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9959 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Feb 2002 at 11:13 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-03 11:16:34 AM  
200 guys x 1 cave + 0 showers = gross
2002-02-03 11:21:03 AM  
Do the Taliban even know how to spell math or test ?
2002-02-03 11:34:17 AM  
do they say Pi is 3?
2002-02-03 12:11:53 PM  
I thought it might be fun to take the quiz, but then I realized it involved actual math...
2002-02-03 12:13:48 PM  
Way too cerebral for a Sunday. It all became hazy after the wet burkah contest part.
2002-02-03 12:45:03 PM  
More interesting than most math tests.
It also goes to show you can do well on many multiple choice tests by guessing C for all of the ones you can't figure out.
Answers: CDCCC
2002-02-03 01:37:18 PM  
"19 Jihad warriors hijack 3 planes. How many heretics can they send into a burning inferno?

a) 19
b) 15,000
c) 3700
d) It doesn't matter. The Americans can kill 1378E999 more.
I think they know that kind of math...
2002-02-03 01:50:04 PM  
I think we crashed thier server.
2002-02-03 02:55:46 PM  
[this is not amusing.]
2002-02-03 04:36:34 PM  
I think that's scientific notation, not hex. E represents the exponent 10 is taken to, so 2.0E5 would be 2x10^5.
2002-02-03 05:09:54 PM  
answers are c d c c c !
(i cant belive i took an hour to figure all this shiat out)
2002-02-03 05:26:51 PM  
Brett42: you got it, man...
2002-02-03 05:43:57 PM  
I agree with Enkidu3k. Why the hell would you mail the results to an art school?
2002-02-03 07:02:53 PM  
dude, taleban jokes are SO 2001

and E.T??

---"I think about weird stuff, like what would happen if Mr. T and E.T. had a baby. You'd get Mr. E. T., wouldn't you? And he'd sound something like this: 'I pity the fool who doesn't--pho-one ho-ome!'"
2002-02-03 09:58:13 PM  
josh clements is not amusing
2002-02-04 01:37:32 AM  
Natural-selection-at-work: RE: Why the hell would you mail the results to an art school?

answer: because its NOT A REAL MATH TEST and because its funny. Dolt.


GO PATRIOTS!!! WHoooooooo! Kurt Warner's ribs hurt! what a pussy.
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