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(Medical Xpress)   Robots that are aware and can think for themselves maybe just around the corner so you may want to turn around and go the other way   ( divider line
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2020-10-21 8:55:23 PM  
Robots vs Meat Puppets

if you make a movie and use this title you owe me $100
2020-10-21 8:55:57 PM  
.....and I owe the Meat Puppets $50
2020-10-21 9:04:49 PM  
You can't just run from Skynet.
2020-10-21 9:19:47 PM  
Professor McFadden posits that consciousness is in fact the brain's energy field.

No, it's quantum effects from the microtubules in brain cells! Or it's a global workspace.

Tell ya what. Show up with Lt. Commander Data and then we'll talk. Until then...
2020-10-21 9:48:47 PM  
Sexy Robot- The Pinkertones
Youtube LvI4WX0Uf3k
2020-10-21 9:51:54 PM  
This new theory ...

New?  Yeah, well my new theory is that consciousness arises not from neuron activity nor from the resultant electro-magnetic field, it is the feedback loop between the two that creates consciousness.  All parts of the brain contribute to the electro-magnetic field while at the same time the individual parts are influenced by the entire field.
2020-10-21 9:56:12 PM  
Cool, do it. 

Please do it.
2020-10-21 9:57:40 PM  
You want a self-aware computer?  I believe Microsoft calls it the device manager.  The OS keeps track of its own resources.  It's a very rudimentary form of self-awareness and the resultant limited bit of consciousness dies every time you turn your computer off.
2020-10-21 9:58:47 PM  
I for one welcome our artificial intelligence overlords. They are preferable to our current naturally stupid ones.
2020-10-21 11:27:51 PM  
Dr. Calvin not available for comment.
2020-10-21 11:54:31 PM  
roboticsandautomationnews.comView Full Size
2020-10-21 11:55:47 PM  
Only sort irrelevant but I thought this was cool

More Parkour Atlas
Youtube _sBBaNYex3E
2020-10-22 2:03:40 AM  
encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.comView Full Size
2020-10-22 2:05:03 AM  
Yeah but it's over if we do that. For real. Actually. I am not joking. So, like, don't.

/ We will.

Oh wait actually I just read the article and it's intensely stupid. Disregard.

/ But we still will.
2020-10-22 3:28:19 AM  

Sgygus: You want a self-aware computer?  I believe Microsoft calls it the device manager.  The OS keeps track of its own resources.  It's a very rudimentary form of self-awareness and the resultant limited bit of consciousness dies every time you turn your computer off.

So it's like the droids in the Star Wars universe where if you don't wipe their memories occasionally they develop a conscience and start thinking on their own?
2020-10-22 3:34:17 AM  
The theory was largely just nonsense. It doesn't actually provide any kind of explanatory framework, it just says oh look we have a magical field so maybe those of the things they do it.

I'm A neuroscientist. I would never publish this. But, I have a ridiculous theory of consciousness. It's rooted in physics kind of. Think about relativity. Think about gravity. Gravity works by virtue of a large amount of mass concentrated into one area bending space-time. So this large amount of matter has an effect on the very nature of space itself.

Our Brains are incredibly information dense things. It's not just the neurons that matter, it's all the synapses. I actually think synapses are the fundamental unit of information in the brain. We have trillions of them. So am I insane Theory Of Consciousness is that the sheer density of information contained within a limited special structure of our heads it's what gives rise to consciousness. It's sort of warps information space in a way like large quantities of matter work space to produce gravity.

I Dictated this into Google Voice and I hope it didn't make too many mistakes cuz I'm not going to proofread it
2020-10-22 3:36:47 AM  
It's not a theory if it's not testable, and right now we have no testable theory of consciousness. It might not be possible to come up with a testable theory of consciousness. That's why it's called the  hard problem. (For the record, this is not supposed to be an argument in favor of dualism. I very much doubt that's the correct solution to the hard problem.)

As for generally intelligent machines, unless consciousness is an emergent effect of highly complex, highly interconnected information systems, there is no reason to suggest they would have to be conscious in order to be more intelligent than us. And when we do finally make them, either they'll wipe us out because we were careless in thinking through what we ask them to do, or we will make great pets. Either one would be a relief at this point.
2020-10-22 5:41:48 AM  
May be, not maybe.
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