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(Fox News)   Neck gaiter study suggesting that neck gaiters were effective at preventing the spread of COVID-19 was sponsored by company that produces neck gaiters. Neck gaiter   ( divider line
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2020-10-21 8:21:04 PM  

p51d007: ANY mask, short of a full on mask respirator, is about as effective as your underwear, stopping a fart.

A covid viron is 200 times larger than a molecule of hydrogen sulfide (or other aromatic flatulence molecules).

Fart trapping prowess is not a reasonable comparison to virus trapping ability.

Been seeing this red herring a lot this week.
2020-10-21 8:22:19 PM  

p51d007: Obscure Login: p51d007: ANY mask, short of a full on mask respirator, is about as effective as your underwear, stopping a fart.

Any reason why areas with mask mandates and high mask usage have lower amount of cases? Just a wild coincidence?

CDC study finds that the MAJORITY of people getting sick, HAD WORN MASKS​dc-study-finds-overwhelming-majority-o​f-people-getting-coronavirus-wore-mask​s/

Which, if true, is exactly why mask usage needs to be mandatory. Because it isn't a matter of, "If you're worried about catching it, you wear a mask. I ain't afraid so I ain't gonna." You wear a mask because you might already be infected. You wear a mask to keep your sneezes, coughs, and the moisture of your regular exhalations (like how you see your breath in the cold) from making others sick. Others wear their masks around you to keep from making you sick. It works if we all do it. It doesn't work if a few do and most don't. It's why we should all be avoiding the unmasked like the plague, even if we are wearing one.

But this requires people to not be selfish and to think of the well being of others, which is unfortunately far from universal.
2020-10-21 8:22:46 PM  

p51d007: TheDirtyNacho: I hereby demand that I be given a Fark account: TheDirtyNacho: p51d007: ANY mask, short of a full on mask respirator, is about as effective as your underwear, stopping a fart.

This isn't remotely true but you do you

15 year old account suddenly starts posting again.

You know what to do.

Fix the cable?

I'm on here all the time.
Plus, there is a CDC that shows the majority of sick/fatalities had worn masks all the time.​new-cdc-study-finds-majority-of-those-​infected-with-covid-19-always-wore-mas​ks/

1) No, they SAID they did. Which is in no way the sort of thing that someone who just suffered through weeks of crippling misery would convince themselves of, because most people are honest with themselves and others about accepting that the world is not just and definitely won't choose self-comforting lies over the hard truth.
2) You should stop trying to push this lie because, as the pdf itself states, the two groups were EXTREMELY self-selected.

And in any case, yes we know that only a fitted N95 is likely to keep the unmasked disease rat next to you from infecting you via inhalation because - shocker - air is very good at sneaking around the edges of things that aren't fitted N95s. And even if you prevent inhalation, that leaves the eyes and fingers wide open.

It's almost enough to make you sit down and think to yourself, "huh, we can eliminate *all* of those threats at once if we just keep the droplets from going out into the air in the first place... but how?"
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