10-25 6:10:35 PM  
Wrote It Down And Burned It
Youtube hKst8k83JiA
2020-10-25 6:13:46 PM  
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - "Big Baby" (Official Audio)
Youtube e-vgCMk1DZw
2020-10-25 6:22:55 PM  
Yma Sumac - Gopher Mambo (Capitol Records 1954)
Youtube 7JWxNqyIRtk

dig the underground sound of the gopher mambo
2020-10-25 6:24:00 PM  
Orbital - The Box (Full Version)
Youtube cONv26K0vL8
2020-10-25 6:28:56 PM  
Goblin Girl
Youtube RGX-C6-q10g
2020-10-25 6:33:31 PM  
Welcome to My Nightmare
Youtube 6ZeaCohfWsY
2020-10-25 6:34:07 PM  
"Black Widow" Alice Cooper with Vincent Price Intro
Youtube KBKp2Yo_CGE
2020-10-25 6:35:06 PM  
Dead Man's Party
Youtube yhN8SdulOFc
2020-10-25 6:36:06 PM  
Ghost Of A Texas Ladies Man
Youtube p_s7hzXReV8
2020-10-25 6:37:26 PM  
Youtube kI0bCtaozP0
2020-10-25 6:38:42 PM  
Youtube XjlX4GX8mdg
2020-10-25 6:40:59 PM  
WISH YOU WERE HERE widespread panic cover
Youtube 8lNokzQKAoM

2015 Halloween in Asheville, NC.

JB as Pink Floyd the Barber.
2020-10-25 6:42:31 PM  
Haunted House
Youtube 8E0ozuzSh_0
2020-10-25 6:43:46 PM  
moe. - Plane Crash
Youtube 0wTHvkhBVqk
2020-10-25 6:46:43 PM  
The Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon
Youtube BdkEapVungU
2020-10-25 6:48:06 PM  
Kris Kristofferson • To Beat the Devil (1970)
Youtube faF0wOsVucw
2020-10-25 6:49:26 PM  
Grateful Dead - Friend of The Devil
Youtube XacvydVrhuI
2020-10-25 6:50:16 PM  
Van Halen- Runnin' with the devil
Youtube Bl4dEAtxo0M
2020-10-25 6:52:03 PM  
Donovan - Season of the Witch (Audio)
Youtube GU35oCHGhJ0
2020-10-25 6:54:03 PM  
The creepier version, in my opinion:

END OF THE NIGHT (Demo 1965) - The Doors
Youtube xNsxv6iYclM
2020-10-25 6:56:27 PM  
Good Morning, Captain
Youtube CuqEpjcBfaU
2020-10-25 7:01:59 PM  
Youtube Ldl98PaHNC0
2020-10-25 7:05:25 PM  
Goblin - Profondo Rosso (Deep Red OST)
Youtube MVuLGRfc9gI
2020-10-25 7:07:14 PM  
I said it last year, so I'll say something similar this year. No other hit-making juggernaut released an eventual #1 more reflective of real-time mental collapse. Also, that intro:

I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Youtube kAPj9oP4q_w
2020-10-25 7:14:30 PM  
What's He Building In There? - Tom Waits
What's he building in there?
Youtube JaLjwSpZ6Cs
2020-10-25 7:18:38 PM  
Me and the Devil Blues
Youtube p9CDKtc1Cno
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