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2002-02-03 04:42:55 PM  
guns are cool
2002-02-03 04:43:09 PM  
Their micro-machines are really neat.
2002-02-03 04:43:58 PM  
2002-02-03 04:47:43 PM  
Wow! That stuff was like:
2002-02-03 04:48:02 PM  
i like cheese
2002-02-03 04:49:59 PM  
That was a little bit uninteresting.
2002-02-03 04:50:53 PM  
Well...at least it's a step up from having everyone gather outside and throwing rolls and biscuits into the air as high as they could.
2002-02-03 04:52:29 PM  
Where's the MITT (Mobile Infrantry Tea Truck)? You can't do battle without tea time!
2002-02-03 04:54:42 PM  
where is the ass? I want ass now!
2002-02-03 05:03:29 PM  
The British Army still gives it's men a beer ration.
2002-02-03 05:12:03 PM  
Once we went up to train with the Canadians for a month, they were pissed they couldn't break out the rum ration while the Americans were around.
2002-02-03 05:12:46 PM  
The Sheilder Anti-Tank Minelayer was by far the coolest thing in there.

It does beg the question, however: What happens if it runs over it's own mine?

Presumably they have a timer or something to deal with this problem, it just seems odd.
2002-02-03 05:23:00 PM  
Not impressed. The French? They had no comment.
2002-02-03 05:24:41 PM  
Paul_n The mine launchers are mounted on the sides so is suppose the trick in not running over them is just to keep on going forewards... having said that I dont fancy driving one in heavy winds.
2002-02-03 05:25:11 PM  
what a mess that anti-tank mine spreader makes....

and Princess Di was all crusading against mines blowing up innocent kids n stuff.

It is kinda gross - mines blowing up kids n stuff.

"Killed by freindly anti-tank mines"
2002-02-03 05:25:29 PM  
On an unrelated note : is totalfark.com operational ? Anyone ? Beuler ?
2002-02-03 05:27:50 PM  
Bongofury - yes it is, you sign up w/paypal
2002-02-03 05:28:46 PM  
What's the difference between a tank and a self-propelled gun?

I know in the old days a self-propelled gun was just a big gun that pointed where ever it went but these days they seem to be able to aim independently of the direction its going. So what else makes it different from a tank?
2002-02-03 05:28:51 PM  
Yes. Did that. Then what ?
2002-02-03 05:30:53 PM  
then I dunno... I'm waiting for my paypal account to come online, or for Drew to hook up Amazon's payment system

fark! Barry Manilo is lipsincing! bastard
2002-02-03 05:32:24 PM  
uhg, they're all lipsincing horribly!

someone shoot them now.

take the shot!
2002-02-03 05:53:46 PM  
What the link doesn't say is that what you see on those videos *is* the British Army. All of it. 3 vehicles, 12 guys, and a yearly stipend of 100 rounds of ammo. Every time they need to deploy somewhere, they invite the media around and drive past the cameras a few times.

Still enough to spank France, though.

2002-02-03 06:15:01 PM  
[image from adventurecollective.com too old to be available]

You still couldn't take this castle, you silly english-types!
2002-02-03 06:53:20 PM  
The difference between a mobile gun and a tank?

The difference is in the gun.
The self propelled artilery uses a gun that is made for "Indirect Fire". It's an artillery peice made for bombardment. It fires a big fat, slow and heavy explosive shell made for damaging a large area. (in general)
A tank has a gun designed for "Direct Fire"... meaning you lay the gun to hit a specific target. Modern tanks fire 105MM or 120MM smoothbore guns with rounds designed for long range accuracy with the ability to defeat an armored target.

Any other questions?
2002-02-03 07:16:43 PM  
Mad Ogre
Ahhhh! I see now, tanks, erm... thanks.
2002-02-04 05:36:10 AM  
It's not been the same since we did away with the Acme Patented "Shoot Me" RedCoat Ultra.
2002-02-04 04:59:34 PM  
and the coool thing about this self propelled gun is that it fires three rounds in quick successoin meaning that the gun is moving again prior to the first round landing removing the possibility of counter battery fire.

Oh and another difference between a self-propelled gun and a tank is that in a howitzer if you get attacked you are totally farked.
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