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(Variety)   Quibi is shutting down, leaving user disappointed   ( divider line
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1681 clicks; posted to Business » and Entertainment » on 21 Oct 2020 at 6:28 PM (28 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2020-10-22 9:08:58 AM  
I never liked their subs, anyway.
2020-10-22 9:23:32 AM  

Herr Morgenstern: Joe USer: I'm disappointed.

USer name checks out.

Many yrs ago I wanted to fix that typo, people said, "no Joe, it makes you unique. "

Gotta give the people what they want.
2020-10-22 9:48:07 AM  
Quibble at Quibi
2020-10-22 10:31:22 AM  

americanflannel: They literally just released an appletv app. Their trailers have me interested.

The concept was stupid.  It was movies designed to be watched on a phone, and only on a phone. They were tiny in length, so you'd watch them while waiting in line for...whatever.  Until the very end, there was no way to watch them on an actual television.

Of course, then they start this service in the middle of the covid lockdown, when people were not waiting in physical lines for anything and were always near their giant farking television.

It was a bad idea in any case, but that their timing was absolutely horrible considering their business model.
2020-10-22 10:32:41 AM  

DesertCoyote: Trocadero: 12349876: Dusk-You-n-Me: Quibi made their "episodes" 11 minutes to avoid paying union writers. Everyone should MC Hammer dance on their grave.
- Jawn Wick (@LukeXCunningham) October 21, 2020

By playing credits between each act, instead of commercials, Quibi claimed a 10 episode season was actually 40 "low budget under 12 minute episodes", allowing them to skirt SAG (actors union) and WGA (writers union) minimums. They were a scab-based business model.
- Jawn Wick (@LukeXCunningham) October 21, 2020

q**bi paid reese witherspoon $6 million to sit in a basement and voice over stock footage of animals with yas kween feminism. her husband is the head of talent acquisition at q**bi. just fully a scam from the top to the bottom
- anonymous account (@jackallisonLOL) October 21, 2020

Wait, lots of cartoons and most of Adult Swim are also 11 minutes.  Do they do this stuff too?

Rick and Morty is a non-union shop, but they give out the same as union benefits to keep the union at arm's length.

Better known as "The Costco Method."

Costco is unionized via the Teamsters.
2020-10-22 10:38:43 AM  
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2020-10-22 11:14:08 AM  
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2020-10-22 2:13:13 PM  
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Spawned from the same petri dish.
2020-10-22 4:00:03 PM  
I enjoyed The Princess Bride covid project but had no interest in anything else they had to over.
2020-10-22 4:11:31 PM  
After 12 years in the movie industry I've completely lost faith in motion pictures as an art form. You can't change my mind don't try. Pretty much anything thats been made since about 2012 is not art in any way shape or form. Even "art films" not arthouse either for fark sake not even. It may never have been art.

/Music is the weapon of the future
//The poppiest kpop has more art than cinema
///Gonna go paint
2020-10-22 7:52:27 PM  
Holy fark. I had no idea they were this scummy, on top of having such a cringeworthy brand and marketing campaign. Good riddance.
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